One very commonly asked question on our Chanel Forum is on the difference between the Chanel Classic Flap and the Chanel Reissue 2.55 bags. I’ve scoured the forums this morning to educate myself, and our readers about the differences between the two. Let me start with a few historical facts on the Reissue.


The lock on the Reissue is the original lock, it is called the Mademoiselle Lock as Ms Coco Chanel never married, the ‘CC’ lock was introduced to the Classic Flap Bags only in the 1980s by designer Karl Lagerfeld. The 2.55 in its name refers to the first release of the 2.55 bag in February of 1955. Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage/convent, therefore, the double chain shoulder strap comes from when the children’s’ caretakers in the orphanage would dangle keys from their waists with the same type of chains as on the Reissue. Also, the zippered compartment on the inside of the front flap of the Reissue is where Coco sequestered her love letters, as she was having an affair at that time. The brownish red color of the inside represents the color of Coco and the rest of the children’s uniforms (the nuns’ were black with white trim: thus, the packaging on Chanel Parfum/Eau de Parfum/Eau de Toilette). The back outside flap of the Reissue actually marks where Coco would stash extra money!

chanel classic flap bag

Over the years there have been many variations to the original design of the 2.55, including the leather/fabric, the chain – metal vs. interwoven leather, single flap vs. double flap, and the closure – mademoiselle vs. interlocking CC. The 2.55 refers to all flap-style bags, including variations of the original! The term classic flap commonly refers to the flap with the interlocking CC closure and the leather interwoven chain.

In February 2005, Karl Lagerfeld re-made the 2.55 – exactly as Coco Chanel had made in 1955, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 2.55. It came to be known as the Reissue. Technically the term Reissue should only be used for the bags that were made to commemorate the original – so only those in 2005. However, it has become convenient to call all 2.55s that resemble the original 2.55 Reissues and all 2.55s that have the interlocking CCs Classic Flaps.

More on the fascinating history of the Reissue 2.55.

chanel 2.55 reissue purse


This thread, particularly post #57, gives a great amount of information on the differences between the two styles. If I may briefly summarize:

1. Closure/Locks: Classic has the double CC turn-style lock, the Reissue has the Mademoiselle lock (rectangular shape).
2. The handle: The reissue has an all chain handle, while the classic has leather interwoven between the chain links.
3. Reissue has a different type of leather, that is made to seem more worn than the caviar leather on the classics.
4. All the reissues have a double flap inside, whereas the Jumbo Classic does not.
5. The sizes on the Reissue are different than the sizes on the Classic Flaps.


The Chanel Classic Flap Bag comes in three sizes:

Small – 9″ x 5.5″ x 2″ – $1,495.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin
Medium – 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″ – $1,595.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin
Jumbo – 12″ x 8″ x 3″ – $1,695.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin

The sizes for the Chanel Reissue 2.55:

$1,795 A302224: – The Baby 7.5 W x 5.75 H x 1.75 D inches
$1,895 A302225: – Small 9.75″ x 7.06″ x 2.16″
$1,995 A302226: – Medium 11″ x 8″ x 2.5″
$2,095 A302227: – Large 12.25″ x 9.18″ x 2.5″
$2,495 A302228: – The X-Large aka Jumbo 14.2″ x 9.8″ x 3″ (rare)

There is a lot of visual aids in a forum thread with pictures of Reissues and Classic Flaps. An absolute must-see for enthusiastic Chanel bag collectors and lovers.

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  • patois

    Those prices seem way off, given the Chanel price increases, although I haven’t bought a classic flap in a while.

  • Candace

    I remember reading the jumbo caviar was up to 2395…but that’s neither here nor there!!!!

    Megs I think it is cool how much we can learn on the forum! AHH!!! I learn new things every day from the wonderful ladies and gents on there. :mrgreen:

  • Jane

    Yeah – those prices seem a little off. I’m pretty sure it was more $ than that the last time I was at the Chanel store… about 2 months ago?

    • cece

      yes i agree i just bought one and it’s 29 something almost 3,000 for my jumbo..but we’re in canada so everything is expensive!!

  • Kelley

    Wow, great info. I am a “new” Chanel lover and I love learning all about the history.


  • Roxana

    Thanks for the great summary!
    Althoug,as others said, the prices are a bit outdated. I remember the lambskin jumbo pre-prise increase to be 2700. I believe it’s actually over 3100 right now!
    Hard to keep up with all these increases :sad:

  • Steph

    those prices do seem odd, does anyone know the real price for the medium and small chanel classic flap bag in caviar?

    • Maureen

      I bought the small chanel classic flap bag in black caviar for $1750 (and the sales lady informed me that they just went up from $1350). This was at the Chanel boutique within Neiman Marcus in San Diego.

      • lady chanel

        Hi Ladies I am a chanel lover as well.. When I bought my first jumbo caviar it was 1695 and that was in 2001. The last was 2295.

    • Linda Lou

      Hi I’m sorry but I don’t know how much the classic medium and small is but I know the jumbo is £1200 or $2600 ish! I think the prices given are a little on the low side. Hope this gives you an indication of what the smaller version would be.

  • ginger

    i just bought the large classic flap in caviar with silver chain for $2,350. It’s lovely!

  • laura

    the classic caviar medium- in april 2006 was $1650. i have one. now i want the 2.55 w/square lock caviar medium. does anyone know the price? id there still a waiting list?

    • maureen

      Yeah, the classic flaps went up by 25% recently (as both the Neiman Marcus and Chanel salesreps informed me when I purchased my small silver hardware classic flap recently). As far as the 2.55s, I’ve not seen any black caviar leather 2.55s unless they are either an unconventional color (dark silver comes out in Jan ’08 I believe?) or unconventional pattern (I saw a croc satin one out now at the Chanel boutique at the South Coast Plaza a couple days ago).

  • CHANELigible

    Are the Chanel bags featured on really authentic or are they replicas?

    • e

      Definitely real!

  • samantha

    sorry i’m a new members, i just a wanna buy a new channel..
    I dont know which one a Classic Flap Bag and the Reissue 2.55..
    so can you help me

    • Dee Dee’s Designer Handbags

      Sure I have a great white Caviar for sale.
      I would be happy to email pics.

      • levina

        Hi there, do you still have the white caviar? what is the size and price?

      • Brainwash

        Hiya, I have a Black Chanel Classic Flap Bag with gold hardware for sale. It’s the large size and I’m selling it for £1100 (or best offer). Anyone interested do contact me at

  • sophia

    no matter how much the 2.55 is worth just remember its chanel and the 2.55 is a classic vintage so if u buy it now just imagine how muc it will be worth in a couple of years time vintage is very in now so i think its worth it love chanel bags they are so classic and eyecatching :lol:

    • Shirly

      Hi Sophia,
      Yes,I am agree….

  • Lady

    I would like to buy a real chanel bag from internet, new one. Is there any place for that?

    • Dee Dee’s Designer Handbags

      Yes Ebay, Dee Dee’s Designer handbags. Great bags,
      Great pricing

    • Emmy

      Unless you are 100% sure that you are buying a used Chanel bag from an honest collector, I would NEVER buy a bag online, because chances are it will be a fake. Authorized Chanel dealers (Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf’s., etc…. and Chanel itself) do not sell online (and the department stores do not even show the bags they are allowed to sell online). So be careful that you are not taken by a fraudulent (and illegal, not to mention easy-to-spot) imposter bag. Those fakes are so easy to ID its a joke – I don’t know who they think they are fooling. Know that all real Chanel bags come with an authentication card (it looks like a credit card) complete with an ID number. If your bag doesn’t have that, don’t buy it – it’s fake

  • MiaNY

    Curious, anyone know what color hardware the original 2.55 had?

    • Janet

      Hardware is gold in color. I have an authentic vintage Classic 2.55 medium double flap, lambskin for sale on E-Bay right now. It’s been used no more than 3 times, is in ‘as new’ condition. Please check it out. There hasn’t been another one in such fabulous condition in a long while. It’s perfect and pristine! Seller is Duffman1975

  • carol

    them prices are way over the top if they were less money plenty more people would bye them :???:

    • becca

      If Chanel priced their products low enough for everyone to buy it would loose appeal! Part of their class is the fact that they’re so elite :)

  • mela

    how much is the medium classic in caviar? and is it the same price if its white or beige? thanks.

  • Shirly

    6 months ago bought 255 reissue jumbo size black, love it love it.Thinking about getting another one in dark silver color, the price us$3495 before tax,so big spending….

  • Liz

    I am dying to buy one the jumbo size,I even cannot sleep thinking about it,i start to realise what an investment to buy one of them,can last generation!Here in the UK is very expensive,I didn’t buy them for long time now.I saw few in E-bay but not sure and not confident enough to buy as no receipt and all that hassle.I need receipt for my insurance purpose.Well!for all Chanel lovers I think it’s one of the best designer name which last forever and whoever has Chanel handbag nothing can make you proud about………hope sooner or later with my hardwork I will buy one soon

    • Shirly

      Hai Liz,its true that its better to buy a chanel bag direct from the Chanel boutique, considering so many fakes out there now…take care

  • Milly

    Thanks for the info! Purchased my 1st Chanel bag at the Chanel boutique today. It seems like I’ve been eyeing the 2.55 lambskin bag with gold details for ages! I love how it’s such a classic…but I should’ve purchased this a long time ago since prices just went up to ~$2700 (lambskin medium) with taxes! I’ve been debating between the lambskin vs. the caviar leather & the medium vs. the large size. Does anyone have experiences with these leather or sizes —what are the pros & cons of each? Anyways, I went in with the intention of purchasing the larger size (the SA did not show me this size…maybe it’s sold out?), but didn’t realize it until I measured the dimensions at home that I had purchased the medium (which is a better fit for me). Now I can’t stop at just 1 Chanel. I’m already planning my next purchase. Oh the possibilities….

    • Shirly

      Congratulation….enjoy your bag..As I know, lambskin is easy to scratch whereas the caviar is more scratch resistent for daily wear..But, 2.55 Reissue doesnt come in caviar.For the 2.55 Reissue the large size is 12.5 inc and the jumbo is 14inc. The jumbo is best for daytime,I wear one myself, but its all depends on how tall are you to fit it..

  • Louise

    I purchased my first Chanel today as well! I can’t stop smiling- I purchased the large Classic in black caviar with gold hardware. I asked about the differences and saw them without hearing about price variations and picked my favourite that way. I really wanted a pink or off-white coloured bag but the lady informed me that these are seasonal and i’ll just have to wait. Obviously I settled for black but will definitely be purchasing one of these in the future (if I ever rebuild my bank account balance). My bag was $2980 (Australian dollars) and I can’t wait to buy another one!

  • jenny Lee

    thank you for the post and the price list!

    I went to the Melbourne, Australian Chanel Store and the Classic Jumbo was $3,200 and the Reissue 2.55 was $3,490. So i’m definately getting my bag in the states!

  • Leo

    Someone said there would be another price increase (classic, of course,) in May, 2008. Have anyone heard of this new?

  • Kat

    yes..Euro increase so price will up for sure!!

  • Kate

    I just saw Leo’s and Kat’s words about price increase of classic chanel bag in May, 2008. What a terrible news for me, because I’m getting one classic in June. I can’t buy it before May because I’m in Saudi Arabia. I have to wait until June (kids’s summer break starts June 12th) to come back to the states before I go to Chanel boutique. What a tragety to me ! :cry:
    Does anyone know if the price will really increase in May? How much increase?

  • Twinkle

    Hi guys…

    I’m from Singapore.

    Anyone from Europe / Italy?

    Can i know how much a 2.55 Classic Flap Bag Medium cost in Italy? As my friend is going there soon and it’s cheaper to get it in Italy than S’pore.

    It will be my first Chanel bag. :razz:

  • Mickey

    I just got a Black caviar classic flap medium for $2350(it was $800 less about 2 yrs ago when I first laid my eyes on it :cry: ) and I absolutely love it! Now I can’t wait for a Gray 2.55 reissue.

  • Kate

    Hi Mickey,
    Is $2350 U.S. dollars? Does this price include tax? In which city of which country did you buy? Did you see any classic flap medium in smooth calfskin instead of caviar? Thanks

  • Kate

    Does anyone know how many different leathers classic flap has? Only caviar and lambskin? Do they have smooth calfskin (not patent leather)?
    what about inside? Is the inside flap leather or vinyl? Is the inside bag leather, fabric or vinyl? Thanks

  • jay

    does any one know how much a lambskin 2.55 bag is in great britain Pounds (medium size)? Thanks

    • Honey

      Hi, I bought my medium black lambskin classic Chanel bag for £1220 at the end of last year. Apparently there is a price increase this month. I am now selling my classic Chanel as I am moving out of home and can’t afford luxuries anymore. I have the receipt from Selfridges. I can do the transaction through ebay as I have 100% feedback. Let me know if anyone is interested.

      • Sha

        Hi! I was wondering in which country would chanel be the cheapest? France? Is that true??? I can get the baby classic in caviar with gold chain for Usd1875. Is that a an OK price? Btw is gold chain a better choice or the silver chain???

        Pls reply asap. Getting my Chanel this wkend.

  • GG

    :grin: does any one know what colors there r in coco chanel purses? {medium size} thxs

  • Kellie

    I’ve been saving up for a Chanel, omg it is so expensive! I’m worried about the price increase in May… I would like the medium size Classic Flap, is the price different between colors? Black and White? Thanks everyone! : ))))

  • Agie

    Hi, please help, does anyone know how much the price for Chanel Black Classic Flap Caviar Jumbo size? Can you see the year by the serial number?
    Thanks a lot

  • Kate

    My husband went to Abudabi in the country of U.A.E. for business. He brought home a bag for me. It’s black classic flap caviar medium. It’s 8150 dirham (U.A.E. money). I just checked credit card, and it has been charged $2219.14 in US dollars. The bag is so gorgeous. I really love it. The inside is made of lambskin. All of the bag are really leather! My husband said he saw the lambskin ones of same style are about $600 US dollars cheapter. He said the sales person said Caviar sells very fast because it’s very strong leather which can lasts generations long. Lambskin is easily to be scrached, torn or worn out. Strange! I thought lambskin costs more money. The good thing is I finally got it before the price raise in May.

  • R

    hi, does anyone know exactly, if Chanel 2.55 all gold, vintage leather mademoiselle bag is only for spring-summer 2008? i has sold out in the london boutiques, i am not clear if it is a classic or not?! (confused!) it costs £ 1375, medium black. please enlighten :!:

  • Darcy

    I got a Chanel 2.55 medium caviar for $2600 which includes tax back in November of 2007

  • Honey

    Hi, I bought my medium black lambskin classic Chanel bag for £1220 at the end of last year. Apparently there is a price increase this month. I am now selling my classic Chanel as I am moving out of home and can’t afford luxuries anymore. I have the receipt from Selfridges. I can do the transaction through ebay as I have 100% feedback. Let me know if anyone is interested.

    • nicola

      Hi, i would love a chanel bag and am interested do you still have your bag for sale?

      • Honey

        Hi, sorry I sold it a few days ago.

  • ACDC

    Just bought a Black Classic Flap Black Lambskin for my wife in Paris last week. 1690 euro before 12% tax refund.

    Nice but expensive.

  • ACDC

    Forget to mention that it’s medium side.

  • hncruz

    I just purchased my first Chanel Classic Flap – Caviar, Jumbo size, in white with silver hardware. Retailed for $2650, with tax $2868 – at the Rodeo Dr. store.

  • HawaiianBreeze

    When is the price supposed to go up? And by how much?

  • Becca


    I’m going to Dubai in June, do you think the price has gone up there?
    When exactly was your husband in abudabi?
    Its ok if it costs 8150 dirham.
    Im dying to get one! but 1890 euro is to much!

