Chanel Croc Biarritz
Image from Chanel

The buzz heard around the world came from the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. Not only was I less than impressed, but also highly annoyed that those behind the curtains and scene named that atrocious mess ‘the most expensive bag in the world’. Give me a break Mr and Mrs LV PR. And give me a bigger break to the suckers who bought it. Although only slightly edging out its “competition” in price, there is a huge buzz behind a Chanel bag that is a force to be reckoned because of its price and beauty. Feast your eyes on the Chanel Croc Biarritz, an oversized (literally huge) Chanel tote designed with black crocodile. Forbes reports that there are three of these in Chanel NYC, two in Chanel LA, and three more wandering around select Neiman Marcus locations. There is a simply understated external zip pocket with a CC silver pull and dividers on the inside. Not sure if the bag can be found anywhere now, but the Chanel Croc Biarritz deserves much more fuss and press and spotlight than the LV bag of horrors. Coming in at $43,150, this bag is sure to be exclusive not only because of the limited quantity made, but also the exorbitant price tag. Any of you get one of the eight known beauties? Wanna share?? For more information contact your local Chanel boutique or Chanel online.

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  • Jen

    I love it!!! So gorgeous. But the price is icredible :shock:

  • margarita

    This bag is so amazing!!! However, at that price, I think I’d rather settle for a car. :cry:

  • bpage

    even that model seems to be going “you’re seriously going to spend $43,000 on this thing?”

  • LgRaCe

    i LOVE this dang purse!!!gonna have to jusice that money outta my boss :grin: haha yeah rite well we r all allowed to dream rite??? :wink:

  • Bonnie

    Does anyone know the exact measurements of the over-sized and also the large Chanel Paris Biarritz bag in the black crocodile? Thanks :grin:

    • aubrey

      did u ever find out the measurments for the paris biarritz purse…the large one.

  • Roxana

    It’s gorgious!
    But seriously, the price can’t get more crazy, it’s not even real, is it?

    • Lauren

      UMM let me think YEAHHHHH ITS REALL!!!DUH :wink:

  • lee

    not worth it

    • lala

      yes it is really worth it!!!!! :roll:

  • sarah

    this bag is shit fuken frugly!! why not buy a sexy hummer!? and besides! its not like your gonna get a nobel prize for wearing a bag that costs 43,000!!

    • lala

      ur right :shock:

  • kareen

    just beautiful!
    i’d sell my soul to hell 4 times for that bag

  • lee

    Seriously not worth that much $$$. And croc skin??? you have to be kidding me. I think i just lost a little bit of repect for chanel…. :sad:

  • kareen

    for lee
    i mean its just beautiful!
    respect for chanel? i dont careeee! they’ve just made the most gorgeous bag ever!

  • lee

    I did not say it was not “beautiful”. I said it wasn’t worth that many thousands of dollars, plus i was suprised that chanel used croc skin. Geeeez…have a cow…

  • couture collector

    Lee your an idiot who does not undertand the importance of the new pret-a-porter couture. Crocodile is the most expensive skin for a bag. You are just jealous because you have a hard time affording your payless shoes and Kmart bags. Enjoy the new Mizrahi for Target clothing line. Good luck getting off Wellfare

    • jezebelle

      :shock: “couture collector” you are the most insignificant thoughtless person i have ever seen on this site, just because someone thinks that spending 43 grand on a purse is rediculous does not mean they are cheap in any way!!!! and skinning animals isnt exactly classy! you have no right so say any such thing to anyone! in fact you are the one who is retarded for even thinking of spending that much money on a bag!
      god knows how many corners you are working to pay for the “couture” you collect.
      Good luck ever maturing into a tolerable human being if that’s even possible for you

  • couture collector

    To Lee

    Chanel has been using Crocodile and Alligator since at least Karl became creative director. It is a beautiful and luxurius skin that everyone should own. I suggest you save your money for the rest of your life so you can at least afford a croc or alligator 2.55 these are only around $12,500. Just so you know they are not sold at your local mall.

