I am not going to try to fool anyone by pretending like I don’t love the iPad. Prior to its launch, I was vehemently opposed to purchasing one, despite having been a loyal Apple customer over the years. Once I got to play with it shortly after it came out, I was sold. I use it daily for browsing, email and an occasional game of Angry Birds.

I take good care of my gadgets, I keep my MacBook Pro sleeved during travels and care meticulously for the clean appearance of our miscellaneous displays around the house. But I have never encountered the urge to spend triple the amount that it costs me to purchase a gadget on a protective layer for the gadget.

Behold the Chanel iPad Case, formally known as the Chanel “Mallette en cuir noir” and weighing in at a staggering $1,555.

PurseBlog appreciates Chanel bags for their classic appearance and timeless touch. The leathers are undoubtedly amidst the finest attainable, the quilted stitching draws envious looks from many and the brand’s customers are a loyal bunch.

However, to spend $1,555 on a carrying case for a $500 tablet that will soon become obsolete by its smaller, faster, shinier successor borders on absurdity. There is no longevity to this purchase at all and I am positive that even the most hardcore of Chanelistas will agree with me.

Go with a $60 Dodo Case and support a domestic manufacturer instead.

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  • Courtney

    Love me my Chanel and love my iPad, but I just am not finding this attractive yet alone even semi-practical. I’ll stick with my Oberon Designs case…yet again!

  • MAX

    First time i saw this I was like OMG I’m getting one Now!!! then when I read about the Price I’m like well I dont need it lol. I think some rich ppl would buy it like Paris Hilton without thinking. I love Chanel, but come on 1555 for that I live in San Fran Tax 9.5% so that’s around 1700 for that thing???????????????????

  • lilobubbletea

    I think it’s cute to use as a clutch/handbag – but I wouldn’t buy it for the ipad.

  • michelle

    I realize that a lot of us are accustomed to carrying around things that are less expensive (keys, cellphone, wallet) in a much more expensive bag and not batting an eye. But I’d imagine that the iPad case is meant to go inside of a bigger bag, as you would normally carry around an iPad, and $1555 seems like a whole lot of money to spend on an accessory that would rarely be seen. I think I’d rather get the iPad (since I think I’m one of the remaining few Apple fans that doesn’t have one yet), spend the $60 on a perfectly durable and useful case, and then spend the extra grand on a really fabulous bag.

  • Jen

    I love Chanel, but seriously, I’m becoming increasingly nauseated by its ridiculous pricing machinations and equally ridiculous items that it oftentimes produces. There’s not even resale potential with this piece.

  • Mochababe73

    I could get a really nice, new laptop for that amount of money. Or, just get that Marc Jacobs Stam that I have been coveting for years.
    However, someone will buy it.

  • 19yearslater

    This is ridiculous. It isn’t lasting style, it doesn’t look that different from nondesigner cases, and the price is out of control for something so limited use.

  • Craig

    Thanks for the DODOcase shout out! We hope your readers appreciate the quality and style we are producing in San Francisco. We just launched a bunch of new colors at http://www.dodocase.com


  • Khalid

    Very nice I am buying it for my girlfriend. :)

    • Amal

      Wow she must be so lucky to have you :)

  • Sandi

    I’d buy it in a hearbeat!

  • divid

    so good ,thank you !

  • Memoo

    Love Chanel, but hate the price tag! If you’re looking for a stylish leather case with a slightly more attractive price tag take a look at a new brand called Capulet – they make beautiful iPad cases. Would look just as good as a clutch bag too! http://www.capuletlondon.com/boutique/gb/ipad-luxury-leather-cases.html

  • SAK

    what a waste.

  • pinoytripper

    a bet expensive but really nice case for (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    omg omg omg!
    pleaseeeee let me win this ipad!! then i can save up for chanel case!
    yes, i can see that it’s not practical at all, i mean, i’d much prefer a sleeve that can transform the ipad into desk stand..
    but this my friend, this chanel ipad case, can become an awesome clutch afterwards!! i can just see it!!
    sooo pleaseeee purseblog pick me as the ipad winner so i have a valid reason to buy this later! yippeeee!! (ipad)

  • NYCnDallasGirl

    My husband actually purchased this case for me. I didnt even know there was such a thing. Apparently, he’s been in contact with my Chanel SA in Las Vegas and bought it. Luckily, it has not arrived yet and I made him return it. The price was just too much to swallow-even for me and I’m not one to oppose their pricing. I just bought a Chanel diaper bag/purse(Le Marais) and only paid $1950 pre tax….for an actual BAG. I told him I’d rather spend the $1500+tax on a baby crib and changer. I love Chanel and may eventually buy a case if they design one that is more like a sleeve that wraps around the iPad itself. Other than that-since my iPad is carried in my big Chanel,this design would just be a Chanel carrying case inside a Chanel bag.

  • Emma G

    Far too expensive (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    again im gonna pass it digital cases, i rather have a bag to carry the gadgets. (ipad)

  • Belle Jones

    I love it sometimes you have to spend extra money on fashion buy I wouldnt do it for a girlfriend(said above) Love the case Love my Ipad Love Chanel