  • Anna

    I just purchased the jubmo chanel flap bag black caviar with gold hardware, its the first time I’m getting the gold hardware. Can someone please tell me if the gold wears off?

  • Susie Q

    I bought a Chanel 2.55 in the Chanel shop in Knightsbridge London in October 2007. I paid £1220.

    My 2.55 is a red lined lambskin one. I asked about caring for the bag in the shop but they said it would not need polshing.

    However, I decided that leather needs ‘feeding’ or it dries out and cracks, so I am using Dubbin [saddle leather polish] on it and it is already more supple and is building a subtle but lovely patina.

    They are lovely bags but most people assume it is a copy!!!

    love to all the Chanel girls, Susie Q

  • Trace

    Hi, Im planning to get a black Jumbo caviar flap bag with gold hardware. The price in sydney store is AUD3350. Do you guys think its a good price? silver or gold hardware would look better? Thanks. Oh anyone in france would kindly let me know how much would it cost overthere before tax? Cus my friend is going there and I might ask her to get one for me. Thanks!

    • Shirly

      Hi Trace,
      Do not buy in Aussie…way to expensive compare to USA.

  • misu

    hi does anyone know hom much is a chanel classic lambskin small size cost now? as u said thr price increase in may. and how much does a reissue metalic purple 2.55 cost

  • jo

    Hello there! I’m thinking of getting a Reissue large size that’s color dark silver or pewter. A friend is selling it for USD3,066. I don’t know how much the price is now. Is this a fair price? Will it be cheaper in Singapore or would anyone know if the Chanel in Singapore on sale now?


    • Shirly

      Yes, it is fair price if the bag is Large size and brand new… Singapore never has in stocks hard to get always sold out, in Sin about 3 months ago price around Sin$5600

  • yulica

    I m planning 2 buy a chanel classic medium size Flap bag in US, can someone tell me the price after tax(Caviar and calfskin). What color is the best choose for the first chanel bag? black? How about Beige?

  • Rosenbaum

    I bought a Chanel classic black bag large size with sliver hardware (Caviar) for 20,000 HKD yesterday in Hong Kong Airport. I didn’t check how much for the medium size. Should be around 2,000 HKD lesser than the large size. I also saw a Chanel bag in white, classic size and double flag (the sales person mentioned that white is a seasonal colour only, not every year have it) is about 18,000 HKD. For the reissue Chanel, only Black is available in Hong Kong currently, small costs 22,000 HKD, medium costs 24,000 HKD and large costs 26,000 HKD. My suggestion is the best for the first Chanel should choose classic design in Black. This is a timeless design and you can match it with almost all clothes. The leather using in reissue Chanel bag changes in every season.

  • Farrah

    I just bought a Chanel classic lambskin medium in London, 1220 pound, then around 12% tax refund….is it more expensive in other places? :?:

  • Helen

    Yeah yeah yeah. I just got my first chanel. :lol: It is a Chanel classic caviar medium at 1120 pounds. Thanks to my brother-in-law for bringing back my chanel from London. A message from Singapore

  • mama mia

    Can anyone tell me how much for
    :Classic medium caviar in €uro???
    :Classic Jumbo caviar in €uro ???

  • yulica

    YEE~~~~~~~~~I bought a chanel 2.55 is a little different. It is the same form, but it got a line patten on. Dark in Beverly Hills Chanel$2925USD(+GST)

  • Helen

    In addition, can anyone advise on price of the following in USD
    1) Classic medium caviar

  • jenny

    hey guys, just got back from paris a few days ago and the medium reissue in black was 1980euros and there was a 13% discount tax for residents of non eu countries.

    hope that helps!

  • yulica

    Is it the same price of chanel 2.55 in France and swiss???

  • Ngoc

    Hi Helen
    I think the current price for the Medium Caviar is $2350USD.

  • CrazywChanel

    I’m a Singaporean. Is it cheaper to buy Chanel classic caviar medium in HK or USA?? :wink: :wink:

    • Couture-Hag

      CrazywChanel: how much is it in HK? (converted to u$?)

      In US, Chanel Caviar medium is 2695$

      • CrazywChanel

        How abt in lambskin?

  • Grapevine

    Rosenbaum (or anyone who can answer my question :)),

    I’m flying to Hongkong this coming saturday. I’m looking forward to buying a chanel classic, medium, in white/ivory caviar with gold chain. Would it be cheaper to buy at the airport (assuming it’s available there) or in boutiques?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated :)

    • Couture-Hag

      It would be cheaper to buy at the airport

  • Rosenbaum

    HKD to USD around 1 to 7.8. This looks like HK is cheaper than US. However still more expensive than EU (applicable only if you can get tax refund). HK doesn’t has tax on it, so where ever you buy within Hong Kong is same price.

  • Rosenbaum

    i mean 1 USD = 7.8 HKD

  • DanielleB

    Hi everyone!

    I’m going to Italy and London in a couple of weeks and was wondering how much a small classic flap in caviar (or lambskin) would cost in Euros and Pounds.


    • Connie

      Hello Chanel lovers…. Chanel Classic jumbo size bag in lambskin is $5350 and in calfskin is $4880 in Singapore boutiques….just checked 2 days ago, for your information …..

  • Couture-Hag

    How much is the classic caviar medium 2.55 in Hongkong?

  • nicola adams

    has anyone ever seen website Zia Valence? what is their story?

    • Rosenbaum

      I don’t believe it. Be careful!

  • Kate

    I’m so sorry that I didn’t check this dialogue for a long time. It was April 16 that my husband went to Abudabi.
    It was in Marina Mall.
    Did you get a Chanel bag?
    What style? size? material and color?
    How much does it cost you?

  • ella

    are these reissue bags still available in australia or is it rare now :(

  • Rosenbaum

    Dear all Chanel Fans. Chanel has price increase again!! The bag I bought in June at Hong Kong the black caviar jumbo size was HKD 20,000. Yesterday, I found this price increased to HKD 23,500 already. The white caviar classic double flap price up from 18,600 to 23,000. Currently in HK, a lot of different size and color available, for color double flap bag around 23,000.

  • hi everyone what kind of leather is CAviar? im new to chanel and would love to own one in the future once i can go to HK for there is no chanel boutique here in my country so sad…thanks

  • hi what kind of leather is CAVIAR? Im new to chanel and would buy one in the future once i get the time to go to HK for in my country there is no chanel boutique so sad.and is the gold hardware made of what kindof metal? thanks

  • anne

    hi everyone, please help me out in here…i’ve been trying to email chanel bout the price but they said they cant tell me the exact one as the price keeps changing. can all of u help me out in here?

    i)chanel metallic silver classic 2.55 with stripes (small->)it’s the current fall08/09 edition

    ii) same as above BUT no stripes

    would love to know the price in: Hongkong Dollars, Pounds and Euro.

    Please enlighten me…Thanks…

  • SmallChild

    hey i want to purchase my 1st chanel jumbo classic….anyone know where i can get one in england….preferably the north??
    thanks! x

  • TT


    I am Singapore, I have a brand new black caviar medium classic double flap for sale. A friend bought it from USA for me in Aug (US$2350 before tax), but its the wrong size (I already had the medium size). The price tag is still on with the dust bag. But it does not have the box as she discarded it for ease of packing. I am willing to let it go at S$3750. This is at the same rate as US$2350 with tax and currency conversion. I believe the current Singapore retail price is S$4050. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks !


    • Nat

      Hi do u still have it available?

    • gdee

      i am interested. how can i contact you.

  • gigi

    i got my chanel classic caviar jumbo for $2500 + tax total of approx. $2800 here in my hometown Vancouver (Canada) and i love it!!!!! i still couldn’t believe it that i got it!

  • MJ

    according to a chanel sales associate, for a classic flap bag jumbo size’s only available in caviar. the large size can be caviar or lambskin.

    classic flap bag jumbo size (caviar) = USD$ 2650 plus tax

    hope this info helps

  • jazmine

    i thought the prices for the jumbo classic flap went up…i thought it was USD $3150?

  • Rosenbaum

    Chanel Sales lady in Hong Kong told me black caviar only produces two size i.e. jumbo or small size, no medium size for black caviar.
    For white caviar, medium size is available.

  • TT

    My black medium (???) caviar measures 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″ (US$2350 b4 tax)


  • Sonia

    Hi, I am selling my black 2.55 reissue with gold hardware (in the 226 size) if anyone is interested. Comes with receipt from Selfridges Chanel boutique. Would sell for £1350 – this is a snip as the prices are due to increase on 1st Oct. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    • Isa

      Hi Sonia, Do you still have your black reissue for sale? If so I am very interested :-)

    • Nat

      Still have it?

  • carol

    hi, really have my eye on chanel classic flap black with silver hardware in caviar…what are the sizes it comes in???

  • Lady Love

    Hi Sonia, does ur bag come with dustbag and the box? Thanx! I would love to own a chanel 2.55 bag. Singapore price is too expensive as i live here..

  • Sonia

    Hi Lady Love, yes it comes with dustbag and box and authentication card. Also, with original receipt from the Chanel boutique in Selfridges Manchester, UK.

  • Sonia

    Lady Love if you post your email address, I will email you some pictures.

  • CC Singapore

    Hi all Chanel lovers, I have a brand new Chanel reissue 2.55 in black metallic, size 228 (the largest size) for sale @ Singapore dollars 4,000. Current retail is S$ 5,910. Comes with ribbon, paper bag, box and full papers. Will not declare tax/duties if ship overseas. Anybody interested please let me know :)

  • Linda

    Any chance that the price may go down due to global economy slow down ?

  • M

    hi all :)
    just a quick question- is chanel cheaper in pounds sterling, or euro? im in Bangkok and wondering if I should just settle with duty-free rates.
    im interested in getting the classic two-tone flats, does the price for that increase as significantly each year like the bags do??
    I know that Paris was cheaper by even USD$300. I bought a bag there a few weeks ago.

  • Clara

    The 2.55 was actually based on a design by Germaine Guerin. Read “The Chanel Century” in Vogue May 2003….

  • kathryn

    i just got my chanel classic flap with silver hardware in caviar (large) for 2300 can$ if that helps neone
    i very much in love with this bag
    and im exited to wear it

  • Rosenbaum

    I am going to sell my Jumbo Black Caviar chanel classic flap bag which is in silver hardware, I bought in June from Hong Kong. I only used 3 times. I am willing to sell the same price I bought that before the Chanel price increase.

    • Nat

      Do u still have it?

  • amy

    What do people think about black Chanel Double Flap Bag in Patent vs Caviar?

  • dyosa

    Rosenbaum, how much are you selling your jumbo flap?

  • Crystal


    Could anyone tell me the price of classic flap with silver hardware in lambskin (jumbo size around 12″) in Australia?? As my frined will be going to Australia next week, want to ask her to get one for me, thx a lot!!!!!!!!

    I will be going to Paris on Dec, do you think it will be cheaper in Paris or in Australia??

  • princesszoozoo

    Hi- if I send someone some pics can they tell me if I am looking at a genuine chanel? It all looks real but I have never seen this chain type combo on the flap bag?

    Please help:)

  • Rosenbaum

    dyosa,I am sorry to tell you that it has been sold out.

  • Farah

    Would sell for £1350 – Please let me know if anyone is interested, we can negotiate on the price

  • Bohoho19

    CC Singapore, is ur bag still available for sale?

  • Farah

    Does anyone know how much the Chanel classic lambskin flap handbag is worth now? Please let me know as i am selling mine

  • Christa

    Hello, I am also selling my Chanel classic black lambskin bag. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll send photos etc.


  • 2.55

    Hi. Anyone out there in Singapore is willing to sell their bag? I am interested in medium size of 2.55 cavier in black and sliver hardware.
    Please let me know ur price.Thanks.

  • Luisa


    I have one very important question, which has been driving me crazy for months.

    Do they have the Chanel Reissue In Caviar Skin?

  • gigi

    OMG!!! The price of classic flap jumbo (caviar) has increased again to $3050 Canadian $ + tax! I’m so happy I got mine before the price went up but that’s $500.00 difference and I bought my bag last June/08 only!

  • Phyl

    im an aussie travelling in europe right now. a medium size chanel 2.55 reissue white in color with black chain cost 1960euro after tax. any know if its the cheaper than australia? bcoz aussie dollar is so weak, i dunno if it will cost me less to buy in australia or not… any1 know the cost of it in aussie??

  • Farah

    I am selling my Chanel classic flap bag, its a beige colour and it is the medium sized one. If anyon is interested let me know

  • Ayline

    Im going to NYC soon and was planing to buy a Chanel small flap bag.
    Anybody knows the current price for one?

  • Joann

    I am planning to buy a classic small or medium flap bag in caviar. How much is it in canada?

  • TT

    quote :
    2.55 said:
    Hi. Anyone out there in Singapore is willing to sell their bag? I am interested in medium size of 2.55 cavier in black and sliver hardware.
    Please let me know ur price.Thanks.

    Dear 2.55,

    I have brand new unused (tag still on) black caviar medium/large (10″ x 6″ x 2.5″) classic double flap in gold hardware for sale.

    Selling S$3750. Current Singapore retail price is S$4210. Post your email if interested to have a look.


  • Adeline

    Looking to buy a Reissue 2.55 Mediaum in a light colour- beige preferred.

    OR a Classic Flap Medium in Beige.

  • Farah

    I am selling my Chanel classic flap bag, its a beige colour and it is the medium sized one. I bought it for £1300 but will be selling it for less than what i payed for it.

  • x

    hi farah, cld u post pics of your bag? which country r you from?

  • Farah

    Im from the UK, I don’t know how to post pics on this site. If you want to leave your email address and i’ll email you the pics

  • Sylvia

    Anyone ever got their bags from Are they really authentic? because i find their price so much cheaper.

  • jelly

    Hi, does anyone know the current retail prices for the Channel classic medium & classic jumbo in the UK?

  • Farah

    I think the Chanel Classic medium is for £1300 and jumbo £1500 approx, but the prices have risen since last month

  • Rosenbaum

    In Vienna Chanel shop, Chanel Classic medium is around EURO 18XX. I just backed from Chanel shop today.

  • livi
  • ms_frost

    I just got a classic flap (caviar) medium for $2,495 in Rodeo Drive. Lambskin was $2,695 for this size. didn’t bother to ask how much the other sizes were.

  • Jane

    Does anyone know is this a size large or medium Chanel size please?

  • Farah

    It looks like the medium sized one

  • RC


    I will be travelling to singapore and bangkok this month.
    I am from Perth, Australia and they have no chanel here =(
    Just wondering, where is the best to buy a chanel.. singapore or bangkok?

  • Rosenbaum

    I just got a classic flap (lambskin) medium dark blue for EURO 1890 as a Christmas gift this year. He bought it from Austria. Thanks my husband!

  • Woofy

    Hi,can anyone tell me how much does a classic double flap medium size (tweed material) chanel bag cost ? Thanks…

  • Chris

    Could anyone tell me the sizes in cm of the small and medium?

    I’m from Europe, does anyone know where in Europe it’s cheapest to get one? Or would it be cheaper to get one from Australia for example? (I have family there)

    Thanks :)

  • andrea

    does anyone know how much is classic( with leather in chain, and 2 cc) chanel bag lambskin,medium size right now in England???? i m going in London next week and maybe i ll buy if it s cheaper in pounds than in USA…

  • Vivien


    I am from Singapore. IS there anyone in Singapore selling the Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo Caviar black. Please drop me an email at

  • Josie

    Is it cheaper to buy Chanel in Paris (can get tax refund), US or buy one from Australia (take it out of country to get GST bacK). I live in Sydney but travelling to Us and Paris soon.


