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Happy Labor Day to all of our US readers! I spent much of the weekend on the couch because I somehow caught a cold, but that didn’t keep me from feeling a deep Chanel obsession. Not only did it take over every part of my being, but it also gave me the urge to scour both my closet and my girlfriend’s to look at Chanel pieces.

In doing so, I found the perfect compilation of Chanel everything for an accessories post. Of course I had to have a Chanel bag, and the classic caviar Timeless Clutch is a favorite. This is my girlfriend’s bag and one of her favorite evening clutches because it is both spacious and totally chic. Unlike the Classic Flap Bags, the Timeless Clutch runs at a reasonable price in (relative to other Chanel bags) even though there’s nothing lackluster about it. (Current price varies depending on material.)

Next I added a really fun Chanel bracelet that I received as a gift and have used in many of my “bracelet party” rotations. The piece brings a seriously edgy vibe. My other wrist addition is the Chanel Black Ceramic J12 Watch (38mm, automatic, diamond markers). This is the only watch I own and will be for a long time. I love that it’s practical while also being a fashion piece. The necklace is borrowed from my friend who loves designer bags and accessories as much as I do and happened to have the perfect color combo necklace from Chanel to add to the photo.

Lastly, my newest obsession after my love of handbags is nail polish. Y’all, I am obsessed, the kind of obsession that means I went from owning ten polishes four months ago and now own over 200 polishes. For my main color, I opted for Chanel #08, Pirate, and for the manicure tips #529, Graphite. The true red paired with the glittery tips makes for a sultry fun combo.

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  • goldChanel

    Nice manicure!!!!!!!

  • kemilia

    I love the bracelet and necklace!! Everything works together and is sooo edgy and gun-metally–you put things together very well.

    And pretty much the only polishes I use are Chanel. I am still on the fence with Peridot but ya never know.

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    Oh La Chanel! so your nails too..

  • Cathy Fitz

    Love the bracelet and even more so the necklace. Off to check them out.

  • Silversun

    I love the colour and texture combination of everything! So chic!

  • rose60610

    Can’t beat Chanel reds for lips and nails. Simply divine!

    The graphite nail polish is superb for showing off sterling, platinum and white gold jewelry. Gorgeous.

  • ReneeO

    Love this post. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • My Bag Addiction

    Oh La La! We just fell in love with Chanel all over again.

  • starqueen)78

    Lovely photos! The nail polish subforum is the most evil place on purseforum………. such innocent little bottles that end up growing at a scary rate!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Love it all, great pics, great manicure and the Chanel goodies, sigh … I want it all! Congratulations on your J12, it is TDF! And now, I run to the Chanel website to oogle all the eye candy!

  • Blair

    My goodness, I love your bracelet, necklace, and bag! <3 I'm officially jealous.

  • Louise

    Beautiful bag…but what caught my eye was your jeans! Love the wash, what brand is that? =)

  • Demi

    LOVE Chanel!!!! Great idea Megs!

  • labag

    love the jewelry, but especially the bag!! I have that bag(in grey) and love it-so classic and holds alot for a clutch

  • Minerva

    You have an amazing eye for things Megs!!

  • nancy

    can you buy any chanel products besides cosmetics,perfume on line? i.e purses?? i’ve heard rumors they are getting itchy to join the net, but no word so far. i have a disability & altho i love to go downtown & hate malls, it would be helpful. plus i saw a fab celine bag in the saks catalogue & it’s not is tri-color,ivory,burgundy,& goldish ,i believe.


    i love this post and the pictures are to die for!!

    i have a question though: you said the timeless clutch varies but what is the range? i am more of an hermes/lv girl so i dont know chanel prices.

    Kouture Crochet
    twitter: @kouturecrochet

    • lea

      I was curious too, please give us an idea on prices… it looks quite tempting!

  • bebe

    one of my fav chanel bags!

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  • Nicole

    I just bought two more bottles of CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle and now that I’ve read this interesting article, I appreciate CHANEL even more! :) Thank you!

  • sac a main

    I am a big fan of Chanel,love the bracelet and the bag,I hope I can have one of them one day.

  • TheDecorGirl

    Love the bag, of course and the nail polish. Now confess, did you come up with this because you chipped the base Pirate and a little swipe across the top is a fabu fix? Brilliant!

  • roon

    go to shopping chanel bags, are you where?

    365buyhandbags. com

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