At the end of July, I shared with you that my Chanel bag broke; more specifically, a screw came loose which left the closure plate on the bag dangling. I wanted to resolve this issue right after I wrote about it, but Vlad and I were already in the process of moving to Florida. (More specifically, we’ll spend half the year in NYC and half in Florida–more on that soon!)

I tried to make time to pop over to the Chanel boutique on 57th street in NYC before we came down to Florida, but in the rush of moving, it just didn’t work out. Once I arrived in Florida, I thought for sure I’d to make it down to Miami to go to the boutique right away, but the first few weeks have been super hectic and I didn’t make it over until this week.

I can happily report that my bag is completely fixed. In fact, I experienced the best customer service I’ve ever received. Chanel’s customer service team read my story and reached out to me via email. The representative emailed to let me know they’d like to help me fix my bag and asked for my number to talk it over with me.

As I reported previously, the screw coming out of my bag wasn’t something that I found atrocious. Over time and with use, bags will wear a bit, and of issues you can have with a bag, a screw falling out is a best-case scenario because it’s a straightforward thing to fix. The customer service representative called, was apologetic and got straight to the point: they wanted to help me fix my bag. She said she would help me set up a time to pop into the boutique and have it taken care of.

Chanel Reissue Bag

We set up a time for me to go down to the Chanel Bal Harbour boutique, and I intended to do it two weeks ago. It’s a 45 minute drive from our new place, and we have painters and a floor company in the house right now, so I just didn’t make it down. This week, I finally had time to hop down to Miami, but it was last-minute and I didn’t let the customer service rep know I was headed down at the time.

Though the customer service rep had set up a time with me and someone to meet in the store, the day I went no one expected me. However, I was promptly greeted by a sales associate, and right away he asked how he could help. I explained my predicament and he told me he would take my bag to the back to see if they had the screws and they would try to fix it on the spot. He came back out about two minutes later and let me know that they didn’t have the exact screws that my bag originally had, but they had similar ones that they could put in now as placeholders while they ordered the right screws for me. I loved this solution because it meant I didn’t need to send my bag out; I got to take my bag home, and the store fixed it so I could use it right away.

I was so thankful that the sales associate came up with a plan for me that let me use my bag and eventually still correct the screws as well. I thought it would take a while, but last night, I got a call letting me know that the boutique had the proper screws. Chanel then asked if I’d like to have them schedule a pickup with FedEx so I didn’t need to go down to the store–talk about going above and beyond.

Chanel Reissue Bag

Earlier today, I hopped in the car and headed to the boutique. I was the first customer in the store right as it opened and the store manager was the one who took care of me and fixed my bag. It took about 10 minutes to fix, and I wandered the store lusting after some of the most beautiful exotic Chanel bags I’ve ever seen. From the most delicious orange alligator Classic Flap to my current obsession, the black python Boy Bag, my love for Chanel was reinvigorated with the items I saw and the customer service I received.

I’ve heard so many not-so-great stories on PurseForum and via email when it comes to luxury customer service, from brands charging people exorbitant amounts to fix their bags to having to send out items for months at a time for small repairs. But this experience has been everything from accommodating to enjoyable. Thank you, Chanel, for taking care of my bag, both when you knew I had an audience for my issues and when you didn’t.

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  • Trina

    I have to say that you got this 5 star treatment because Chanel knows that you are the owner of Purseblog and your ordeal will hurt their brand badly. I could imagine if it were me who actually got the problem, they will make the repair so difficult that I’d rather sell the bag away..imho

    • Mya Wilkes

      To be honest I think I agree. Although I don’t think they’d intentionally want to frustrate you, but yes, it probably won’t be at the snap of a finger. Either way, I’m glad Meg’s was able to get it fixed ASAP!

      • The service I received should be given to everyone – it was Chanel trying their best to rectify a situation. I wish it could be that way for everyone that goes in needing help!

    • Katherine

      I absolutely agree. I could not read this without feeling suspicious that this would not be the case if anyone else had encountered the same issue. It’s great that you got good service but I believe all customers are entitled to excellent customer service.. unfortunately, I don’t think Chanel agrees. (And this is coming from someone who owns multiple Chanel bags.)

      • I wonder if part of the ease of helping me was because a screw came out which was an easy fix. If they had to send the bag out for repairs, it would have taken about 6 weeks I was told by a different SA.

    • Rhianna

      I agree, going above and beyond to help Megs out is well worth the time and money for the good publicity it generates. At my local boutique it seemed like too much of a problem to fix my shoes when I went in with an enquiry about a repair. So now I have expensive Chanel shoes sitting in my wardrobe which I can’t wear for fear of the problem getting worse.