  • snoop

    Could anyone tell me the price for classic flap jumbo, maxi and reissue 2.55 in size 227 ( in US) ?

  • Oswaldo

    I need the information about the price for Medium Chanel 2.5 bag, (in US) anyone knows the price? also what is the best online shop to purchase Chanel? Thanks a lot!!!!
    You can send email to

  • Molly

    Oswaldo, I don’t know about the cost in the US but don’t buy online… Treat yourself to a trip to a boutique! If you don’t have one nearby, you call a store and arrange for one to be delivered.

  • snoop

    Oh please.. Don’t ever buy it online. Why don’t you spend a litte bit more and you’ll get 100% authentic bag without has to risk yourself.

  • exclusive-enterprise

    I do have one unit of Chanel Reissue 2.55 orange color leather quilted ( as shown in above pic)to sell. just 3 months old and sold at USD $ 1400.00. Just dislike the color. It is a birthday present from my business partner. Please mail me to those who interested.

  • DADA

    Medium Chanel 2.55 classic caviar bag, does anyone know the price in australia and uk?

  • Aysha

    hiiii every body i’m new here i just want ur help because i don’t now wat size in 2.55 is the perfect size and wat color ??!!

  • Aysha


  • Wei


    I am from Singapore and m looking to sell my 227 (equivalent to a jumbo size)Chanel Reissue in White Calfskin leather with silver hardware from year 2005

    Chanel lovers will know that this is a collector’s item as only reissues in year 2005 have the numerals “2005” imprinted in the inner flap of the bag

    It is now a little offwhite but in still in a very even and elegant color. As it is in PREOWNED condition, i m selling for S$3,500 to fund for my next purchase. Currently, Chanel jumbos are going for S$4,500 to approxmately S$5,000 depending on its material.

    Anyone interested in more pictures of the bag please email
    Willing to deal ONLY in meet up Singapore. Comes with care booklet, dustbag and authenticity card.

  • JO

    Any one know in which country can buy the cheapest Chanel in the world?? In France ? UK? or North America??

  • sweetie pie

    can email me at for the bag mentioned above if keen. thks

  • Dima

    Does anyone know how much is Chanel Jumbo classic flap bag cost these days ?

  • Jin

    Just bought my chanel jumbo classic bag from the UK. Costs me under 1500 pounds. I think its very cheap in the UK now since the pounds has dropped alot.

  • Windy

    Hi there. Any knows the price of Classic Flap in Australia?

  • Anna Petrovna

    Chanel 2.55 Reissue, aged calf, black colur and silver hardware, medium size, 1760 pounds in London, 1960 euro in Paris and 1960 euro in Berlin.

  • hilda

    Chanel classic jumbo black flap with gold hardware for sale $2,500

  • crystalle chanel

    hi i would like to ask if theres anyone who knows how to check the authenticity of a vintage chanel bag???

  • viri

    what is the current price for the 2.55 medium black chanel with gold hardware

  • Anna Petrovna

    Viri, 1950 euro.

  • win

    hi, i am from Singapore i am looking for
    Chanel Classic Flap Bag Jumbo – 12″ x 8″ x 3″
    Chanel Reissue 2.55: – Large 12.25″ x 9.18″ x 2.5″
    pls let me know if u r selling your

  • win

    hi, can someone help me ,this used bags cost me US$2525 is this a good price?????
    CHANEL Matte Leather 2.55 REISSUE JUMBO 226 Flap Black 08A AUTH

  • AEY

    Hi, I will go to london and Paris this Easter . Can anyone tell me where can I get the cheap price for Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Many thanks…

  • Liz

    Hey guys
    does someone of you know the price of the chanel flap 2.55 classic jumbo in europe (paris or …) please in euros
    many thanks :)

  • nayla

    Hi Liz, just bought mine from Frankfurt, Germany for 2170 euros.

  • yyys

    hi~! i going to buy the small chanel classics bag. do somoeone know how much is the bag in Australia?

  • adela

    im going to buy a chanel 2.55 in uk..
    is anyone know how much is 2.55 (size 226 and 227) in pounds.?
    is classic chanel cheaper than the reissue 2.55?

    Thanks alot~~

  • sam

    just called london bond street, blk jumbo caviar is GBP1,650

  • maria

    I just bought my first chanel 2.55 in NYC. It costed $2.650,00 (medium in lambskin). It’s really expensive, but it’s something amazing. I’m in love with it!!!

  • Peggy

    Hi, I’ve found a gorgeous baby pink 2.55 that I’m at the point of buying (off a vintage/second hand website)….everything looks as it should be (checked what to look out for). One last thing that I just can’t find on the internet – were the baby pinks made with a sugar pink lining and intertwined handle? I’m praying it was because I need that bag!!!

  • jojo

    Thanks for great summary!!!

  • Casey

    Hi gorgeous out there… If anyone happens to come across with the price of Chanel Classic Flap (Small Size) or Chanel Reissue 2.55 (Small Size) in Australia, kindly inform me about the latest price. Many thanks!

  • Avi

    Hello anyone willing to sell me a brand new re-issue 2.55. Black with gold, please email me….looking for the medium size.

    Please email me.

  • Jeane

    Hi there.. anyone know the updated price of Chanel Classic Flap in Jumbo size? Can be any currency from any country. Thanks =)

  • dananielle

    hi, im really dying to have a chanel bag..sad to say i live in saudi arabia! my husband went to dubai 2 wks ago unfortunately, he didnt have much time to go around the city so he didnt get me 1 now his living for london…i just want to know the latest price of classic flap jumbo??? but i was also thinking about the classic large shopping bag….help me out w/ this, w/c one i should get????? i can only have one coz its so expensive…..thanks a lot!

  • Shelly

    Hey all,
    I just recently bought an authentic 2.55 Double Flap Gold Hardware (in black) and I’m looking to sell it. If you know anyone who is willing to buy it, please email me! I

  • jess

    Hey all,
    I am going to get a chanel jumbo in caviar with silver chains
    and does anyone know how much that is in paris??????

    where is the cheapest place that i can get the chanel classic jumbo???

  • kelly

    the jumbo, caviar, big size 1775 pounds in london, but no stock.

  • Aline

    A friend of mine is going to Paris in two days and I asked her to buy a Chanel for me, but I really can’t decide between 2.55 baby, 2.55 small and classic small.
    Could you help me?
    2.55 baby is too small?
    Do you know how much is each in Paris?

  • TM

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been dying to get a classic black 2.55 for a long time now (medium or large, haven’t decided yet). I’m a big big big Chanel lover. In a few months I’m going to London, would it be smarter to buy it there, in stead of here in Amsterdam? Price wise I mean. Would I save a few hundred in London or would it be more expensive? Or would I have to pay taxes or something? Can anyone give me an about figure of what these bags cost now in Amsterdam and/or London?

    I’d prefer to get a caviar bag, because I’ve read that caviar leather is a better material than lambskin, because it lasts longer and doesn’t scratch as easily. Is that true?

    And finally, I’m still deciding about getting silver or gold hardware. Is there one that lasts longer than the other? Does it matter in price? Is there actual gold in the gold and actual silver in the silver, or is it just colouring? (can hardly imagine it’s colouring, after all it is Chanel! but you never know) Do you think gold is more classic than silver?

    I would love some input from all of you! Great information here!

  • TM

    Oh and also, is there a waiting list? For black classic caviar medium or large in London and/or Amsterdam? Because if you think I should get it in London, that would be kind of a problem if I would only go for a week at most.
    Would love to hear from you!

  • AnA

    Hi! Somebody knows how much coast the Classic Flap Bag in Miami and in Paris?

  • Claudia

    hey everyone..

    can i get any info on chanel classic flap bag in medium size and reissue 2.55 size much are they ?and how big is size 227 ?i’m looking for reissue in dark blue metallic…


  • kate

    Hi shelly, are you still wanting to sell the bag??


  • Lyn

    I am from Singapore and intend to sell my Classic Flap Medium in Cavier (Black with gold hardware). I bought this on 30 December 2007 but have not used the bag. I have the Box, Dustbag, Authenticity Card, Receipt and Chanel Paper bag. Please email me if interested.

  • Coco

    Hi I’m new to the site and want info for a future purchase.

    Does anyone know when there will be another price increase for Chanel?

    Does anyone know whether the 2.55 Reissue jumbo still comes in black?

  • Rosenbaum

    to TM: I have one large black classic caviar, and also one medium dark blue lambskin. Both in silver hardware.
    Caviar is really more long lasting, but I still prefer lambskin as this looks more beauty and fancy. Bigger size is good for shopping, but this is heavy after you have put something inside, at the end I prefer the medium size, as medium size looks more elegant especially for my size not so tall. I prefer silver hardware all the time as this is easier for matching in different clothes.

  • Ying

    Hi Lyn, I’m interested in your black caviar, may i know how much you’re selling it for? Pls email me. :)

  • Lyn

    Hi Ying, please email me at with your contact details and we can take it from there, thanks.

  • Sophia


    I am from the Netherlands and am going to buy a Classic Chanel black caviar Jumbo size with silver hardware. I found out that in Europe there is the same price in euro’s: 1870,- euro for the bag I mentioned. The saleslady told me this. So it doesn’t matter whether you buy the bag in Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona or something. In London of course you have a different currency.

  • Aimoo

    Does anyone know the current price for med classic Chanel Black in Eupro now ? Am about to going there and want to cuculate how much differenese with buying in US.
    Many thanks !

  • Janna

    Thanks for the great post!
    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the serial number of the Classic Flap in Medium Black Caviar (gold hardware)?
    I have a family friends buying it on my behalf overseas and they’re getting confused!

  • Jasmine

    Which country sells the cheapest Chanel 2.55 bag

  • anne

    i just bought my GST caviar in navy blue in the US and i just love it. Question, are all flaps and 2.55 available in Europe whole year round? Bec. in SIngapore, they ran out of stocks. Please reply!

  • moon

    i am looking chanel dust bag,gift box and paper bag that can fit a chanel 2.55 handbag did u sell pls reply me via email thx i am moon here

  • ann

    for those interested, just purchased the large medium classic flap in black caviar in chanel UK boutique on Sloane Street. The price was
    1,625 pounds sterling.

  • Carmelita

    Classic Flap Bag Medium Caviar, 3 days ago at the Chanel Boutique in Paris, 1710 euro.
    I don’t think there’s a stock issue in their Paris stores, especially for the basic stuffs which are not seasonal.

  • Siobhan

    I just looked at the 2.55 in NM yesterday. The cost is $3,095.00.

  • d

    anyone selling small 2.55 in black?

  • RebeccaEM

    HI ladies – this is my first post on this fab forum! I just bought on May 4th a small classic flap in beige caviar with silver hardware and it cost £1108 from the Chanel boutique in Heathrow Terminal 3. The large was £1500. I saved around 15% on non Duty free price.

  • Alina

    D – i’m selling a medium 2.55 black :)

  • M

    Hi RebeccaEM! do you know how much the medium one is at heathrow terminal 3?

    And anyway, what’s the difference between the caviar and the lambskin (in terms of looks), and which would you girls recommend?

  • Ng

    D – I have 1 medium 2.55 black caviar and 1 lambskin to sell (classic flap), both are brand new. My relatives bought them for me from London as birthday gifts but I actually want the jumbo sized ones. I also have the Box, Dustbag, Authenticity Card, Receipt and Chanel Paper bag. Please email me if interested.

    • ming

      Hi Ng!

      I was wondering if u still have those medium 2.55 chanel bags for sale and how much?

      Thanks in advance.

  • charmine


    I would like to buy Classic Flap Bag Medium Caviar or lambskin. ple email me at
    I am staying in singapore.

  • charmine

    Ng , pls email me pic of 1 medium 2.55 black caviar and 1 lambskin (classic flap) to

  • Emma

    Hey, I just got a chanel classic with gold hardware for my 21st! its amazing i love it! IT cost £1,625 from the chanel boutique in Selfridges London if anyone wanted to know how much it cost! xxxx

  • Melissa

    hey all!

    does anyone know if prices are the same in all europe chanel boutiques? my friend will be going to milan and im wondering if it’s cheap to get a classic jumbo there.

    Also, is it cheaper in Milan or in London?


  • Chanellover


    I’m interested to buy used Chanel 2.55 medium black or jumbo.

    Pls email me at

  • melrose

    hi, i wanna ask. does anyone know the price of chanel 2.55 black jumbo lambskin flap bag in europe(especially in paris)?


  • sharon

    I was just wondering if chanel ever made a bag without interwoven leather in its chain. What I mean is just a gold double link chain. thanks

  • Pooh

    hi there, im new to chanel and am intending to purchase one 2.55 or classic large when I visit Paris and London in 2 wks time. As i will be flying into Heathrow, I was wondering if it would be cheaper to get it from the Duty Free at Heathrow or the Chanel Shop in Paris. Would there be much of a difference?

  • inp

    Bought today, May 30, 2009, a Chanel classic flap bag, medium size, white caviar with silver strap in Neiman Marcus, New Jersesy, USA for my friend’s daughter sweet 16. Paid USD2,594.75 including tax…

    Only readily available colors are black and white, mostly in caviar style with silver strap…

    Thought you might be interested in US price vs other countries.

    For you reference the comparable price based on the latest exchange rate (as of May 29, 2009) would be:
    in EURO: 1,834
    in GBP: 1,605

  • Sarah

    Hi, i’m looking to buy a black Chanel classic flap bag in medium or jumbo in caviar with silver hardware. new or very gently used. If you have one for sale, please email me at

    Thank You!

  • Anastasia

    I’m looking to purchase a black Chanel lambskin flap bag any size(silver hardware)
    If you have any for sale please contact me at
    Thank you!

  • Chanellover

    hi I letting go a Chanel jumbo Black CAviar in silver hardware..

    Bought 2 weeks ago…with receipt.

    Letting go at S$4250 lowest.

    Interested pls sms 90690775 or

  • Em

    Hi Ng,

    I’m interested to get your Chanel bag. However, can’t find your email address here. Can you please email me? Anyone who has a new Chanel classic flap Small/Medium for sale? (Singapore)

  • Nurulhuda

    Honestly I don’t think the bag you purchased is authentic. Who in the world will sell something for <10% of the real price?

    I just purchased Reissue 2.55 in medium size, light gold color from Cruise 2009 collection. Love it love it love it. According to the sale assistant, this is the first collection they have for metallic lamb skin, and also for matte silver hardware finishing.

    I paid USD2695 (shop in Minnesota people, it’s a tax free state!) for it.

  • Nurulhuda

    Sorry, I just measure mine and I just realized it’s in small size (i’m 5′ 2″ and that’s roughly the size of my usual dinner bag)

  • irina

    Nurulhuda, i know it is not authentic. However, if you visit this store, you will see there is only one difference between the authentic and my chanel….: THE PRICE!
    so if you would like another for that incrEEdible bargain price, i really recommend before you go to anywere else, visit this site, and maybe you will save a couple of 1000s.
    I am not a replica person, i own a few original bag myself, this is my first replica , however, i can see an incredible deal when i see it. And beleieve me, thie replica is EXACT.
    I just wanted to share my discovery. there are many girls out there wishing for a bag they can t afford. At this site, there is no reason for spending time in wishes and waiting any longer.

    • icis

      I came across this forum and would love to know where you got your fake chanel. WOuld you recommend. I’m a nurse who will never be able to afford the real thing and a good fake is as close to a chanel I’ll ever get! much appreciated.

  • melrose

    hey, i wanna ask. is a chanel 2.55 black lambskin jumbo flap bag available in europe? ’cause it has been out of stock for months in asia.


