From the new season of Chanel, I present you the Chanel Madison Patent Leather Flap. It comes in an array of colors, including this gorgeous liquid gold. What’s not to love? The quilted flap over the smooth leather of the rest of the bag is an interesting touch, as are the subtle metal chain links gracing the center of the bag. The patent is right on for this season, and the color is droolworthy. But…doesn’t that central chain-bordered flap remind you of something? Do you find yourself giggling at the sight of this picture and not understanding why? That’s right. The friendly folks on the Purse Forum have aptly named this bag “the Weenus.” Why? Because there’s a fat schlong drooping right down the middle of it. I won’t even go into how the adjacent quilted portions now evoke wrinkled…anyway, I said I wouldn’t. So buyer beware! I know this bag has its charms, and I can’t quite call it fugly, but should you be sporting this patent piece on your shoulder and you hear some immature snickering…well, that’s probably coming from the mouth of a corrupted soul like me who can see your bag in all its phallic glory. If you insist, and better, if this post has further whetted your interest, get ready to cough up $1,995 and call your local Chanel boutique or luxury department store, and see more pretty pictures at

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  • Kay

    This bag is so gorgeous! It looks like the classical Chanel bags with a slight twist. And the color is just divine!
    If only I had the money to spare…

  • margarita

    what a beauty…classic, yet unique.

  • sleepyjae

    i actually saw this in person, its rather fat! The leather is really hard and a bit tooo shiny. Alas. I’m waiting for the CC punk to come in!

  • fatefullotus

    *giggle giggle*

    I thought the bag was so cute and pretty!

    And then I read the write-up. NERDPHANIE! You gutter-brain! *giggle* Oh dear, I hope noone comes into the Conde Nast building with that bag — I wouldn’t be able to contain myself!

  • sarah

    what a frugly bag!! this shit is soo fuken ugly! who the hell would pay 43,000 for this dumb shit!

    • Anna

      i wood

  • iqaganda

    I love it!!!

  • Roxana

    I don’t particularly like this color, but I saw the black patent version in the shop window last week and it is gorgious! It is like sleepyjae said a bit fat, it is almost double as fat as the regular 2.55. But that’s a big plus to my opinion. This way you can carry around double as much stuff and still have the look of an evening bag… I’m even thinking about getting one, regardless of the ‘weener’ rumour :grin:

  • cinta

    i ve heard my friend telling me that the patent material will come off quite easily. I plan to get one but after I heard wat she told me, not so sure now. I dont want to pay few thousands dollars and get a bag that s gonna be no beauty and use after few months.

  • Roxana

    I bought it this week! It had to be ordered, since there were only 3 black ones left in europe (now that’s 2, or maybe they’re even sold out by now..)
    It is absolutely one of THE most gorgious chanels I ever laid my eyes on. The patent is great quality, so if you’re hesitating about that cinta, don’t worry I would say. I cannot imagine it coming off, and if that would happen, I’m pretty sure I can go back to the chanel store for it! Chanel usually tests her material on resistance, so I wouldn’t believe that story of your friend..
    It’s well worth the money (1450 euros) and if you can still get one, I would say, go for it!!
    I am absolutely thrilled with my newly concorded piece of art !! :grin:

    • julie

      how much is 1450 euros in dollars ???? :

      • Roxana

        exchange rate is about 1euro=1.34USD.
        So about 1950.00 usd I guess..

  • Brittney

    I absolutly LOVE this purse!!

  • Annelise

    This is a lovely bag. The colour is very chic. Its a complete classic, and the Rosette… a romantic touch. J’adore this BAG!

  • tracey

    This purse is not as cute in person. Its really fat and its hard to carry it on the shoulder. The color is also a much lighter gold than the picture.

  • chelsey

    im planning on getting one of these soon my mom and i are planning to travel to europe sometime soon for a little vacation so i’ll see if maybe i can find one of these beauties there !! wish me luck !! :razz:

  • Roxana

    Good luck chelsey!
    Make sure you call around first to see if they have it or can order in for you. Because when I got mine about a month ago they were almost sold out in europe!
    Let us know if and when you got it.. :smile:

  • Diamond

    I love it! It’s one of the best looking bags I’ve seen. :smile:

  • bargainhunter

    How much is the belt?

  • ellen

    I saw this bag at party tonight and thought it was a vintage. Only to find out that I can have one too for $2,000. Thought that the gold was great, as it works with jeans as well as “dress up” clothes.

  • Naggy

    I wouldn’t keep this for free. (ipad)