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  • Kate

    I love Chanel and gladly forked over more than $5K recently for a beautiful lambskin Boy bag (my first Boy … hearts and rainbows and all good feelings), but $550 for a luggage hook gives me an actual headache.

  • Love the leather pouches,

  • Gigi

    I’m a bit of a pouch hoarder, so these made me squeal with joy. However, #550 for a HOOK? This is what drives me insane about Fashion Houses, and it makes me wish people would stop buying into this bull.

  • Smithy

    If you purchase a Chanel luggage hook for $550 you need your head examined. If you’re not sure what to do with your money, please email me before spending it on a hook.

    • gt66

      well said!!

  • Amy

    Slightly jumping off the subject of the above.. Does anyone know how much the Chanel classic jumbo double flap bag is in caviar leather? And when do the prices increase again?

    • Tyler Nguyen

      It’s 5500 in Hawaii, plus tax. Price increase? Not sure. Spoke with our SA and he doesn’t know when.

      • Amy

        I’m so annoyed it has come up in prices again! There getting ridiculous almost puts me off buying it the amount of times they increase it that’s twice this year already! Do I buy or get a Saint Laurent sac de jour! Help

      • Pamela

        In NYC it’s $5500 come to bloomies and you get reward points! My sister got $300 and she’s buying a wallet with it.

      • Amy

        Ah I was in NYC a few month ago won’t be back there for awhile. Boooo! Is obsessed with or think it’s not worth it?

  • oui

    What on earth is a luggage hook? What do yo use it for?
    And how come it is so expensive?

  • Sara

    The pouches are cute but I’m so over the various reincarnations of Boy. As for the luggage hook thing…what da?

  • FashionableLena

    I like the pouches, but everything else is just meh. I find some of them don’t look well-made. Maybe it’s just the pictures. I’m struggling to find the use for a luggage hook. It looks more like a purse hook.
    Those pouches should be no more in the $500. That hook should be in the $200 range. I’m being generous because Chanel is a luxury brand.

  • Kagem

    The wallets are looking sugary, sweet and I need them now.

  • Ashley

    ugly.com / wtf/com