  • Rosenbaum

    melrose, the 2.55 black lambskin jumbo flap bag is all the time available in Vienna.

  • Cathrine

    Irina and Ramona: making and selling counterfeit handbags is illegal, and although buying them is not (depends on country though, in France it’s illegal to even wear a counterfeit bag), you are supporting a criminal million dollar business. Also, you are supporting a business that involves drug trafficking, illegal child labor…

    Although the quality of these bags may be excellent at first glance, I’m sure they could never beat the quality of a real Chanel – my mom has a classic flap that still looks amazing after 25 years of regular use. So if you spend a year or two saving for a real one, you will get a bag that’s gonna last a lifetime and help keep quality craftsmanship alive.

    Designer handbags are a privilege, not a human right!

  • ramona

    WOW, i have received my bag today… it is just perfect!
    I have received the best piece of advise from this forum… Thank you IRINA!

    • Leona

      what is the name of the website?

  • baglady

    hey there,
    i flew to singapore last week (11/06 – 15/06) in conjunction to the great singapore sale and went to the chanel boutique over at ngee ann city or was it takashimaya? i get confused with these places sometimes. i only asked for the medium sized classic flap bag. a medium caviar retails for a whopping SGD4285 whereas a lambskin retails for SGD4685. i wasn’t keen on the jumbo sized bag since i’m petite. but a friend of mine told me that it would be much cheaper to get it from where the bags are produced, FRANCE. well, it implies to other couture bags too. for instance prada; italy, burberry; uk and louis vuitton; france. i’m not relatively sure how true this may be. but mine has proven right. while i was at singapore i actually bought myself a louis vuitton neverfull in a large for SGD1140 and i thought it was cheap. apparently a couple of days ago i found out that louis vuitton in france retails the same bag for 475 in EURO and that would be SGD964. i was gutted!

    now, i really don’t know where i should get the chanel classic flap. i’m flying off to australia sometime next month. does anyone know how much the current price of a medium caviar classic flap there?

  • melrose


    thx for your information =)))))))))

  • coco2009

    this prices is old now diffrent increased double

    i do not know why ????

  • ChanelCanada

    Just purchased A0112 (medium classic flap) caviar leather, with gold hardware for $2900 Canadian (tax not included) I was on a waiting list for more than 6 months! The price 6 months ago was $2750, so they have gone up again.

  • lenyy

    hi pls email me if you are in singapore and you have unused black jumbo or medium sized chanel bag in silver hardware for sale, with authenticity card, dustbag and box. pls email with photos and price.

  • Lealea

    Please help I have a Chanel emergency!! Does anyone know the current price of the classic flap bag black medium in hong kong dollars????

  • Harlow


    I am going to Germany in August and would like to purchase the Caviar 2.55 Classic Jumbo bag. I am from Miami and it retails here for $2,650 (plus tax). What is the price in Euros as I would like to see where I can get it cheaper.


  • baglady

    Dear Harlow,

    I am somewhat shocked to hear that a 2.55 jumbo retalis for USD2650. I must say that is indeed an extremely good price. Is there by any chance that you know how much a medium caviar would be?


  • Harlow


    I believe the medium is only $200 less. Not exactly sure. Where are you from that you say this is a good price? I hear that in euros the bag comes out cheaper. Does anyone know how much the 2.55 classic flap Caviar Jumbo is in euros?????

    Thank you,

  • Mngo

    How does the hallogram and dustbag look like for the high end replicas? Do they look the same like the authentic?

  • Chanellover

    I have a brand new Authentic Chanel Limited Valentine’s 09 Flap with 6 charms in pink lambskin for sale..

    Comes with receipt dated 13-2-09, box, care booklet, dustbag.

    This is a collector’s item that you cannot get in chanel boutique.

    Interested pls email

    Sincere buyers only, thanks!

  • baglady


    Well, where I’m from doesn’t really matter and it makes no difference :)
    All righty, if I am not mistaken getting a classic flap in Paris would be cheaper by a few hundred dollars than anywhere else. And that is according to a very reliable source who is an extreme bagaholic. He blog about it but I’m sorry I couldn’t disclose the link to his blog since it’s rather not polite to mention it on someone else’s blog. If anyone wishes to check out his blog email me

  • Elisa

    Can anyone provide me the latest prices for classic flap size medium and jumbo in euro and pound ? what colour does classic flap medium has?

  • haute_brands

    Chanel powerseller on eBay:

  • Sooyaree

    @ baglady

    in US medium lambskin is USD2695 = SGD 3921

    i’m not sure in europe, but i think somehow it will be cheaper. i bought my dior gaucho in paris when they just came out, and i got it for EUR1100 (after VAT, it was like around EUR900!)

    p/s: i did comparison when i was there, and found out eventhough most of the bags are made in italy, they are cheaper in france (don’t ask me why)

    • sandhya

      hello guys! would you know how much the chanel medium/small flap bag(2.55) retails for in the US? I live in San Francisco and the boutique here tells me that they no longer have this line in SF and that only a few pieces are left in the country. Where can I find them? Any suggs would help! Thanks!

  • Marie

    can anyone help me,
    i got a medium reissue a few months ago for my birthday and even though i’ve stored it in its bag, kept it out of rain, sun etc. the leather on the corners have started to fade to a greyish blue. Its barely visible but its really upsetting as it cost £1500 and was a gift from my future mother in law! Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? Is there anyway to cover it up? its calveskin btw. thanks!

  • Luli

    Hii All,

    Atlast I’m getting a jumbo chanel, I’ve heard that they are for about USD3100; is this the latest price range ?

  • Sophie

    I’m getting a Medium Classic Flap bag in lambskin when I go to Paris. Is it likely to be available at all times or is there a limited amount that they will have in stock? Also, does anyone know how much it’ll cost in Euros?

  • Linda

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the JUMBO sized classic chanel bags are made in italy or france or is it both !??? i was to buy one offline for $2600 and it says made in italy, is it a fake !?? in stores here in canada the bag is worth $3175 plus taxes, can anyone help me !?!

  • JIN

    hello, anybody know the price classic caviar medium in France?
    I’m going to visit Chanel shop on the way from busineess trip.
    do you think it’s good chioce to buy it in France??
    I’ll go France,Sweden and Czech, please advise where is the cheapest. thank you~

  • Sara

    Dear Chanel Lovers, If anyone is interested in Authentic chanel handbags new ones or used at discounted price please email me at


  • Hien

    This comment is for Linda

    Chanel bags are made in France. I just purchased my jumbo last week Wednesday and the price was still $3175 CDN

    Good luck I hope you get your jumbo. You will simply adore it! Just like myself.

  • young

    hi ,

    if anyone interested with the chanel handbags new , give you the best price . email me ,

  • TM

    Hello everyone!

    I would love to purchase a classic 2.55, black caviar, gold hardware, medium/large/jumbo sized. Depending on pricing. I’ve been dreaming of owning a 2.55 for years now!
    Does anyone know the prices for the Chanel store in the Netherlands? Or would it be cheaper to buy it in Paris?
    Are there waiting lists in either Amsterdam or Paris?
    If anyone knows, please let me know!


  • jxx

    I went to Chanel store in Australia recently and the classic 2.55 caviar gold hardware medium is around $3800AUD.

    I’m traveling to HK soon. Can anyone please tell me the current price for Chanel 2.55 medium black with gold chain please?

    Thank you :)

  • ilovecoco

    @ Linda
    I bought my 2.55 Reissue in Lambskin, from the Champs-Elysee store in Paris, and it’s made in Italy. : ) I think they make them in both Italy and Paris.

  • metski

    Does anyone know the exact measures for the classic flap bag in small/mini the bag aswell as the “chain”

    I am going to get my very first chanel bag and i´m not sure wheter or not it should be the small or medium classic flap bag

    Thanks :-)

  • Jo

    Girls out there, chanel 2.55 classic, medium size, lambskin, double flap is selling at SGD4560 in Singapore.

  • jk

    Hi, I have been going to Paris for 23years every october for has taken this long of nose,s pushed up at windows to be able to afford going in and choosing whatever I wanted{oct 2008].
    My husband and I went to the origional shop at Rue de Gambon {I said if I ever purchased it would be from there I know not every one has that privilage]and we walked out with a classic medium black patent,silver hardwear at approx £1800 sterling.We then went across the road and had abottle of champers.
    The reason for this story as I have read alot of your bloggs.
    I treasure this bag my husband bought and promised me all those years ago. It is not only how,where and how quickly,cheaply to buy the bag it is what it means if it is a quick fix and it is only going to be bought like that, think twice as you will be on to the next thing before the money has changed hands.If not enjoy the experience yourself, use the bag as coco intended.Happy bag shopping.

  • Dearchanel

    Hi guys, Im debating over which bag should i get, the Chanel Jumbo or the Chanel Medium? The medium is not too spacious so Im thinking about the Jumbo. The jumbo definitely has more space and can maybe stick in a wallet?

    Can anyone quote me the prices in CAD and also suggestions for me please THANK YOU ALL CHANEL LOVERS! :)

  • Peekaboo

    Hey girls! Could anyone provide me pictures showing the difference between Jumbo, Medium, and Small flapbags? Would totally appreciate it because I’m getting my daughter a birthday present and would want to know which size is right for her!

  • Jolene

    Does anyone know the price of Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap, Lamb Skin, medium size in Japan?
    TQ! :)

  • mii

    I bought the Chanel 2.55 classic medium in the Metro Airport in michigan. Is anyone know if this is 100% authetic Chanel in the Airport store? I wanted to buy another style, however I am curious if there could sell the fake on in the airport or not

  • baglady


    i must agree prices are better in europe even after VAT. thanks for the chanel update.

    i am currently in australia. i’m planning to get the classic flap here MAYBE. does anyone know how much does a classic flap in a medium…..caviar… hardware cost nowadays? i wanted to ring the store in melbourne but it’s just odd. cheers!

  • zsa

    hey there. just want to know if the classics are sold in chanel store in madrid. does anyone know? family member is going there to attend a wedding….

  • Fiore

    Hi everyone I want to buy a classic small chanel flap bag!!! Does anyone know the price in USD??? HELP PLEASE

  • Serena

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m wondering the price of Chanel 2.55 in size 227 and 228, black color with gold hardware. Thank you very much!~~

  • Serena

    ops,forget to say it’s the US price, thx

  • kaka

    if my chanel bag still has its original tags reading :
    made in paris
    Is it a real channel bag???

  • Bian

    hi there,

    just wondering, how much is it cost to buy a chanel in LA? is it cheaper in LA or Vegas? i heard, the prices are the same but the tax is different.. anyone has bought it recently?

    the price in Australia is much more expensive than US..

    i went there last month, and the small chanel classic costs around AUD$3050 and the large one was AUD$3570 or $4270, im not very sure, but im pretty sure the MAXI one, pink color is AUD$5500

  • Calisia

    Hi Chanel lovers
    Im looking to buy the large bubble quilted flap bag, dont know the exact name ive been to selfridges today and the guy that served me said it was sold out (v.unhelpful), i was wondering roughly how much it costs? And whether its just a seasonal thing where they wont sell it anymore?

  • Jenny

    hi, is anyone selling the Classic Flap Bag in Red Lipstick or purple (medium)? Please email me at dust bag, hologram, and authenticity must be included. thanks!!!

  • Calisia

    Hi, if anyone wants to know..
    For the classic Lambskin with gold, medium is selling in the UK for £1700, and for large £1795! For Calfskin in gold, it is £1625. This is the most up to date prices in London.

  • Mimi

    Hi Calisia,

    Do the prices include VAT ?

  • Calisia

    Yes they include VAT, enquired it in the Bond St store.

  • Vi

    Hi everyone!!
    I’m looking to buy the chanel 2.55 large in leather and silver hardware chain in lambskin. I’m wondering what the difference of the price here in the US and in Japan. If anyone can help that will be great!! Thanks

  • Calisia

    Does anyone know if there is a price difference between the gold and silver hardware chain?

  • buzzzmm

    Thanks Calisia for the info. I would like to know the price for the small classic Chanel flapbag in the UK. It says in the previous post that its £1700 including VAT for the medium. I was just wondering how far off it is from the small one. Thanks.

  • Calisia

    I dont know buzzmm, i didnt enquire for the small one, but i assume it will be in the price range of £1650 slightly more or less. You can try calling up the boutiques, the people are quite helpful.

  • Marsha

    Hi Chanelistas….
    I have just purchased a jumbo (large) size chanel classic bag in blk caviar on wednesday in New York, but I have now decided to buy the maxi as I am tall and think this would look better!!! If anyone is interested in the bag please email me After conversion to pounds I paid £1800 which was alot cheaper than dollars, including the box, bag, etc!!!

  • Mich

    hi there,

    I checked with the UK Heathrow airport recently, a medium classic flab caviar is priced at £1,430 and 2.55 medium is £1,617. Prices are excluding VAT.

    However, I realised that Europe (excluding UK) are generally the cheapest to get Chanel. A friend bought its wallet for me in Italy for only Euro280 before claiming back the 12% tax.

  • Mich

    The wallet is selling for almost double the price in Singapore!!!

  • eileen

    Hi guys! Just purchased the Large Classic Caviar flap bag with gold hardware for $2626.28 (tax included) yesterday. I fell in love with it the first time I laid my eyes on it :)

    The tax was a whopping $200.00 (7.8% here in AZ) and I’ve noticed that its market value over the years never depreciate. I should have gotten this bag ages ago…Darn!

  • squid

    Hey I went to the bond street store on Thursday and was told the pice of the timeless classic flap in back with gold hardwear in jumbo is £1920 and I read some where the prices are going up at then end of november does anyone know if this is actually true?

  • squid

    Also my sister brought the medium flap bag a month ago from the bond street store and she paid £1795 black gold hardwear! I hope that helps!

  • Calisia

    Ive just recently bought the Jumbo Caviar in silver hardware for £1775, the lambskin i believe would be £1920 as Squid mentioned.

  • S.

    hey all, i just bought the chanel 2.55 classic flap medium from milan last sat at 1890 euros incl tax. Tax refund is 14% there. Unfortunately i wanted the large size but it is out of stock in black caviar or lambskin. Large is only available in brown caviar or mint green lambskin.

  • Diddy

    Hi all, I’m off to New York in December and am wondering whether it’d work out cheaper to buy any of the caviar classic flaps while I’m there or if it’d work out the same in Britain so I can save myself exchanging all my money into dollars and getting cheated (or if anyone has an idea of British and American prices)! Also are the prices set to change again??

    • Melissa

      Hi Diddy & Lonelyswan,

      I’ve just became a member on this forum and after reading that both of you are going to NYC soon, I thought maybe I can help since I’ve just came back last week from NYC.

      I went into Chanel in “SOHO” (139 Spring Street) and wanted to purchase my first Chanel Jumbo Classic Lambskin Bag w/Gold Hardware in Black but unfortunately the sales associate told me they were sold out and is currently backed up on stock. I would have to wait a few days. I would suggest both of you to check it out when you get there so if they need to order you, there will be time for it to arrive while your still there. I needed to leave the following day and wasn’t able to purchase it. To guarantee yourself one, you would need to put a deposit down and they even offer to ship it to where I live (I didn’t want to go with this method because I live in Canada – in a shaddy neighbourhood hahaa).

      The price for the item that I wanted was $2,895.00 and depending in the area you are their taxes are different.

      Good luck to both of you and hopefully you are able to fly home with a Chanel Bag.

      Please keep me posted with items you bought from there; whether its a smaller size because I am interested to see if the price remained the same or if they increased!

      • Niamh


        Thanks for the comment you dont by any chance remember how much the medium was or a smaller size?