      • That’s simply not right. What happened to your shoes? I would ask to speak to the manager

    • Ana

      100% agree with this post. I’m glad you got your bag fixed, Megs – especially with the hassle of a move – but let’s not forget that they likely gave you special treatment. I mean, have you ever heard of customer service giving customers a call to come in for repairs?!

      • Nope, that part was definitely special treatment, you’re right.

        I have another bag that needs some repairs from Hermes, but that will probably be a completely different story. We shall see!

    • When I posted about the issue in the first place, it wasn’t with the intention of having Chanel reach out to me directly or give me special treatment. In fact, I realized it could upset Chanel to see me speak openly about the issue I had, but I wanted to share with you all. When customer service reached out to me, it was because they saw my issue on PurseBlog, you’re right.

      However, when I went to the boutique, the SA I worked with was not expecting me or knew ‘who I was’. I never go into stores and tell people about the site or what I do and the person Chanel asked me to ask for wasn’t in and I just spoke with the SA that first approached me.

      I think the start of the process was 5 star treatment as you said because Chanel reached out directly because of my post on PurseBlog and the part that followed was good customer service.

      But I don’t want to be naive, I realize that I still was given different service because of PurseBlog and that isn’t something I like. I think everyone should receive the same service – whether you walk into a store in workout clothes or dressed in designer wares and whether you have a platform like PurseBlog or hold a job in a completely different field. But that isn’t always the case.

      I hope that the service I received from the Bal Harbour boutique is something that happens for many of you if you have an issue, because it should be!

    • Maya

      I totally agree!! They know how many people read this blog… Well, maybe they got the message and will start to treat people decently. My last experience at a Chanel store in Geneva was horrible!! They had me wait on purpose to make me leave…I thought that was rude and very bizarre!! Anyhoo…

    • Guest

      I tried to get my bag repaired today at the chanel boutique in Dallas. I just wanted to fix the knob on my classic flap. They told me they do not do any repairs in house and they would have to send the bag to a vendor for repairs. They would not even stand behind timing saying they had no control over the process and it could take up to 14 weeks. It sounded ridiculous to me. I would not expect such terrible customer service for a 4400 bag, I decided not to go through the terrible pain and uncertainty on timing of having it repaired. Your situation is simply not a realistic one I am sorry to say.

  • Luvbags

    I agree with the comment

    • louch

      Yep me too. I’m happy they fixed it for you Megs but this publicity for them is priceless.

      • My broken bag post got a lot of people talking and I’m sure Chanel really wanted to rectify that. I posted about it because it happened, and I posted about the bag being fixed – but the first post is probably not what a brand wants to see

  • PJGambler

    My Chanel bag repairs are always sent to “France” supposedly and I don’t see them for 3-4 months-so I think you have an advantage most of us don’t– but am happy your repair was done expeditiously.

    • What has happened to your bags? I think because I just had a screw that came out that was an easier fix than other things that could have gone wrong

      • PJGambler

        On one heavy chained caviar tote, the Chanel medallion came off the zipper and I just wanted it replaced. I brought in the broken one where the Chanel letters came off so they’d know what to duplicate. That went to France. Four months later it came back looking great-they took the time to replace the medallion and wipe down the outside of the bag.
        Another Red flap bag lost a screw, similar to yours so I could not close it. I can’t remember how long that took. My black calf Chanel shoulder bag went in for refurbishing and 3 months later, after hearing nothing from the Boutique, I called and was told they could not do it, so Chanel offered to send it to a local repair shop for $295. I thought the price was fair so said “OK!” It doesn’t look that great now so I rarely carry it, (except for going to dog shows) Two other Chanel bags I took to local leather repair shops after that last episode. One wallet I simply returned to the Chanel boutique because the damn metal click wouldn’t stay closed, and another wallet was refurbished at a local leather specialty shop.
        I’ve now started purchasing LV, both bag and wallet, so will see how that goes……

      • Kat

        I had a screw missing and same issue and took 4 months . I am happy that it worked well for you Megs but I do agree it’s probably for free publicity on their end.

        I do hope they read the comments though and they decide to finally give customers the after care we deserve especially since we spend a lot of money on the bags !

      • PJGambler

        Yes, what happens is that when the screws get loose, etc and you take them back to the boutique, the answer usually is “we don’t do repairs here.”
        One time when I was on vacation my classic Chanel black flap bag got loose and we happened to be in the company of a do it yourself carpenter who had tiny instruments with him-I asked if he could fix my purse and he did, right at the lunch table!! I haven’t had a problem with it since!!

