After our post Monday on Chanel’s new refurbishment and refinishing policy for its bags, readers had a lot of comments, concerns and questions. Chanel reached out to us to provide an official statement from a company spokesperson, as well as to clarify what the new policy means for customers. You can read the statement in full below.

Official Statement from Chanel spokesperson

Chanel is absolutely still repairing bags over 5 years old.

Repairs are still performed by our Fashion After Sales department, regardless of the bag’s age.

The change to our policy is on two paid services only.

  • Refinishing: The process of re-applying pigment to the exterior of a handbag or small leather good.
  • Refurbishing: A complete overhaul service including refinishing, hardware changes, stitching and/or piping servicing.

These 2 services are still offered with the following updated policy:

  • Must be verified as purchased from an authorized CHANEL Retailer location, either a CHANEL Boutique or authorized Multi-Brand Retailer
  • Must be five years of age or under from date of purchase

Like all brands, our service offering is evolving to remain consistent with our customers’ expectations and needs as this service was rarely used by our clients.

This policy does not impact any other repair services currently offered for which there is no change.

I wanted to further understand what constitutes a repair service, and was told it means issues arising from natural wear and tear. This includes broken chains, clasps and other hardware problems. You do not need a receipt or proof of purchase for repairs, but you will incur charge. However, this excludes any repair services covered under a bag’s warranty, which are complementary. This is the service most people have used over the years at Chanel, and fear not, it’s still available.

I personally had an issue with screws coming loose on my Chanel Reissue Flap Bag, and when I took it into the store, they were able to fix it on the spot for me while I perused other items. I even shared how wonderful the customer service was that I received at the time (which was a year ago).

For those who did use the refurbishment service from Chanel, you will only be impacted if you are looking to have a bag refurbished that is over 5 years old. If you don’t have your original receipt, the brand can look you up if you purchased the bag from a boutique or authorized Chanel retailer.

If we learn of anything else on this policy, we will update you.

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  • Stina Sias

    Seems like this is why everyone is mad, doesn’t change much :/

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  • MM

    A lot of freaking out over nothing

  • Sarah

    So it’s what you said before. Refurbishment policy is being changed

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  • Sara

    I’m over it. Chanel does what Chanel wants.

  • Sparky

    They didn’t have to clarify – this is exactly what PB reported on Monday…!!!

  • Nat

    I don’t see anything different from what you posted before

  • Joyce

    Chanel can try to put a spin on it, but their statement remains the same as what you reported before. If the service was rarely used by clients, why not keep it as a sign of goodwill to their customers, unless they don’t stand behind their bags beyond 5 years?

    • Vicky


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  • LPS

    If a Chanel bag requires refubishment within five years or less, doesnt that send exactly the *wrong* message about longevity of the product?

  • Lori

    I have a bag from 2001 that lost a screw. So do I take it to Chanel and they will replace the screw at no charge? Not replace it and send me on my way due to bag age? Or charge me for the screw? I am totally confused. I feel the only change they should have made, if a change is needed at all, is requiring bags to have proof of purchase from a Chanel “dealer”. I can understand that being the “line in the sand” for repairs. But having a cutoff based on age is crazy as most bags less than 5 years old don’t require repairs. They are really disrespecting the customer, IMO.

    • In your case from what I was told, you should be able to have a screw fixed on your bag at no charge as that falls under the warranty policy.

      • Lori

        Thanks Megs! I am going to take it into the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills, where I purchased it, on Monday and see what happens. I’ll post an update here.

      • Please do!! Good luck! I had something similar with screws on my bag and Chanel took care of it really nicely for me :)

      • Ella Milenova

        MEGS- Quick question- does conditioning the leather fall under “repair”? I have wear and tear scratches on a lambskin Chanel Kelly that I’m sure they could buff out and recondition. I am wondering if this is under regular repair (not refurbishment) Also, the handle could use a little tightening. Also repair or does this constitute refurbishment? Thoughts?

  • Rashmi

    Another really annoying aspect of Chanel boutiques I just encountered:

    As per their company policy they are not allowed to sell over the phone if a person has never bought from that boutique in person! Isn’t this the most weird and absurd policy? I know some Celine boutiques actually make first time customer to fill out a document with the signature but a big company like Chanel does not DO that!!

    It IS time to boycott Chanel! I’d put my money to Celine and Fendi!!

  • Irish

    Whatever languages or words that Chanel try to use, the message is still the same, “No Refinishing or Refurbishing bags over 5 Years Old”.

  • Jerri R

    First World problem For The Win!

  • Bradley

    It’s the exact same thing as before. This brings no new information. Chanel just wants to simply word it in a way which doesn’t right off the bat make them look bad. The statement they gave purely makes a statement, then contradicts it in the text following.

    It just irritates me even more that Chanel would just lie first off, while at the same time giving the exact same information as before but worded differently in order to “try” and cast it into a different light or confuse or trick it’s customers. Also the fact that they say “remain consistent with our customers’ expectations and needs as this service was rarely used by our clients.” First off, how does eliminating the ability to repair after 5 years constitute remaining consistent with our expectations? Just because a PAID service was “rarely” used by customers, that shouldn’t mean you discontinue it past a certain point, that should mean you keep it for should a PAYING customer ever need it.

    Chanel is pissing me off with all of this…they think us customers/clients are stupid and can be tricked…well let me tell you something Chanel, If they haven’t already, people will catch on to you, and quickly I might add.

  • Alice CHan

    upset with such statement, it’s killing off the vintage and second hand value of the bags. If a bag has no value, why should i buy?

  • purse nality (purs3nality)

    Actually, it is kind of confusing. I thought refinishing and refurbishing falls under repair?

  • Karen

    I still don’t understand why they made a change. They made a change on two paid services. If we have to pay for it why wouldn’t they still do it? This “clarification” does not help their cause.

  • Casey

    People just trash their bags expecting Chanel to have some magical elves that can fix anything and everything. Handbags are like cars and houses… If you take care of them, they will last a very long time but nothing lasts forever. You can’t take a Ferrari off roading and get mad at the Ferrari dealership when your car gets damaged.

    • Indi Love

      “…it means issues arising from natural wear and tear…”
      If one cannot use one’s purse in a normal way, incurring
      wear and tear over the course of several years, that is nothing
      like taking a Ferrari off-roading. No one is being reckless with
      their $3,000+ bags. Goodbye now!

      • Casey

        Honey I have seen a girl clean her chanel bag with windex… I have seen a girl stuff her bag so that it stretched to double its depth. Unless you have worked in luxury retail and have seen the things I have seen, don’t tell me nobody is being reckless. Just because you take care of your bags doesn’t mean everybody does. There is no need to come for me when I am not referring to you.

      • Jack Neill

        That’s right Casey

  • Agnes Man

    What if we purchased from a reseller without the receipt? can we still bring in the bag and they will offer looking up in the system for you?
    I don’t think so, at least in Australia and HK, they are quite concerned whether you are the original owner.

  • Jack Neill

    Basically Chanel is going the cheap route. I am disappointed. My mom is a huge fan and all my siblings buy her Chanel as it was always the safest choice in terms of style and quality. Their presentation and customer contact even after purchase was in a league of it’s own. No other brand came close. I still remember my mom getting Chanel post cards, magazines, invitations etc. To make this change takes away some of the magic of the brand. I hope they change it back to the original.