        Thank you :)

  • Lonelyswan

    Hey i’m going to NYC in Nov too
    is NY state tax free?
    any1 has the price list?

    • Diddy

      You have to pay approx 8% tax on stuff in NYC, i got prices from the Chanel Boutique in Selfridges, Manchester the other day in £ (she only had £ and Euro prices, not $) – it seems to work out cheaper to get it in the UK so I’m buying mine before i fly over! Also said there was a 1-6 week waiting list for the black classic flap in either medium or large so I’d rather get it here before I go than go over and find it’s not in stock anyway!

      Hope this helps…

  • lonelyswan

    im not from UK, malaysian instead :(
    wat about dubai airport? do u have any ideas?
    anyway, thanks for your help!

  • diana

    I just got the jumbo flap lamb skin not caviar and with tax it was over $3k

  • Janet

    I have an authentic vintage Classic 2.55 medium double flap, lambskin for sale on E-Bay right now. It’s been used no more than 3 times, is in ‘as new’ condition. Please check it out. There hasn’t been another one in such fabulous condition in a long while. It’s perfect and pristine! Reserve is $2,100 U.S. $$ Seller is Duffman1975

    • cleopatra

      hey janet, i’m interested to your bag, pls send me your bag photos and the link. I’m not an e-bay user, how much the price u selling?

  • Milly

    Hi, am in Singapore. Keen on buying a small reissue model – A37586 model., black with gold hardware. Used or unused. Let me know if anyone is selling this bag. thanks

  • Smile

    I just purchased a jumbo caviar w/ silver hardware for 1875 euro in Madrid, Spain. Checked two locations at Paris, but none of them had them in stock. I’m guessing it would have been few euros cheaper in Paris, but I’m just glad I was able to buy one without waiting.

  • cleopatra

    am seeking for Chanel 2.55 medum double flap, lambskin in silver hardware. Used or unused. Please e-mail pictures and details to this e-mail:

  • V

    In France and Italy, Chanel classic medium in lambskin is selling for EUR1890, cavier i heard is EUR1710. Both before tax refund. Cavier is out of stock currently.

  • Tina Peng

    Hi, I am going to Italy in mid Nov. Am checking the price of Chanel 226(medium), black in caviar with gold hardware, is there in stock? what’s the current price in Euro??/

    need it urgently. Many thanks for the help.

    Or sb sell it? pls email me at

  • Phan

    HI everyone, I need to buy a chanel classic bag in blk caviar size Medium, used, please email me pic and price:

  • Farah Parveen

    Hi, i am selling my Chanel classic flap bag, it is the jumbo sized one, beige with gold hardware. If anyone is interested please email me at

  • Farah Parveen

    Also it is Lambskin not Caviar

  • Mui

    Chanel just increased its prices by 10-15% on Nov.1, 2009.

  • ha

    the current price for the maxi caviar classic is 2650!
    I just checked with the store on bloomingdales and they did NOT raise the price up!
    its just a rumor.
    i asked them and he said they are raising its price next year. so, if you are planning to buy the classic caviar in maxi size, buy it in 2009!

    • ha

      oh, its bloomies in new the way!

  • joan

    not only are those not chanel style numbers, they are not correct prices eaither.

  • Applespie88

    Hi ! I’m in Singapore now until 5 Dec. I’m interested to buy a pre-used black Chanel Medallion Lambskin Leather Tote Bag, with dustbag, certificate card for authenticity. Please email me at


  • Farah

    I am selling my Chanel Classic Handbag, black, jumbo.
    Anyone interested email me:

  • Raluca

    Hi!I just both a 2.55 Chanel bag in London. It is the large one in caviar skin light beige. The price was 1650 £ but it is true that those in caviar skin are very hard to find. We visited all the Chanel stores in London and we haved lock:)))).

  • joe

    hi there isanyone sellong a black chanel classic 2.55 medium bag must have box dustbag and authenticty card genuine chanel only please thanks….

    • jen

      Hi Joe, i’m from singapore. Are you still looking for one?

      my friend and i’ve bought a medium classic black caviar chanel bag with gold/silver hardware (one piece each) in paris chanel boutique. It’s new, and still in original packaging with dustbag and authenticity card inside. Packaging is still intact (we did not open it). We are releasing it below singapore chanel boutique store’s selling price.

      If you are keen, you can contact me at

  • Anna

    Hi, I’m in Australia & looking for either a 2.55 Reissue Chanel bag or Classic Flap bag (medium). Does anyone have it for sale? Please email me the details & photos. Thanks :-)

  • Anna

    Hi, I’m in Australia & looking for either a 2.55 Reissue Chanel bag or Classic Flap bag (medium). Does anyone have it for sale? Please email me the details & photos.
    Thanks :-)

  • Val

    Prices have just gone up in London Jumbo Classic in Cavier is £1920 and the lambskin is over £2000, prices went up on 25 November 2009.

    Thank god I brougt my black jumbo classic in cavier leather a few weeks ago for £1790 in Selfrdiges.

    I brought my medium black cavier classic for £1100 in Harrods in May 2007. Prices increase twice a year by £200.

    I thougt about buying the lambskin but was advised against it due to the way it easily scratches and marks so my advice is to go for Cavier instead of Lambskin if it is your first purchase.

  • Angeline


    i’m going to uk n europe this christmas…
    i’m looking for maxi classic…
    can anyone tell me where to buy is cheaper?

  • mit

    i m going to Hongkong next month.My friend say :everything in Hongkong is duty free.So can anyone tell me Chanel Classic Flap Bag,gold hardware,medium size price at Hongkong Chanel store…thank you every one

  • Chanel_lover

    Hi guys,

    I’ve just come across this website as i have googled where would be the best place to sell my Chanel bag. I have 4 which i bought brand new and have hardly ever used. They are in mint condition, they are the flap bags in lambskin. Would this be a good place to sell them, i have the original receipts etc to prove they are completely genuine. Looked on ebay but they seem to sell for about a hundred when i paid about £1000 for each one. Not worth selling at that loss, gives me an excuse to keep them lol.

    Thanks for any help x

    • Benren

      Hi Chanel_lover – I’d be interested, but what sizes and colours do you have on offer? Pls e-mail me some details to


    • Tina


      I’d be interested to buy chanel bag. Could you send me an email and give more details of the bags you are selling? Thanks :) my email is

    • Sue A

      Have you sold all your Chanel bags yet?
      Keen to have a look at bags and prices …. or anyone else who is selling second hand classic flap – medium or small black – caviar or lambskin I don’t mind. I am in Sydney Australia. Thanks alot and look forward to hearing from other Chanel Bag lovers!!

  • Darija

    Hi, I’m also interested in buying your chanel bag, can u send me pics on my e-mail and what would be your price for let them go..:))thanx

  • Chanel_000

    I have come across this website whilst trying to find out how much the Chanel Classic flap bag is worth now, i am selling mine which i bought a couple of years back. It is in excellent conditon and is in Lambskin. As Chanel_Lover said: on ebay they do not sell for much and they are not worth selling there if you have payed over a 1000 for it. If anyone is interested or know a better place to sell, do let me know, thanks! x

  • Tracy

    Im going to London and Paris on Xmas.
    and planning to buy a Chanel bag,is anyone knw the price for Cavier and Lambskin in Medium size, each price in London and Paris?Looking forward for your(anyone) reply :)

  • Kerry


    For your information, just purchased a Large (Not Maxi) Classic flap in Black with gold hardware in UK for £1660.00. It is in the Caviar leather which is great but I had to wait a looonnng time for it!!!

  • Chanel_lover

    Hi again, Thanks for the interest. I will take some pictures later and send them across to those who have asked and gave me their email. Just a quick run down… I’m not sure of the models etc but i have 3 bags, all lambskin and classic with a flap and the chanel fastening element. They are beige, white and a black. Different sizes and slightly different but i loved the style so much that i have stuck to it (i figured if it was a classic shape and therefore not go out of fashion). I have used the black one a few times, never used the beige and maybe used the white one once.
    I will send the piccies through if not as soon as i can, hopefully next couple of days.

  • sydney

    I will be in London and Paris in a couple of weeks. I’m interested in investing in the Chanel jumbo caviar but I’m wondering what the prices would be there as opposed to here in Los Angeles. Would it be cheaper in London or Paris? How much is it?

  • Kitty

    Hi! I have got a Chanel “Classic Flap bag” bag in the same size as the black one in the picture which I have decided to sell. It is in very good condition and if anyone is interested I can send u pictures etc. //Kitty (

  • Sue A

    Got prices in Sydney Chanel shop for Classic Flap Black with gold hardware – AUD $4390 medium AUD small $4160 – yes – they went up in price in November 2009!!
    What cities in the world do you think are the cheapest to buy do you all think? London in pounds, Paris in euros, New York, Los Angeles in USD??? Please help as I really want to buy one!!

  • Heidi

    Was at 30 Rue Cambon Chanel Store… didnt get to buy my bag, but prices are as follows:
    Caviar Medium Black with SHW is 1740 euros
    Caviar Jumbo Black with SHW is 2040 euros
    you can get 13% back in tax in Paris…

    i need to know what the prices are for Vienna AUSTRIA, Lucern SWITZERLAND, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS and in GERMANY please if anyone knows. Also, if the prices are the same in Euros, where would be the place with highest tax back? :)

  • Hannahh

    Heyy. I am totally in love with the jumbo flap in caviar. My dad lives in Abu Dhabi, and I was wondering how much it would be in both dirhams and British pounds if he were to buy one. Also, where in the UK can you get them, and how much are they? :) I really want one, and I was looking through some pics of them, and came across another jumbo flap but it was this gray/blue color. Does anyone know what his colour is called? Thank you :) xx

  • Hannahh

    Ahh! The gray/blue jumbo flap is the one in the above picture. :)

  • abc123

    I just got the jumbo classic flap bag in black. It was $2780 + Hawaii tax = $2911 total. The sales lady told me that there will be a price increase soon.

  • Loulou

    If anyone is interested in selling a classic black or red flap bag please email me. I have been putting this off for 20 years and want to treat myself for my 50th birthday! Thank you.

  • Isa

    Hi, I am looking for a matte black reissue with gold chain and mademoiselle lock. In the 226 size. If you have one and want to sell then please let me know :-)

  • Preloved Posh

    Have any preloved Authentic Designer for sale? We can help upload and sell your bag for free! We have more than 900 followers over Facebook, twitter, blogspot. Email max. 5 pictures of your bags, its detail and condition, and your contact email address!

  • NewChanel

    Hi, I have to let go of two brand new classic Chanel bags, bought in Paris boutique 4 Jan 2010, still in boxes with certificates and receipts. First bag is jumbo black classic flap with gold and leather interwoven chain, and CC lock in gold. Second bag is jumbo reissue beige (or rice) color double flap with all silver chain and silver mademoiselle lock (rectangular shape lock). Will sell well below retail price in Singapore so it’s bargain for you for a brand new bag. I was told the beige reissue is limited edition color and jumbo size is very rare. Please email me at

    • Stevie


      what price are you looking at for the Black Jumbo Classic??

      Thank you

  • Marsha

    Hi Does anyone have a black jumbo size chanel bag in black caviar and silver hardware pls!!! Really really want one, Thanks x

    • Andi

      Yes and they can be rare – I have one in black and a brown one……sorry! I’ll be keeping them!


  • winter

    I’m looking for pink classic flap bag jumbo, it’s out in store. Please let me know when will Chanel will be making pink color again. Thx

  • Mary

    I think the prices just went up. Does anyone know the 2010 U.S. price of the Chanel classic flap purse in size medium black caviar?

    Thank you!

    • vfau

      Does anyone knows the price of a chanel 2.55 reissue size 227 in hongkong for the year of 2010? I have been told from few sources different prices, i just want to make sure the right price. Thanks

    • ckc

      Chanel classic flap in medium caviar is now $2750

  • Chanelfirstlove

    Hi, can anyone tell me how much is the reissue(rectangular lock) in size 226 sold at the Boutique in London? Also how much is tax claimable. Im looking at the black aged leather with silver chains.

  • stephanie

    i know the price of the classics in euro’s
    super jumbo 2400
    jumbo 2200
    medium 2000
    it’s euro does anyone know the prices in USA??

  • Jacelyn

    Hi, selling a authentic BRAND NEW Chanel Jumbo Caviar with gold hardware. Includes box(original packaging with ribbon), dustbag, receipt, paperbag and authenticity card. Email if interested. Meetups possible! :)

    • BiBi

      Hi I am interested in your Chanel Jumbo Caviar with gold hardware, Where are you located? and how much you going to sell it for.

      Do you have any picture to show??

      Thank you


  • psoo

    i have been dreaming of the Chanel Classic Flap in lambskin with silver hardware for months and was lucky enough that I was making a trip to Europe and squeezed in a short visit to Paris over Xmas. I went to the flagship store on 31 Rue Cambon where the very 1st Chanel boutique was opened and Coco Chanel lived above the store. This is the very first time i bought myself a designer bag and having the privilege of walking into the original Chanel store in paris and walking out with my dream bag is a feeling i will not forget. This bag would be the best present I ever bought myself.For those who’d like to know, i bought it for Euro 1930 minus Euro 250 tax refund. I went to Chanel store in Vancouver and this bag was CAD 3250 +12 % tax and the last destination I’ve checked is Chanel Kuala Lumpur for RM 11,270 (waiting list only)

    • Cheddy

      HI, EUR 1930 is before tax refund or after tax refund? And which size did u buy? How much are they selling the jumbo classic flap in lambskin?

  • stephanie

    which size is that for?

    • psoo

      in Vancouver it’s called large but in Paris I was told there is only one size. I love my bag and it’s worth every penny.

  • Mikki

    looks like the best prices are in Paris, and second the rest of europe….

    How about the wallets in Paris, can anyone help with the price range for the wallets ?

    I will be visiting Paris soon.

    how is the service like in the paris flagship store and how do we get the tax refund in Paris if we are not departing from an airport in france but taking the eurostar back to UK?

    thanks =)

    • psoo

      There was one matching wallet for Euro 440 in the flagship store and the service of all Chanel stores
      are very good and professional. Unfortunately, you can only get tax rebate if you are leaving EU so in your case you can’t get any refund but you may ask a friend to help if she is leaving EU.

  • Pearly

    I just bought the caviar medium size with gold hardware in Kuala Lumpur during Dec 2009. It is selling for RM10,110 here. The same bag selling in HK for HKD25600.

    • Shirrine

      Hey do u know how much is the one in large selling in KL? thanks!

  • Mikilious

    I’ve been looking for a Jumbo Classic in Lambskin – Black w/silver hardware; been to all places in NY and NJ, they are totally out of stock. Disappointed and brought the Classic large flap instead. Does anyone know where can I find the Jumbo here in NEw York City? I still wants one. Thanks.

  • Qing

    I just bought a Chanel classic flap/medium black caviar at US$ 2425 (tax not included) in U.S and I was told in Feb. 1st the price will increase about US $200.

  • j

    wow… this is very poorly written and I find it difficult to understand half of the things you are saying. but nevertheless, thank you for the effort.

  • denka

    I just bought a jumbo caviar black classic at NM in Houston ( i cannot for the life of me believe there is a recession AND that there is a wait list for Chanel…crazzzyyy!!) ; it was an experience. I basically was told that b/c of price increase (either Feb 1st or sometime in April; two store clerks told me two different stories) getting your hand on a jumbo or maxi in caviar / lambskin is next to impossible. The shopper was another bag in high demand in black…

    The price was $2650 + tax = 2,869 USD. I read above post someone paid EUR 1930 minus tax giving price around $2450 in USD (given that the rate was about 1.46 in Dec)… is it true then that the bag would cost less in the Paris store then in the US?? i’m surprised to hear that.