      • I was worried it was going to be a hassle and I had already told Vlad we could just go buy a couple screws and he could fix it for me.

      • Yea, I don’t understand how it would take them 4 months to fix a screw. It’s such an easy fix, it took them about 10 minutes from when I was greeted until I had the bag back in my hands in a Chanel shopping bag. 4 months makes ZERO sense and truly is unacceptable

      • b

        That makes me question the quality of their bags if you have had issues with multiple ones. Are you hard on your bags or do you baby them?

      • PJGambler

        I have purchased several over many years, but used them regularly-I’m in and out of them a lot and kind of a high energy person so not the lightest touch in the world, but keep each wrapped up after use. I have problems with chains and closures–

      • Luvbags

        The patent leather part of the chain on my other bag was stored in its bag and per the chanel sa, part of the patent had “oxidized”, so it had a whitish substance on it and not a shiny deep red anymore on some parts of the chain. She told me that chanel can’t replace it or repair it, but otherwise the chain still works fine. And then redirected me to the shoe cobbler department of Nordstrom!? To see if maybe they can help me instead! (. Oh well, it is not the end of the world.

      • Luvbags

        I take care of them very well, am not hard on them at all( especially since I spent a lot on them) which makes it hurt more( when I saw the stitch of the white one coming loose, I thought about having chanel repair it, having a local shop repair it which might come out sooner and cheaper, but ended up just placing it back on my shelf( where it’ll probably stay because I don’t want the damage to become worse now.

      • Luvbags

        I had a problem with the patent leather chain which wasn’t fixable per chanel When I went into their main
        store at Costa Mesa. They instead directed me to the nordstrom shoe leather department?!(. My other chanel bag had stitching coming off, so I don’t use it anymore. But I still love the chanel WOCS. My prada and Lv bags have never given me any issues, thank god. For the price you pay for chanel, I find it just isn’t worth it… Except for the WOC which I will always love, hopefully I don’t run into any issues with mine,

  • Micheline Drebert

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  • Rennah

    How funny, I was just thinking about your bag the other day. Gosh it’s a beautiful!
    Why the move, or have I missed that post somewhere?

  • Kitty

    Maybe it’s the Chanel store you go to for repairs!? I live in Miami and I’ve gone to get repair on earrings at the Chanel Store in Bal Harbour and they were fantastic! I have the CC studs with gems on them that fell off and they fixed them and cleaned them for me at the store. It was a long time ago but I remember they kept my earrings for a couple of days and FedEx them to me when they were ready as I didn’t have time during the week to pick them up. So maybe the Bal Harboour store just has great costumer service. Either way Megs I’m glad you got your bag fixed without any hassle. And I look forward to reading on your move to Miami!!! Hope you’re enjoying it so far! :)

    • I didn’t post about the move yet! Will share more this coming week!!

      Yes, the store was fantastic and I truly believe the store was giving extra great service and it seems to be what they do! I’m glad to hear another great story of customer service from that store. They are doing their jobs well!

  • Glad that your Chanel bag is fixed! I agree that you’ve got a 5 star treatment in the Chanel boutique because you’re Megs and that not everybody gets the same treatment as you. But I also think it depends heavily on the store and sales rep. I’ve had several different experiences at Hermès in diffrent boutiques and countries that ranged from really really bad tot more than great.

    • Yea totally agree. Honestly, much of my experience was awesome because the SA’s at Bal Harbour were awesome.

  • Zezza

    Reading the comments I can’t believe it takes 3-4 MONTHS to repair Chanel products. I am sorry chanel this is unacceptable for an item that costs a bomb and it breaks THEN you wait months for it. No logic there. Sorry, they need to pick their act up on this issue. Meg’s with the Hermes repair, perhaps try an alias name to see if you receive the same service???

    • Angela Brown

      I’d be very interested in seeing an experiment like that. No disrespect but they know who Megs is. They aren’t stupid. Of COURSE she’s going to get great service.

      • People in stores don’t know who I am ever. I don’t tell anyone in a store about our site and I don’t post my face on here very often (I know you can see a small image when I comment, but nothing like a style blogger). No one ever knows “who I am” – and I much prefer it that way! I want to get good service because it’s what a brand and person stands behind, instead of thinking they have to do something special for me because I have this website.

        In this case, the store was most likely told I was going in, but they didn’t recognize me and I didn’t introduce myself in a way that gave away anything about PurseBlog.