  • lee

    I can’t help it. I feel bad for the croc! Go F yourself :smile:

  • Lauren

    I LOVE THIS BAG IT IS S OOO GORGOUS!!!WHO ever called this bag ugly youre crazy! :evil:

  • elle

    I love this bag too! it is soooo pretty!

  • kareen

    the goddamn croc should be proud for being used by chanel¬¬

  • Katy

    The price on that bag is just ridiculous. :shock:

  • lee

    kareen – uuhhhh….ok then :???:

  • renzy

    dis bag is minging

  • lala

    i love this piece of shit its the most gorgeous thing on the planet
    but that is damn too expensive :shock:

  • Jasmine

    I love the purse, but gosh the price?

  • Michie

    love it to pieces!
    it’s one of theee most gorgeous things ever!

  • fashionista

    i ADORE this bag, you just have to rob a bank twice to pay for it :cry:

  • Bondapher

    loves it!!! perfect for my gymbag+school bag. too bad it costs sooo much….

  • julie

    ewwww!!!! it looks like a trash bag

  • julie

    damn, i feel bad for the poor animals too, some people might not even buy them wat a waste of animals

  • johnny

    when i saw the bag i went crazy, but when i look at the prize … :shock: i did reather go for a nice dimond gold ring and spend 5 thousand dolls in a nice club with my bf

  • kate bailey :)

    :P lovely bag but maybe a bit to bit …..
    but it LOVE the colour

  • bongomia

    I’ve held the bag.

    Its perfection.

    And I never thought I would tell myself that a bag is worth that price, but it truly is worth it.

    I’m still in love with it.

    Oh I live in la just so you.

  • Brooke

    :razz: Feel bad for the black crocodile but I would love to have this bag…♡ I just love it very much!!!

  • Leo from germany =)

    bag: dream!

    price: no comment!

  • Nadja Etzel

    this bag is beutifull …. i would like to have it…. may if i win the lotery.

  • raquel

    you are all materialistic pieces of s==t with no substance! of course except for lee and jezebelle{because they have a conscience! couture collector sounds like a parvenu{social climber with no taste} i happen to be able to afford a 100,000 dollar bag if i wanted to and ten times over and i would never ever think of even wasting my money on excessive show of of wealth, i would rather give it to a worthy charity or cause! but thats just me!

    • goober mcgree

      too bad, so sad….boo hoo

  • emily*

    I also agree that 40,000+ for a bag is a lot, but you should also remember that it is all relative. To the average middle class person, this bag may just be a hope, desire, or aspiration. We have no place in telling anybody that they should not spend this money on a purse if they can afford it. Not saying that this money wouldn’t be better spent in a charity, it is up to the person to make such a distinction. In reality, one who would be able to spend such an amount of money on one single handbag also has the resources to give the same amount or more to a charity. To say that everyone on here are materialistic pieces of shit with no substance is a baseless, rude and unnecessary insult. I find myself looking at these purses as pieces of art, just as any art collector would die to own a Picasso.

  • Nickles

    that bag is sooooo hot , now that is one VERY SEXY bag ! Arghh i wnat it soooo bad its soooo nice i swear its sooo hot its on fir lol dry but yeah wtf @ the price tag but now that is one hefty but incredibly hot bag!! IM SAVING UP ALREADY :] lmao

  • Nickles

    ;) i like . couture much !! incredibly sexy.

  • hardy

    i own this bag. totally fabulous. use it often. everyone, above, has their point. however, already own a hummer one. give lots to charity. support many families well with my business. love animals, but believe in darwin. believe in karma. believe i am very blessed to be able to help keep coutour alive.

  • Crocodylus

    Please don’t be negative just because you can’t efford it. Chanel, LV, Hermes didn’t buy the leather from hunters/black market, they are from authorized farms. If you love it but can’t efford their price, send me your design I will make it at incredibly low price

  • ruby

    Chanel does not use crocodile skin, this is made of alligator. thanks

  • Naggy

    I could carry a very, very large bag like that, but I would be made fun of because of my size. (ipad)