    I love the bag and it’s my first Chanel. :)

  • Diddy

    Just in case anyone wants to know I just bought the black caviar jumbo with gold hardware for £1920, I know when I was looking for prices on the net it was a bitch to find them. It was £1700 but went up with the price increase. I was on the waiting list since September 09 but after 4 months still no call so I rang the store and they had one in stock which I asked to be held and just collected it the same day. So the theory is true, waiting lists are just so famous people get them first, ignore it and keep calling the shop!!!

    • pn

      Where did you buy it? Is that $1920 USD?

      • Diddy

        Nope sorry, British pounds

  • pn

    never mind, now see that in pounds. thx

  • Margherita

    Oh, i just bought (a week ago) a classic flap bag in black lambskin and gold details. I can’t stop smiling I don’t know why. I bought it from a Chanel boutique, and It’s so an amazing experience. I love all kind of bags (almost), but Chanel is special. Yesterday I saw the 2.55 reissue and I think it is even better than the classic flap. Colors are seasonal and every week boutiques get new shipping from Paris. So said the shop assistant, who suggested me to buy a dark color because light ones, especially in lambskin, tend to deteriorate. Unless you have a collection better go dark.

    • Harley

      I’m considering purchasing a caviar classic flap with silver details. Would you by any chance know how much a medium or jumbo cost?

    • Anaisa

      Wich size do you bought, and can you please tell the price?

      • Anaisa

        does anyone knows the price, of the jumbo channel classic flap bag in lambskin in euros or in pounds?

  • GK

    I am looking at a black caviar pochette for $1895. Is this a fair price? Do they still sell the small flap bags? At what price?

  • Margherita

    In Rome, Italy, the Chanel boutique sells the small flap bag (i guess it’s sold everywhere). In lambskin should be around 1890 euros in caviar a little less. Don’t know about the pochette.

    • Tiffany

      what about the black jumbo classic one in caviair in Italy?

  • Lola

    so, what’s the deal w/ they say they sell real items, but I cannot believe their prices!
    anybody got anything from them?

  • Margherita

    If it helps, matches has some vintage Chanel bags and on their blog there is a guide to spotting a real Chanel from a fake.

  • Lilly

    Does anybody know if all the classic flaps come with a brownish red color of the inside, too???

    My friend has one and claims it’s original, but I only heard of a red interior flap. What do you Ladies think?
    And why are some flaps of the bags stiched alongside the edge?? It seems as if only the caviar bags would have the extra stitching. Sorry for my ignorance, but I don’t have anybody to talk about this :(

  • Margherita

    My classic flap is original and it has a brownish red color inside as the 2.55 reissue.

  • denka

    hi Lilly doesn’t have to be red interior.. i bought mine from Neiman Marcus ( 100% w/out a doubt authentic) and it has black.. i think older models have red compared to newer produced classics which have black (just my guess)

    i deliberated long and hard about bidding on a bag on ebay OR sucking it up and buying from merchant.. at the end, i’d rather not own, then own one which could possibly be fake. that’s my take on the matter..

    good luck.

  • Lola

    I’m thinkin like Denka and most likely will buy a real one
    but at our location the classics are out
    I guess there is a waiting list
    I think the company does it on purpose to make people think it is so exclusive
    I feel kind of stupid to fight and wait for a bag if I pay 3k for it

  • Julie


    I just bought my first Chanel bag. It’s a classic with gold chain in 9X5.5 lamb skin. My question is what size is the bag ? I’m in Canadan and had to pay 3105 CAD with tax. Is the price a bit too high ? thanks all


  • Priyaaanka

    Hi, I’ve been reading many posts and have been inquiring about buying my first chanel bag. I’ve read a lot about the 2.55 reissue and the classic flap, and cavier vs lamb skin, silver hardware vs gold, etc. I love all their bags becuase of how they look but i really want to know what’s the difference and their meanings. I’ve saved up enough to not worry about the price increases and i am willing to pay the price. Please advice, thanks,


  • Liz

    Hi, I just bought a black caviar medium classic flap at Neiman in Chicago for $2425. The salesperson told me that the prices were marked up to $2600 on Feb 1, but they must have forgotten to mark this particular one up, so I was getting it for the old price (sounds like a great deal, right?!). I’m curious to see if anyone knows if it’s true that the current price is now $2600, or the salesguy was just being sly to make the sale. Thx!

    • Kathrine Glosli

      I’m thinking about buying a classic chanel bag when I go to Florida this summer. But does anyone know the new price for them? Cause it seems like the price went up after she wrote this… I would be so happy if anyone could help me! :)

  • Julie

    Hi Liz,

    I remember the saleslady at the Chanel boutique quoted me aprox 2800 CAD before tax for the medium calfskin classic bag with silver chain. So it you were to converted to USD it sounds about right (2600) for the new price. I had to pay almost extra 300 CAD for the Lambskin one

    • Liz

      Ok Got it. Sounds like i got a deal then! Thanks!

  • Cheddy

    Does anyone know how much is Paris selling this bag for?

  • Pris

    Back from Paris on 21 Feb. I just bought a medium black lambskin classic flap from Paris at 1930 euro before tax refund (12%). Tax refund will be 231.60 euro. Can anyone tell me what is the selling price in Sg now? Heard that the price have gone up to 5K.

  • Tahiti

    I just bought a Chanel Medium Black Classic Flap with Gold Hardware from the singapore boutique a few days ago. Got it for SGD4330. Regret buying it cuz already have the 2.55. Willing to let it go at SGD3950. email me at if interested.

  • didi

    i just bought the chanel jumbo classic flap bag with silver hardware The price after tax in LA is now $3287.01

    • tintin

      where in LA did you get it? ive called several stores and have been told it’s out of stock….

  • Lola

    does anybody know the price range for other bags in Classics collection or Cruise 2009/10 ?

    Tahiti, how much in US $ you want for your bag?


    • Tahiti

      hey i’m looking at 2500USD. will be in houston and san francisco frm 19th march onwards. willing to ship the bag to you if you’re keen. let me know again, :)

      • Tahiti

        sorry calculated wrongly.
        3950SGD = 2826USD (based on today’s xe rates)
        willing to let it go at 2750USD.

  • Miki

    Its quite disappointing how quickly the price is heading towards 2500 euros for a handbag.

  • tintin

    @ didi: where in LA did you get it? ive called several stores and have been told it’s out of stock….

  • denka

    hi all, just found out that the price of the caviar classic jumbo with gold hardware has now gone upto $2,995 instead of $2,650 till late Jan 2010…

    I checked up on Saks (it’s out of interest, and the lady told me there are only 9 left in all saks stores) but she mentioned if you buy from saks AND open a saks credit card, you get 10% off.

    Hope this helps; good luck !

  • katy

    oops, yes i like Chanel very much . elegant design, the Chanel Handbags shoes above is classic collections, but they are never out of fasion.

  • Nadia

    Hi. Is chanel classic jumbo with silver chain limited edition? If anyone selling black lambskin please reply me. But i want the new one. Thanks

  • jane

    what about price chanel reissue 2.55 size 226 in paris

  • jenny

    Hi gals, I recently bought a wrong Chanel bag for my friend. It’s brand new, never open and still in original packaging. The bag is a medium size black cavier classic with gold hardware. Willing to let go at $4,000 SGD, please email me at if interested. Thanks :)

  • moiselle

    does anybody know the price of caviar jumbo in london now?
    in pounds or in euro?
    thanks before…


  • Joseph

    Just purchased Lg. classic Chanel with flap in black with silver hardware (cavier) and LOVE IT!!!!! Always wanted one and finally decided to take the plunge and get one paid $3500 with tax in florida

    • sara

      chanel is for WOMEN

  • moiselle

    no, classic jumbo with silver chain isnt limited….:)

  • Keekee

    Price for Large Flap Bag in Caviar Leather in London is £1920, in Lambskin is £2100.
    Its cheaper in Europe. The price in Paris is €1960 for caviar leather.
    I bought mine in Milan-Italy just a week ago for €2010.
    So the cheapest price for Chanel handbag (and Louis Vuitton) would be France.
    I heard they gonna increase the price in May :(

    • sherly

      the price u indicated in for large…..u mean jumbo (12 x 8 x 3)

    • jessy

      Hi Keekee,
      so how much is the tax rebate in italy and wat about london? u choose to buy in milan is it because it is cheaper compare to london?

      do u remember the medium flap in caviar price in both milan and london? thank you!

  • pink_rasp_berry

    Hi chanel lovers, does anyone knows the period of my chanel bag? W10″ x H7.5″ x D2.5″ Doesn’t seems to fit into any of the above!

  • moiselle

    so cheap in europe rather than others countries..
    hmm…it seems red caviar almost rare now..

  • Alvin

    can someone help me see how much is the medium Chanel Classic Flap Bag in paris. my mum interested in buying it on june. =)

  • Irishc


    New to Chanel bags.
    May I know how many colours are there for the classic medium lambskin flap bag, besides black and white.

  • JK

    I have a gently used AUTHENTIC Chanel 2.55 BLACK with Gold chain bag…13″ wide X 9″ high,,,4″ bottom…I am wanting to sell this bag…please respond.

    • Boydzi

      4 how much?

    • Highlowmellow

      have you sold the purse already and how much? Why are you selling it?

  • JK

    Email me at Cheap..ish

  • Lovean

    Hi, I have a 2.55 black distressed leather and in small size to sell at $4,200 as it is not the size that I wanted ( it was bought by my friend overseas and was told by the staff there that it was a medium which was not! ). The boutique in singapore is selling at $4,750. Can meet at Taka to autheticate the bag with the boutique.
    If interested, pls email me at


  • mira

    can some body help me to find the classic chanel flap bag ( uk flag)

  • fiona

    i`m going to france & italy this October ,
    how much is it approximately for a chanel medium 2.55 flap bag , caviar & black ?
    CAD price or EUROS is fine please ><
    greatly appreciated T_T

  • rue

    is the jumbo size too big for evening? how much bigger is jumbo than large???? how do you decide which to get?

  • Ciara

    Hi, deciding on a Classic Flag Bag Jumbo size, but can’t decide on whether Caviar or Lambskin. Any advise?

  • jenny

    i bought the jumbo black but I returned too mature for me, so i bought the medium white and I returned too !!!!!!!! The medium looks much better but still old looking feeling, I love chanel only by photos once I get them I do not fell young wearing them, too bad !!!!!!!!!!!

    • LYNN

      Hi Jenny,

      I agree with you that chanel bags can be kinda ” mature looking”

      That’s why the black is a NO NO.

      I’m looking for a pink one.


  • carly

    HELLO !






    • Christine Bernabe

      Hi! i’d like to know if milano chanel is authentic? where did you buy the bag? thank you

      • Mutiara

        is milano chanel sell authentic stuff? can anyone confirm this?

  • JK

    Actually the LARGE I have for sale is BIGGER than a JUMBO….13 wide ….9 high…4 base…It’s huge! BLACK..Make me an offer! Canada

    • joyce

      Hi, whats your asking price?

      Where abouts in canada are you?
      I am in canada too, i can even buy it today if you are close by.


  • alyssa

    Is the milano chanel trustworthy?

    • Christine Bernabe

      im so curiuos also!im doing some research about them..its almost too good to be true!some people say its authentic. can anyone please tell me more about info about them?thanks

      • nana

        What’s the URL to the milano chanel facebook page?

      • alyssa

        Milano chanel facebook is no longer available. I think the owner removed the account. I wonder what’s the main reason… anyone bought chanel bags from milano chanel before?

  • Barbara

    Are you guys sure that it´s the price for the chanel classic flap bag Jumbo?
    I´m from Denmark, so I would like too see the price difference.
    And is it the same as Lauren Conras has? ( The big one)?

    THANKS :)

  • Erica

    Anyone know when can i get the chanel bag in a cheaper price? Which country having the most cheaper price for the chanel classic large/jumbo and the GST.Thank you

    • Crystal Kong

      France is the cheapest of course! I just bought a chanel classic jumbo in black caviar for €2010 & after 12% tax refund it’s only €1768 (approximately USD 2336)

      • Tiffany Wong

        I have pretty limited knowledge on Chanel products, I am wondering if your Chanel classic jumbo comes with double flap like Reissue 2.55?
        Thanks to revert.

      • Belle

        That’s really a good price in Paris! I just bought the same one at Saks in New York, it costs me $2995 plus tax. Also bought a beige med/large classic flap caviar leather with gold hardware for $2600 plus tax. Do you happen to know what does it cost in Paris for med/large classic flap caviar leather? And how much for wallet on chain quilted caviar leather? Thank you very much!

      • Belle

        Hi Crystal Kong

        I hope you can see this message. Do you know what’s the price for Med/Large Classic with double flap in black carviar in Paris? How about the price of quilted classic carviar leather Wallet On Chain in Paris? Thanks a lot!

      • CC

        Hi Belle,

        I’m thinking of getting a medium/large classic caviar from saks new york this weekend. How much is tax in new york? I was told that shopping is tax free in new york. Is that true?


  • Maria

    I absolutely Adore Chanel bags, I bought 10 chanel vintage bags the other day, and all the new jewellery from the new range! The bracelets are gorgeous, I love them! I also love the new scarves from Louis Vuitton and Burberry,, going shopping today to buy them! Love it!

  • Jean

    hi! is there any chance that a flap bag with a mademoiselle lock like the one in the reissue can have an interwoven leather & chain handle? thanks. i’m looking at some vintage items..

  • Jean

    another querry: is there a large size (11 x 6.5 x 2.8) in the classic caviar flap? thanks again.

  • Crystal Kong

    Dear Belle,
    In Paris,
    Large classic caviar costs €1740 or €1531 (after 12% tax free) which is approximately USD 1891
    Classic lambskin wallet on chain costs €985 or €867 (after 12% tax free) approximately USD 1071.

    • Belle

      Thank you, Crystal. With EURO is so weak now, I definately will go to Paris this year for more Chanel bags! The price difference itself will pay off the trip! The WOC here with caviar leather is $1575. Sorry, I am going to Paris. Thanks Crystal for making the Paris trip happen this year!

  • Nancy

    Hi there,

    Would anyone know what the costs are for the classic flap bag black, quilted, with the double CC, Medium size, gold hardware, lamb skin? There is a double flap, and the inside flap however is a burgandy color? I bought the bag in HK, and Im afraid i over paid, although there was no tax the bag costs me over 3000K USD. Anyone maybe make me feel better about the price? Ive been eying this bag for years, and kinda came to terms with the price, but would love to know ideally how much should i have paid? Thoughts would be great!

  • lady liu

    whats the price for chanel classic flap bag small caviar in paris?

  • Cheryl Lee

    Hi,I am from Singapore and the chanel bags are very expensive over here,any recommendations to buy online and authentic or second hand or which country will be cheaper to purchase from?

  • princess stitch

    Hi Crystal Kong,

    Saw your reply to Belle above – wanna confirm if the price you mentioned above is in Euro

  • princess stitch

    Hi Cheryl,

    I’ve a friend here (Malaysia) who has 2 pcs of second-hand Chanel items for sale – still in mint condition. Do give me your email address so I can forward the pics to you if you’re interested.

    p/s: I’m hoping Cheryl can reply me quickly, as I’m on a limited budget, and eyeing on a new pc for myself. Hope you’ll get yours soon

    • Yuu Ya

      could you email to me?

  • Tanny

    I have a Jumbo classic Chanel flap black bag in lambskin silver chain for sale. It is new, never used. I bought it few days ago but now short of cash. I live in singapore. The price is definitely much cheaper than singapore boutique. Reply me if you are interested

    • pelham wife

      hi tanny,

      im interested in buying one. can you please send me pics to my email?