  • PJGambler

    After all my negative comments feel compelled to say something positive. Chanel leather is long lasting-for both shoes and bags- leather itself never wears out, but lamb skin gets dull, which is why I have to have it refurbished. It’s their screws and chains which need improvement.

    • I don’t think you were being negative – just sharing your experiences. Sometimes our experiences aren’t positive, but I think it’s good to share – to the brand especially so they can hopefully make changes!

  • Wow, you were def lucky. My friend have been trying to bring her espadrilles back for a repair at Chanel, and no luck so far since they didn’t seem like they wanted to be responsible for it :( it sucks because you’re paying an arm/leg for their products, so the least they could do for you is attempt to give you a solution or something…

    xo, Van

    • What happened to her shoes?

      • I believe the stitching at the soles came undone, and she loves it so much that she doesn’t even wear it in the rain or anything so it’s def not from damage :/

      • That is something that I think should be fixed. My espadrilles are from the first season Chanel released them and I’ve worn them so much and they are still holding up well!

  • Guest

    One day, I will have a Chanel bag. One day. You’re is beautiful.

    I’m so happy I found your blog! You’ve got a new fan!


  • Ines C

    One day I will have a Chanel bag. One day… Yours is beautiful!

    I’m so happy I found your blog! You’ve got a new fan!


  • Michelle Lim

    Let’s hope this service extends to all their customers!

  • Jennifer

    I’m really glad that your bag is fixed & I hope every single person who takes his or her bag in for repairs & is given the runaround, pulls out a phone & references this post to remind Chanel of the good customer service they are, in fact, capable of! Having said that, I’m now completely paranoid that one of the screws is going to come out of my GST! Lol

    • Haha! Don’t be paranoid about it. A screw can come off, but hopefully yours never will!

  • ottercat

    This has been very blown up.

  • HandbagHappy

    I think it’s great that customer service like that still exists. The fact that you surprised them with your visit, and they did not know what you do as a profession speaks volumes for that store and company as a whole. I fortunately have not had to utilize that area of customer service with Chanel, I have, however with Coach of all things, and was pleasently suprised by the very similar treatment from a not so luxury brand. I also live in Florida in the Orlando area, and recently brought a handbag in where the leather on the side of the strap was coming undone. They were incredibly accommodating, and it was at no cost to me. After three week, longer than your week, but still sufficient, I received my bag in the mail at my residence as if it were new! I was honestly very impressed. It really is just nice to see that customer service does exist in all shopping classes :)

    • That’s awesome for you as well! Coach is such a great brand, I truly adore them!

  • wasabi

    fantastic job they had. but not each and every designer house has their parts in store ready to be replaced. so it is necessarily to send over to their regional repair lab out of the country. hence, it definitely takes bout months which i mean included logistic issues and custom clearance on both countries involve. no choice to wait but have to… :)

  • Shay

    I bought an Alexander Wang Rocco bag a few years ago and only carried it a few times. Three of the studs fell off and there is a tiny tear in the handle. I took it back to the department store it was bought at and they told me they would have to send it to Alexander Wang to get it repaired and that it would take 8-12 weeks. On top of it they would charge me for the repairs. I don’t mind paying for the repairs if I had aggressively used the bag. I couldn’t believe the cheap quality of the bag. I will never purchase an item from them again.

  • Gues

    And just to add to my original comment I did mention that on purse blog I read that they do simple repairs like fixing screws In house and the SA laughed in my face as if I was crazy!!! Talk about terrible customer service from chanel!

  • Alex Live

    I poped to Chanel boutique today and asked them to make chain handles shorter, but two customer service and one operational manager said that they can’t change design of the my bag, I can’t wear the bag, it slides down my shoulder. But they repeated several times that they can’t change design of the bag. So I have to put my bag in the closet and just look at the bag from time to time . What to do? You seem like professional at these kind of problems. Pleasy reply, thanks for advance.

  • william

    Please take down your blog or at least please add countless number of customer stories about their horrible customer service. I bought a chanel bag (4900) for my sister as a gift. The first day of use, one of the stitches came off. I went back to store (in San Francisco) and they told me that they could only repair and will not refund or exchange due to already been used. So they sent the bag to New York for repair. They said that it’s a simple fix and should be take too long. Now it’s already two weeks and when I called for a status update, they said that it will take at least four weeks. They even said that it’s because they asked for a rush service. Otherwise, it will take at least EIGHT weeks. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I don’t know how people still value their bags or service. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN.

