Well, we have seen it all. I have never quite understood the allure of a design house venturing into the foray of athletic equipment or other random accessories, but at least it gives us a talking point. We have seen a $17,000 Chanel Bicycle and a Chanel Segway and now we have Chanel temporary tattoos. Only they have decided to name it ‘temporary skin art’, as if that changes it all and makes the price tag seem less-ridiculous.

At least I can say that you are given fifty-five temporary tattoos, which were originally hand-drawn by Peter Philips who is the Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup. Some of the “art” includes Oriental cherry blossoms, birds, bracelets, earrings, and the classic Chanel logo. The tattoos are limited edition. Call me crazy, but there is some inner voice attempting to tell me that this would be a great idea for dress up. But then reality sinks in, these are temporary tattoos, which can be found in many children’s cereal boxes and sticks of gum. Um, thanks Chanel?! Buy through Chanel for $75.

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  • birkel

    foul bad for house that still lives on the pilars of a founder that cosidered knees horrid this is unbelivable .i hate it there is nothing more vulgar than a tatoo chanel or not. coco must be dying all over again. i cant belive this it is the decay of a house that is so perfect in many ways, and bad taste does not fit at the house of chanel how does this fit with tweed the 2.55 or COUTURE !!!!!! i cant belive it i just cant

  • Claire

    Lara Bingle wore some to the Allan Border Medal ceremony this year with a gorgeous flowy white low cowl neck dress… it was divine!

    • Terri

      I guess we are alone in thinking it can be beautiful! If you checked out Marchesa’s Fall 2010 RTW temporary tattoo was used and it was gorgeous. Anna Sui’s recent show used hosiery that gave the illusion of tattoo’s( border trims around thighs). I remember when I saw this in Chanel’s show and I first thought it was jewelry and loved it. When I found out it was tattoo’s I thought it was a cool idea! The only constant is change and I’m sure Chanel faced similar disdain from the the fashion establishment for her concepts. Oh well, no judgement here just wanted to give a differing opinion. :)

      • Genie B

        No, you girls weren’t alone. I, too, think these tattoos are gorgeous! I just still can’t make myself shell out $75 for them, that’s all :-P

  • mochababe73

    I have a tattoo, and I love it. I don’t find anything vulgar about it. There are alot of vulgar things in the world, and a tattoo is the least one.

    Anyway, I am apalled that Chanel would sell temporary tattoos. Madamoiselle Coco must be turning in her grave. Karl has really gone over the deep end. I think retirement is in order.

  • Speechless

    Trashy and just plain crass.

  • ingrid

    it makes it seem like they’re trying to make a quick buck where they can. now trashy mall-rat girls have can have their piece of legitimate chanel for the “small” price tag of $75. it’ll go nicely with their ugly replica chanel bags.

  • alex

    HAH! I literally laughed out loud at ingrid’s comments – pure gold! I don’t think it’s crass, they looked quite good on the runway though, but $75! seriously i would put that to better use and save for an actual piece of chanel that lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

  • I should have included some photos from the show when they used this on the models, because it at least gives you a bit of an idea what it looks like on.

    • Genie B

      Heh, you should’ve! I fell in love with the tattoos when I first saw them from the fashion show. But I think those were henna, not temporary water tattoos they’re selling. I sort of want to buy it to use as a henna template, but still can’t justify the $75 price tag yet.

  • Mary s

    I don’t think tattoos are crass at all. Body art has been part of human society in nearly every society since there was society. That said fake tattoos on adults is not appealing at all. I know these houses sometimes try to make a buck at every turn bt this is really trashy and greedy. I think this is even greedier and more disgraceful than the Louis vuitton hefty trash bag hang bag.

  • Merve

    Well they are setting themselves up for counterfeiters with this one. The internet is going be awash with fake chanel tattoos. Attractive.


    We Know that fashion system is really influenced from different trends of the society. The rapid spread of tattooing involves many people. Chanel temporary tattos seems more strange because maison that has made them is Chanel. Perhaps a modern Coco would agree with this choice, too bad that we’ll never know.