    • ace

      Hi Tanny send me your pics. I might be interested.

    • Joanne

      Please send me some pictures and the pricing and we shall discuss further. Thanks.

    • Pearlyn

      Hi how much are you selling it for?

  • princess stitch

    My firiend has just helped me to buy a Chanel from Paris (the medium caviar classic flap in black)…. and now i’m feeling guilty for such a splurge (though i dreamt of owning the bag like 10 years ago).

    Should I keep it or what now?

    • Tanny

      Hi princess stitch,
      u should keep it. The value of the bag will only go up. Pass it down to ur daughter in future.

    • iceshaker

      Hi Princess Stitch,

      How much did you get it for?

  • princess stitch

    hi tanny, thanks for your words…i know, came up with a 101 reasons i shld keep it. damn, but the 2 sides of my brain are like having a conflict now – both trying to psycho me.

    don’t even have a bf, how else to imagine passing it down to my daughter?? haha..

    hey, have u any Chanel pieces yourself? what are they?

    • eva

      hello princess stich! I just wondered how much you paid for chanel. I passing through Paris soon and are thinking of buying that exact bag. Would be great to know what the price are, Thank you :)

  • Charlene

    Hi everyone,

    I’m lusting after a classic chanel flap bag too… but considering I’m a new fan of Chanel bags, i have a few painfully basic questions that i hope someone can help me with…

    1) i saw some mentions abouts “double flap” or something… what exactly is a double flap bag and how is it different from the classic flap bag?

    2) What is the difference between caviar leather and lambskin? Which is more shiny?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance! =)

  • iceshaker

    Hi princess stitch,

    How much is it that they are selling in paris, for the bag you’ve gotten?

    i dont know to buy it in london or paris.

  • Pelham wife

    I just emailed to london, because i’m interested in buying classic flap bag medium or large in black caviar leather. The prices were for medium £1590 and large £1660. Still interested how much they cost in france, coz im not sure should i buy it from london or france. Thanks if some one knows the price :)

    • Faye

      Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

  • Pebbles

    Hi all, I’ve just came back from Paris last week. I wanted to buy the medium lambskin classic flap bag but it was out of stock. The sales lady showed me the small one instead and it cost 1830Euros (with VAT). So I would assume the medium bag should cost more. And when I was leaving London Heathrow, I went to check out the Chanel shop and unfortunately, it was out of stock again! So I enquired on the price and it was retailing for 1560pounds (without VAT) thereabout.

    For those who are going to Paris, fyi, most of the shops are closed on Sundays. So, pls do your shopping on weekdays or Saturdays.

    Have fun!

  • Jamie

    can anyone tell me how much is the med/large classic flap bag in lambskin leather?

    • Shireen

      Hi Jamie

      In Dublin:
      medium classic flap in lambskin is €1970. for the large i think add €300 to it.
      medium classic flap in caviar is €1740. for the large, it’s €2010.

  • Daisy Wu

    Could anyone please tell me:

    Is it worthy to travel to Paris to buy a large or jumbo classic 2.55 instead of buying at London? and a pair of Ferragaomo as well? Cause it seems that Eurostar is not cheap…..

  • lala

    hi. is there by any chance a chanel 2.55 with a madamoiselle lock with a leather chain?

  • Ponyo

    Hi All

    Can anyone give me the email address for London/Heathrow store? Would like to enquire on their price and availability. Thanks.

  • Poppy

    I have a brand new medium classic flap in beige with gold hardware to let go at SGD3700. Anyone keen? Please drop me an email at

  • pelhamwife

    where did you buy this in beige color? i’ve tried to ask in other colors than black in london, spain and france. None of them have it :(

  • Poppy

    Hi pelhamwife, I bought it from the flagship store at rue cambon.

  • Mag

    Hi all,

    I’m interested to get a chanel caviar jumbo in either beige claire or red or pink.

    Anyone selling good condition one?

    email me at

  • MizzzB

    I really want to buy a Chanel bag too..
    Is there anyone here that lives in Amsterdam?
    I really would like to know the price of the Chanel bag(med/large) here in Amsterdam..

    You would really help me out thanks :)

  • rosey


    I have an authentic classic medium with sliverware selling at SGD3,800 Singapore. Condition is tip top, only 4months old and only used once. Bought the 2.55 instead as it is bigger. If you are interested, please pm me.

    Thank you.

    • Ping

      Best price? I can get this brand new for the price in London. If you can lower your price….may consider.

  • amanda


    Just wondering, I was talking to someone who has a jumbo classic chain flap bag and paid about $4,000 and above you have written that none of the sizes of this bag go past $2,000? this is correct?

    Thank you

  • Kat

    I am looking to buy a Chanel Classic. Email me at lytningbug1 at aol if you know where I can purchase. Thank you all!

  • jose

    coool ,i WILL buy all chANEL BAG

  • Nicole

    I was last week-end in Paris. I wanted buy a chanel classic bag, caviar leather, medium size. Exactely on the day when I wanted buy the bag they augmented the price….ca. 300Euros more…2550Euro incl. VAT.

  • Patty Anne

    Hi, will like to know the price of Classic Flap Medium and 2.55 Reissue @ Paris.
    For infomations Singapore: Classic Flap Medium S$5,170
    Reissue 2.55 S$5,700

    Malaysia Classic Flap Medium RM11,210
    Reissue 2.55 RM12,780

    Please reply to me asap. Thanks ~

  • Pretty Ummi

    Item will be order from Germany, ship everywhere in the world, n price including shipping.
    Check this ya: iluvbaginc blogspot com

    In CAVIAR:
    Small Classic Flap Bag: RM8,000
    Medium/ Large Classic Flap Bag: RM8,500
    Jumbo Classic Flap Bag: RM9,100

    Small Classic Flap Bag: RM8,800
    Medium/ Large Classic Flap Bag: RM9,100
    Jumbo Classic Flap Bag: RM9,900

    Chanel 2.55 classic flap Medium – RM9,500

    Chanel 2.55 classic flap Jumbo – RM10,500

    • allure

      Hi, is this website reliable/trustworthy? Have u bought anything from here before? It;sits risky to buy Chanel from online cos it misht end up not authentic. But the prices listed are quite attractive. May be too good to be true

  • luvluvchanel


    does anyone know the length of the maxi?

  • sigh

    kinda useless to refer to the forum when the pics are no longer available…

  • rina

    may i know price for classic flap small,medium n jumbo in caviar and lamb skin in euro?

  • Lynn

    Hi..I am a new Chanel bags lover..would love to get one myself but the price has always stopped me from getting one..Regret not getting one when I was in Paris 2 yrs back..bought LVs instead..Btw what is d diff between double flap n classic flap?Pardon me for my ignorance as I am new to Chanel..I am looking at medium classic in black caviar..Do let me know if you are interested in selling..preferably still new…

    • Sharon

      Hi, I’m selling my Medium Classic in Black Caviar Leather and Gold Hardware. Purchased in March 2010 at the flagship store – Rue Cambon in Paris. Used only a few times and in as new condition. Comes with dustbag, original box, and store receipt.

      Selling for S$3500, please email me – lotuspod at hotmail dot com, for photos and more details.

    • Malu

      Hi Lynn..I’m selling mine it’s brand new meduim classic gold chain and still had a tag price I haven’t remove yet..I ask my friend to buy me in San Francisco California,which she bought me the wrong size,I want the jumbo classic,she just arrive august 3,just let me know if your interested.The price $2600 + 9.5 can email me at malu_282001@

  • D711

    I JUST bought a medium 2.55 classic flap in black caviar leather at the 57th st Chanel boutique in NYC for 2600. I lucked out- I was told there was a very long wait list and they rarely re-stock. It just so happened they had the one I wanted reserved for a client to pick up but they said they weren’t sure if that person was coming, so I said i’d
    take it right that instant! I got the back and literally within 2 min there were 2 people asking for the same bag and they had to tell them they had no more! My advice, if you find one in stock, get it right away, it will always go up in value and never go out of style! Plus there will be a 20%increase august 1st in the US!

  • sicko

    Hi! Anyone know the price for Classic Flap Small,Medium and Jumbo in Caviar,Calfskin and Lambskin in Berlin? My friend’s going to travel there,but I couldnt check the price at :( .
    Please reply me asap,its really close now.
    Thank yall :x

  • Shines

    Hi… I’m in ROMA nw. Just drop by the Chanel Boutique and the price for Jumbo for Caviar and Lambskin Euro 2550 before minus VAT… Silver in Medium Euro 24. At the stores they av available color for black n beige color where most of the stores is sold out surprisingly.

  • Sicko

    omg,they’re going higher!!! 3 months ago,the classic jumbo was about 2300eu,now its almost 3000eu :(

  • poohhunny

    i am going to Paris/London in October. Planning to get a medium caviar or lambskin. Do you think i should get it there (either in paris or london) or just buy it in Canada? thx.

  • Malu

    Hi anyone..I’m selling my classic medium gold chain channel bag..brand new never used and still had the tag price of $2600 +9.5 tax $247 and the total cost is $2847,i just ask my friend to buy one for me but she got the medium and too late to change it,I want the jumbo classic gold chain,but she’s coming back will take 2 weeks to order the jumbo size, bought in neiman Marcus last July 2010..if anyone is interested,just email me at’m from the phillippines.

    • hello

      malu sante?

  • Malu

    Just found out they had the increase of price already it went up to $3200 from $2600 last month,actually last July 20 I was in hongkong there price is more expensive like the medium caviar classic it hk29,100

  • Sicko

    @poohhunny : you should buy it in paris,i think the price in london can be a little higher,and as we all know the “made in france” logo :D

  • lidya

    if anyone knows the price of medallion tote in France now? thanks

  • XY

    Is it cheaper to buy a Chanel bag in London, Italy or Paris?
    I’m traveling over there in Oct and would like to buy one.
    Anyone know the prices for a small classic flap

  • lisa

    Cheaper in both france and italy than USA or London. Plus you can get tax return when exiting the euro zone. I think the small classic is 2100 USD but soho store said they were increasing price from July 1!!!

  • Sg girl

    In France today, I bought a jumbo classic flap with silver hardware for 2700 euros incl vat.

  • RM

    I’m selling my classic flap medium LIGHT BEIGE caviar bag w/gold hardware…brand new never used with original price tag $2600 + tax. This bag was sold out and I special ordered from the Madison Avenue Chanel store in NYC. I purchased in March and have never used it, so I’d like to sell it and buy a black bag. Prices just went up, so please email me at if you are interested in purchasing.

  • Gabriella1963

    I just purchased a 255 reissue oversize from the chanel boutique in neiman Marcus . my bag is stunning. it is made of the vintage lambskin has the bijioux gold chain with leather shoulder straps. it has the mademoiselle lock. I paid 3695 for it. it had been on hold for a long time i think months —for a very good customer who decided not to take it. I don’t see any pics on this blog. I would love to post a pic. has anyone seen this purse. the dimensions are 13 1/2 inches wide. 3 inches deep and 9 inches long. it also has outside pocket and a zipper running down the length near the outside pocket

    • Karen

      Yes, I totally love e 2.55 Reissues compared to e Classic Flap. Just got mine (Medium) too yesterday but cant decide if I want the Large piece.

  • Gabriella1963

    I measured wrong it’s actually 14 x 9 x3 sku number 2604 4421.

  • Sg gal

    Caviar classic flap, jumbo in silver hardware is now 2700 euros in Paris

  • Mo

    hi SG gal

    Do you know how much it costs for Classic flap jumbo in silver hardware before the increase?

    • bebefund8

      I believe it was in the region of Euro 2,200 to 2,300. The prices has gone up more than 10% this time, huge adjustment.

  • SC

    Does anyone know what is the price of a classic flap Maxi now in Paris?

  • Mo

    Jumbo and Maxi, which one is Bigger?

  • Katie

    Does anyone know what is the price of classic flap medium caviar (black colour) in UAE or in London?

    • Kristen

      Katie, I just checked two weeks ago in Dubai and I *think* the medium size was around 12500AED. They’re charging the exact same price for caviar and lambskin. The Dubai Mall boutique and the Wafi mall boutique have tonnes of stock.

  • kim

    does anyone know the prices for the jumbo flap in caviar and the timeless caviar clutch in toronto, canada?

  • Mae


    I just purchased the large flap bag in caviar for $3,500 in the US (09/16/10).

    Hope this helps!

  • Kathleen

    hi what is the current price in Europe for Chanel Classic Flap Bag
    Medium Caviar and lambskin, thanks

  • Raluca

    But this year at the beginn the classic caviar jumbo bag was 2200 euros. How it is possible that the price naw is 2700 euros?

  • Nice to be visiting your blog again, it might be months for me. Adequately this post that i’ve been waited for that long. I need this post to finish my mission in the college, and it has identical topic with your post. Many thanks, great write about.

  • CC SG

    I am in Singapore and have a brand new small classic flap 2.55 for sale. A friend just bought it for me a week ago but its the wrong size. It is still in its original packaging complete with authenthication card, dust bag and box. If you’re interested, please email me at Willing to deal ONLY via meet up.

  • CC SG

    I am in Singapore and have a brand new small classic flap in black lambskin (A01113) for sale. A friend bought it for me but it’s wasn’t the size that I wanted. The original packaging is still intact complete with dustbag, authenticity card and box. If you’re interested, please email me at Willing to deal ONLY via meet up.

    • tazzy

      is it still available? how much are you letting it go?

  • Xy

    Hi, does anyone know how much VAT you get back in France? I asked in London and it’s about 12% just want to compare prices between London and Paris.
    Also the large classic is £2110 in London, how much is it in Paris??
    Thanks in advance

  • jenny

    The price for a classic medium is 3400 US, this is crazy, and the quality is going down (loosen stitching is a common problem) The 2nd time that I use my flap, one of the stitches was broken, the chain so stiff, and I returned two that were defected recognized defected by the sales associates. So be aware each time you are buying to inspect the bag every angle because the new bags are not like before…This buble has to burst…

    • Highlowmellow

      I agree, chanel does sell purses that are defective. I bought a medium classic flap in caviar last year 12/2009 for $2425. After wearing it for the 3rd time in 11/2010, I noticed that one of the chain link was crooked and a very tiny part of the leather at the back where the pocket gets attached was exposed in white. I brought it back to the chanel boutique (after 12 months!)and the SA agreed that it was defective and changed it to the newest one that sells for $3400.00. I went in again to buy the reissue 2.55 in medium and when I was ready to walk out of the store, I thought I would check the purse one more time and found a small part of the front flap coming off. Please do inspect your purse carefully before taking your chanel home.

  • kim

    I just bought one and the cost plus tax came out exactly $4000. the price increases a bit.

  • eva

    Hey chanel lovers,

    where can i find the 2.55 medium black with gold hardware?

  • Julee

    Purchased, last month, a classic flap bag, jumbo, black lambskin with gold h/w at Melbourne’s Collins Street Chanel store for A$4,690.00 (before tax). It is so expensive now but it is soooo worth it. Love the bag!

    • B.

      Oh, wow! I just inquired also from this store and the classic jumbo flap now fetches A$5100! That was a quick increase!

  • Kristina

    Hi! I’m going to Paris in december and I hope to buy a Chanel bag :) All I know is that I want a black one with the golden chains, lambskin, CC logo and not the biggest one… (I think). How many sizes are they? 6 with the Maxi right?? I love big bags but I’ve heard that the chains on the Maxi bag is shorter than the Jumbo? Is jumbo also called as the Chanel Large Flap Bag??? The names on the different sizes are a bit of confusing. From Classic Flap Bag, Classic Maxi bag to Jumbo XL?!?!?! I would appreciate all help I get. THANK YOU!