  • pinklovefashion

    hello everyone, i am very disappointed from buying my first chanel espadrilles,
    i got the Cruise 15 chanel black leather with camellia studs, its amazing and i feel in love with it.
    but the first time i wore, the jute surrounding the shoes got detached and i was very disappointed! i wore it for like an hour only, i went to the chanel boutique in my country and they said they can’t fix and that i have to wait 6 months if i had to send it to paris!
    anyways, i fixed it at a local store in my country and it worked.
    but I’m actually very scared of it detaching again!
    do you guys suggest anything i could do for the jute not be detached again??

    and also, one my friends has the canvas in black, the just also was detached!
    what king of luxury good is this ?
    i paid 750 and i wish i haven’t, its actually very lovely but the material is so fragile!

    so any recommendations on how to take care of the jute??
    and has anyone had the same issue as me?

    thank you

  • pinklovefashion

    hello everyone, i am very disappointed from buying my first chanel espadrilles,
    i got the Cruise 15 chanel black leather with camellia studs, its amazing and i feel in love with it.
    but the first time i wore, the jute surrounding the shoes got detached and i was very disappointed! i wore it for like an hour only, i went to the chanel boutique in my country and they said they can’t fix and that i have to wait 6 months if i had to send it to paris!

    do you guys suggest anything i could do for the jute not be detached again and how to repair it??

    and also, one my friends has the the canvas in black, the just also was detached!
    what king of luxury good is this ?
    i paid 750 and i wish i haven’t, its actually very lovely but the material is so fragile!

    so any recommendations on how to take care of the jute??
    and has anyone had the same issue as me?

    thank you

  • Karen Atsalis Cruz

    Hey I love your story, do you think Fendi would fix my bag’s strap that came apart? I am not sure where to go, It’s from Barney’s, and I live in Boca now…

  • Lidya

    I got wide open stitches on my espadrilles, just noticed 1 day after I bought them, and you can see it obviously. I came to the store the next day, and they said the espadrilles doesn’t defect. They won’t repair them or even replace them. One of the store’s staff sent email to the Chanel Production and asked for the problem. If they see themselves the shoes are not defected, why would one of the staff sent the email? I’m sure the staff see them defected. And until now, they gave me uncertain answers and told me to wait. Hold my espadrilles on their store, they told me that I can bring the shoes home, but I can’t wear them. This is not I expected when I bought a 650 shoes.

  • Debbie Kelleher

    Good for you. My situation is not the same. I was fortunate enough to be able to go visit my stepson in London last week and we took a trip to Paris and Bordeaux. My husband surprised me with the money to buy my first Chanel bag. I bought a beautiful bag that had only been on the shelves evidently for a few days. It cost $2600 Euros. In my world $400 for a bag is unbelievable. The day after I bought the bag in Paris we travelled to Bordeaux. I went out to dinner and while at dinner I went to the ladies room and washed my hands. I had the bag hanging the long way in front of me as to protect it at all times. When I leaned over to wash my hands I got some water on it that must have been on the side of the sink from previous guests. I didn’t think anything of it, went back to my table and blotted it off with a white napkin. To my dismay there is a triangular shaped water stain!!! It is a week later and after numerous calls to the the 800 number, and emails, no one has gotten back to me accept to let me know it has been escalated to the Relevant department. Whatever that is. I have not told my husband about the stain as he would be mortified. Chanel you need to make this right. Please call me at 847 867 1369 as I am back in Chicago. I will post the results to you all. A wonderful surprise has turned into a nightmare.

  • TwoDogs4Me

    I absolutely disagree that only special people there get special treatment. My husband bought me my first Chanel bag, and we are not famous or connected. About a year later, the CC turnlock just fell off! He took the bag into the NYC Chanel store and they replaced the CC and plate immediately– and nicely.

  • getthemout

    One of the straps on my channel bag broke. I will take it into the store this week and see how the customer service is, will report back. I doubt that I will get your level of service…

  • Clare

    I have recently purchased a Chanel flap bag for my fortieth birthday, well it was a gift from my husband. He took me to Bond Street in London to there flag ship store, January this year 2016, where I also purchased a pair of earrings. Service was good but we weren’t offered any refreshments while we were there which was at least 1hr 30 minutes. Last week I discovered to my horror the stitching has come un sewn inside the bag, I rang the store and she was very apologetic but just asked me to post the bag with the original receipt and they will see if they can fix it in store first. As I live in the north this was the only option she gave me, no mention of sending a courier and to be honest there’s no way I’m posting such an expensive bag and paying for it myself. So no I haven’t recieved any of your fabulous customer service. Not happy is an understatement ????????…

  • Manfred von Reden

    these bags are bull shit and service does’nt exist