  • CarolineLondon

    I can see how they would work on the runway, but not really anywhere else.
    The thing that’s bothering me most though is the temporary tattoo dangly earrings – they just makes no sense at all! Where on your body are you going to put them that they don’t look ridiculous?! *sigh*

  • dieanne

    fashion fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carrie


  • Jane

    runway yes reality no. I have real tattoos and I love them, but stick on tattoos for 75 dollars no thank you.

  • highmaintenance


  • 19yearslater

    Nothing wrong with real tattoos (I want one or two myself someday) but temporary tattoos? These remind me of the rhinestone spiders I wore on my cheeks to Six Flags Fright Fest as a kid.

  • sarafina77

    I’m basically done with Chanel. I’m keeping my Jumbo, but have sold all the other bags. Between the ridiculous price increases, and this kind of stuff (I mean, PLEASE) I’m so over it.

    And I have 7 real tattoos, so it’s not that I hate tattoos. LOL

  • Kimberley

    Well I think they are fun and certainly not intended to be serious. 55 tattoos for $75 is hardly anything. Not even remotely trashy, they are quite feminine and worked well on the models. I can see these on the street for spring, and Coco herself would have applauded the lighter side of Chanel today. Karl loves his mischief.

  • Mario

    I don’t think the price tag is horrendous. They are actually quite whimsical and offered with a wink and a smile.

    These new items reall pack a punch! And they’d be a cool conversation piece. It’s really refreshing, actually, and I’m sure they’re higher quality than what comes in a box of botan rice candy.

    Nobody can deny that Chanel is on the cutting edge with this.

  • monica

    Authentic Chanel For Sale

  • Jennifer

    Chanel = Class
    Tattoos = Unclassy

  • Kristianna

    Well, i mean it is a little strange, but if you realize that the people at chanel get bored of selling bags and perfume, i guess they’ve gotta sell something, right? I’ve never heard of them, though i regularly shop at chanel which i’m sure most of you do, considering your on this forum. I heart gucci!! they should have a blog for that too… but something a little more reasonable, like what colours and styles are in season! lmao i guess we could just check the website… but you know what i mean.

  • sophia

    it looks beautiful
    I know about it through http://www.myvogue.org

  • Sofia Nolan

    As much as I love Chanel I`m sure there`s plenty of other useful things that I can do with $75. But hey, you can`t blame them, they make money out of anything

  • Elyse

    they are tres chic – but why spend that money on something that is only temporary? (fb)

    • Jamie Michael

      everything is temporary. if you use that logic then you should never spend any money at all.

  • Eric

    art is a freedom of expression, tatoo is a body art and Chanel totoo expreses admiration for its craftmanship, love the CC logo put it on my back and chain put it like a V then it appears like a chain worn backwards, i would wear a backless dress wow-(fb)

  • Eric

    totoo is a body art, a great accesory thanks Chanel for having this-(fb)

  • Joyce

    yeah wen i first saw this i was like what?! but then i guess it’s awesome that they don’t just sell the normal stuff. this is pretty cool~ i saw this on an asian singer’s twitter! (fb)

  • Denise

    as much as i adore Chanel i don’t think I would not shell out that money for a temporary tattoo from them (fb)

  • Joy

    they give you a lot and $75 isn’t much for hand drawn tattoos
    cute! esp for the summer :)

  • peach

    Forget the fake tattoo I have a real one the cc logo on the back of my lower neck
    I love it had it done 4 years ago

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not into tattoos personally, good thing they’re temporary (fb)

  • maura

    OMG call me cooky call me crazy but momma has to have them!!!!! lol

  • Sarah

    I realllyy Love them(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
    i want them 2 but they are very expensive :( Maybe I can draw them by myself…

  • RLP

    this is retarded

  • Rasha

    I really really like it and all girls making now chanel tatto in kuwait also me :)

  • Sam

    These tattoos are amazing!!! After trying on the temporary ones I got the real deal and LOOOVVEEE it!!

  • sneezz

    Cute but expensive.

  • sneezz

    Cute but expensive (iPad).