  • Kanya

    Is it more expensive to buy Chanel in Austria or germany than in Paris? I’ m going there in 2 weeks. Really need your suggestion… Thanks

  • tanja


    If they could tell me what is the price of Chanel Classic Caviar Leather in Black and Gold Hardware in large, maxi or jumbo size in one of the shops in Europe. Also if you could tell me what is the difference between the purse because it is very confusing. I am interested for price after the price increase from August. 2010

  • tanja

    Dear, this weekend Im going to Austria – Viena and I hope you will find the Chanel Classic Caviar Flap Bag ..
    If anyone knows how many that bags can cost in Europe after increasing the price of August, some headlines
    in advance grateful .. kisss

  • bebefund8

    Could someone please update the price list.

    Just return from Europe, prices as follows:

    Classic flap, small lambskin Euro 2,300
    Classic flap, medium lambskin Euro 2,450 (from Euro 1,950 earlier this year)

    Time to buy one and keep!

  • Guro

    Hi everyone. I am interested in buying a large or medium classic caviar flap bag with silver hardware.

    I have two questions:

    1. I am in london at the moment, is there anyone who is interested in selling one to me?

    2. Should i buy it in london or Paris?

    Please mail if you have one you are interested in selling.

    • kristen

      You’re better off buying in Paris still.

  • Natalie

    Hi All,

    I’m from Australia but will be travelling to Las Vegas and Hong Kong from the 11th December 10.

    Would greatly appreciate it if someone could please tell me what current price of the Jumbo Classic Flap in Hong Kong and USA.

    Many thanks xoxo

    • mona

      I just back from Vegas yesterday..The SA in Encore Chanel store told me that no more jumbo single flap in US anymore..only 10 left for Maxi single flap in US once they sold out, we can’t buy any single flap in Chanel store in future !

  • Kelly

    Hi everyone,

    I was in Paris 2 weeks ago and they were totally sold out of the jumbo size classic chanel flap bag in black. This included the store in thr printemps department store and their flagship store on rue du cambon . They only had the larger size, maxi, and smaller sizes. I wound up purchasing a classic Chanel caviar jumbo in black with the gold chain for 2700 euros in Nice. The vat return you get is 13% back on a credit card (takes 3-5 wks) or a little under 12% if you get cash at the airport. The smaller size immediately below the jumbo is 2450 euros.

    I was at a Saks store (Beverly Hills) in July right before the price increase in August and the jumbo was $3000, now $3500.

    Still cheaper to purchase it in France regardless of euro exchange rate.


    I am interested in buying a chanel classic flap lampskin bag in golden chain,and the price of large size in USA is $3500 +plus 8.875%tax. I think the price in paris is much cheaper,but I am wondering whether the large size in USA is equal to the JUMBO size in PARIS?THANKS

  • Lim

    I would like to buy a Chanel classice caviar with CC monogram with silver hardware. I do not like Jumbo (too big for my size, 5’2″) and the medium seems a bit too small. How many sizes are there? Is there another size between Jumbo and Medium? I like the size of the medium Reissue bag, but I prefer the look of classic flap bag..

    • natzuang

      no, after medium size it’s gotta be the jumbo size, and then the maxi size. i think the medium is a bit too small, so if i have to choose i’ll choose the jumbo definitely. but between jumbo and maxi, i prefer maxi! :)

  • Marlene Forster

    I have recently purchased from an estate sale two Chanel bags in the box, one wth the dust cloth bag. Bag #1 is the classic two foldover flap in caramel, medium. The second is white, perfect condition in the box with one flap in front and a zipper along the top. I am open to bids on these. Owner was a New York, Park Avenue woman who shopped there.

  • renee

    hi does anyone have a chanel medium or jumbo flap with either gold or silver hardware to sell today for way below retail if so pls email me thanks

  • christina

    Just to share, chanel classic in jumbo and maxi now comes in double flap too. Starting end 2010. However, in some stores (in some countries) you may still be able to find the single flap bags.

  • CC

    Bought a Cavier 2.5 Classic flap jumbo in black & gold stap. Bought it in Paris on 21 Dec,2010 for $2700 euros & retailing at $5700 in Spore. Realised it did not really suit me. Brand new with original box, package & not used at all.

    Email if you are interested. Can give you discount.

    • desingsabk

      hi im interested with your bag where are you located? im fr philippines

  • Charlotte

    Dear readers,

    All your information helps a lot! I would like to purchase a black Chanel Reissue (the all chain and rectangular lock) with gold hardware.

    I recently read on a blog that since September this bag is also sold in Caviar! Does anybody know more about that?

    This is the web link the that blog:

    Thank you very much for your help. I see the prices increasing every second. So I would like to go for it a soon as possible!

    Looking forward to your responds!

  • Emily

    I’m looking for a Chanel black and silver medium classic flap. I was wondering if anyone was looking to sell theirs. Let me know, as I am interested.


  • Lulu

    I was wondering if anyone know if it is cheaper to buy Chanel purses in Hong Kong or in the USA?

  • Alexis

    Dear all,

    I have an almost new
    Chanel Reissue 2.55 (width 12.25″) with gold hardware for sale. Complete with original packaging of paper bag, box, dust bag, authentication card.
    Reply to this thread if you are interested.

    • Alexis

      Optimal condition coz I have only used it once.

      • Yinyin

        Can send me photo. How much? I am in hong kong. Can meet?

      • JJ

        how much pls

      • Nat

        Still available?

    • desingsabk

      hi send me pic of your bag. thanks im very interested and how much you selling it.

      • Alexis

        Your email add pls? What is your base country?

    • Maude

      Hey Alexis,

      Can you send me the picture and the price?

      • Alexis

        Hi Maude,

        Pls give me your email add pls.

    • JJ

      how much? thx

    • steph

      how much do are you selling it for?

  • Canna

    Hi, is it caviar or lamb skin? If caviar can you please email the details.

    • Alexis

      Hi Canna,

      Mine is the 2.55 Reissue model. So it only comes in stressed calf leather. Pls give me ur email add pls if you want to view photo.

      • Angie

        i’m interested in your bag. can i have the picture and the price please.


  • Molly

    Hi All Can anyone tell me that which one is better cavier or lambskin???

  • Barbie Kiss

    This bag is perfect for wearing French Maid outfits. Classic, stylish and never outdated.

  • pelhamwife

    does anyone know the current price in paris for classic flap bag In jumbo or maxi? And are the prices different if there are different variations of flapbags. Like i wanted to buy the 2.55 in jumbo in white color, but they have those only in summer seasons? thanks for your help!

    • viv lei

      classic flap bag jumbo is 3300 euro… (dated 17/5/11)
      and the medium reissue is 3200 euro … (dated 17/5/11)

      i only know these 2 prices
      hope it helps

    • Misha

      Jumbo – Euro 3110,Singapore 6220, 2,700 pound- classic flap JUMBO in black, caviar with Gold hardware-

      maxi – all things the same- but single flap Euro 3110

      Medium caviar – all thgs same- 2,500 pound

      price correct as of june 2011

      • elaine

        I think it is 6,620 in Singapore….exPENsive nonetheless LOL

  • MacPhee

    Does anyone know how much in US the medium Chanel Classic Flap with double C logo in black with gold hardware cost now?
    My husband is going over to Guam soon, is it more expensive in Guam than US?

  • Luna

    Molly, both are good but lamb skin is much more sensitive and can get scrashed easily, while caviar skin is harder and more practical.

  • Brenda

    Is it cheap to get Chanel in Malaysia

    • viv lei

      nooo… its not advisable to get branded bags in malaysia..

  • Juana Nielsen

    my dream bag will come true.

  • Jo

    In Sydney Chanel shop, the jumbo flap is now $5,100 tax inclusive.
    the medium is $4350. and around $3k for the small version. they have the red and black flap jumbo. gosh i wish to have both black and red, by the time i am able to save for one, the price would have doubled up already.

  • Zil

    Hi… The medium size classic flab bag comes in what colours?

  • Jenn


    I read that the chanel 2.55 reissue comes in two types of leathers,
    ie. distressed calf & lambskin. However, some mentioned tt it also comes in Cavier. Is it correct? Can someone advise?

    • cd

      The Caviar is the calfskin – it’s more durable. The Lambskin is beautiful but easily scratched – better for night only.

  • jun hidalgo

    i have an authentic small chanel caviar 2.55 bag. black, pre-owned but in very good condition. i am from philippines.reach me at 09278401401

    • Gem

      How much? Also, can you send me a picture.


    • ARETI

      how much??and please send me photos!!!

      • ARETI

        And photos please!!

    • sha

      is the bag still available and how much.? thanks

    • Abd

      Interested in ur bag if silver accs, send photo pls.How much are u selling the caviar 2.55 small. I’m also from Phil.

    • Abd

      Hi JUN, I’m interested in ur bag. I’m also from Phil. Pls send price and photo. Thanks

  • ejs

    Dear all,

    I have a brand new Chanel 2.55 (double c), black, medium-sized, with gold-hardware for sale. It is complete with original packaging of paper bag, box, dust bag, authentication card. Pictures are available.

    Will be looking at quite a discount to the official price now. Reply to this thread if you are interested.

    • ARETI

      how much you sell the bag?

      • ARETI

        And photos please in my email if you can!!

    • Abd

      Els, this is and again. Pls send price and photo even if gold accs

  • ejs

    Dear all,

    I have a brand new Chanel 2.55 (double c), black, medium-sized, with gold-hardware for sale. It is complete with original packaging of paper bag, box, dust bag, authentication card.

    Will be looking to sell at quite a discount to the official price now. Pictures are available. Reply to this thread if you are interested.

    • Amisha

      Have you sold it yet? I’m interested…

    • Abd

      Hi, how much ur selling ur caviar 2.55 bag. Pls send
      Photo. Thanks

    • Nat

      Do u still have the bag available?

    • ela

      how much are you after?
      am interested in buying.

  • fong

    i loves these one Chanel 2.55 flab bag in hongkong 32000hkd i will buy one in june on my b’day very very nice brand new

  • ejs

    Dear all,

    I have a brand new Chanel classic flap (double c), black, medium-sized, with gold-hardware for sale. It is complete with original packaging of paper bag, box, dust bag, authentication card.

    Will be looking to sell at quite a discount to the official price now. Pictures are available. Reply to this thread if you are interested.


    • Angie

      can you send me the price, details and the picture of it please?


    • AB

      Hi Ejs please email me with further details..thanks

    • Raquel

      hi ejs,

      is your chanel bag still for sale? what are you asking for it?

    • dgd

      prices and pictures pls..

    • Angela

      I’m interested. Send me details and photo.


    • Katie

      Hi is this bag still available?


    • Katie

      Hi is this bag still available?


    • shahira awad

      can u send me a picture and the price pls

    • Moo

      Hi Can pm me the pic n px..

    • Jocelyn

      Do you have any Chanel purse forsale ?

  • Gee An

    I wish to get a medium one.. Any one knows where is the best place to get?

  • Natalee

    I have a black jumbo Classic in caviar for sale. It is a single flap and totally brand new. For those interested, pls contact me via email.

    • Guida

      Do you still have this purse?
      How mutch?

    • Sfs

      May I know how much you are selling it and can you send a picture in the mail? Thanks.

    • MJ

      Is this bag still for sale? Can u email me pictures of it and asking price if it is still for sale? Thanks

    • Nat

      Hey do u still have this bag available?

  • jennifer

    oh my gosh.. i’m just reading this.. and tomorrow the med classic will go up in price to 3700!!! A difference of thousands of dollars in only 4 years!!!!!!

  • andychen

    Love life, love the shopping

  • elaine

    oh, btw, it is with GHW. The pictures are on Go check it out!

    • elaine

      Ooops! My bad! It is SHW. I am located in Singapore by the way.

  • Maria

    Hi ladies, I am interested in getting the Reissue 2.55 in either small or medium size.
    Can anyone help me regarding the prices on those in Euro and USA please.
    Thanking you guys in advance.

  • cteva

    Hi all,
    I have a Classic Jumbo Double Flap with goldharsware, lambskin.
    Brand new and bought in June 2011.
    Never worn, still in the box.

    If anyone interested, please conatct me via email. bag will be posted anywhere (as long as you dont mind paying the postage)
    Anyone in Singapore or Jakarta, free postage.

    • Nat

      Do u still have this bag?

    • Sam

      I am interested. Can arrange to be picked up in Singapore. Is the bag still available?

  • Yee

  • Hannah

    I’m interested in the like new Chanel Classic Flap (small – jumbo) caviar. I prefer local pick-ups and I live in San Jose, CA. thanks

  • Hannah

    I’m looking into buying one Chanel Classic Flap Bag Caviar leather in any colors and sizes up to Jumbo. I’d prefer local pick-ups and I live in San Jose, CA. Please send me email with pictures and descriptions if you have one. Thanks

    • retrostreet

      I have a brown felt original 2.55 with gold chain if anyone is interested in purchasing. Thanks, Lori

  • bidadari


    Via online,i found somebody who wants to sell her chanel 2.55 classic flab, lamb skin. medium size for 1000 euro. the bag is from 2009. She hs the original receipt from chanel store in paris but she losed her certificate.

    is it save for me to buy it from her? please advice me

  • ela


    I was just wondering if anyone knows how much a Black Chanel Jumbo Lambskin with Gold h/w is right now? In Aus dollar.


  • Teresa

    Just came back from Italy. Over there the cost of 2.55 for caviar or lambskin is the same.

    Small – 2620 euros
    Medium – 2820 euros
    Maxi – 3150 euros

    You get 14% tax back for foreigners.

  • emma

    i’m a new members, i just a wanna buy a new channel..
    I dont know which one a Black Chanel Classic Flap Bag with gold hardware
    so can you help me

  • EE

    Hi guys,

    I’m 5″7 tall, but have a really thin frame, should I get the medium or large/jumbo? I tried on both, I think the jumbo looks a bit bulky on me, not as elegant but medium can only fit minimal things inside, plus the strap is a bit too short for my height. What do you think?

    Thanks for any thoughts!

  • Okay you are correct, genuinely Personal home page is a open source and its help we can obtain free from any forum or site since it happens here at this web page.

  • Millie

    I am trying to locate the Reissue bag you have a picture of here in the same exact brownish red color. I am a Chanel rookie and am hoping to start my collection with this piece. Any chance you may know how I can refer to this bag and color in my search (specific wording or style number)? Or do you happen to know someone who may have it for sale?

  • Tea1180

    Hi, I’m after a small black chanel flap bag, i don’t mind previously owned as long as its authentic. Any ideas where I can purchase one. Tried ebay but cannot find any. Thanks

    • Amkristiinap


      I’ve got a maxi flap single with silver chain in lambskin. Email me at amkristiinap@gmail. I’m in stockholm!

    • Tatjana Stanisavljevic

      Does anyone know what price Chanel Classic Flap in medium or large size in Europe? (Think of Vienna, Paris, Berlin …)

  • Rosy

    The price increased again! Unfortunatelly it’s true. I’ve been today in Brussels Chanel Boutique and the price for Chanel Flap Bag medium size, Lambskin or Caviar with G Hardware is now 3100 euros. The same price as Reissue 2.55, medium size.

    So hurry up, if you want to get a Chanel bag, this is the moment, cause last month the price was 2800 euros…and they will not stop..!!!

  • Jegoroza16

    Do you know how much is the caviar medium flap bag now?


    3/2012 – The current price for a reissue 2.55 is $5300 (largest size) and the classic $4900 (jumbo). I’m having the hardest time deciding!!

  • huipen wu

    Those prices seem way off, given the Chanel price increases, although I haven’t bought replica
    chanel handbags

  • Bibiboo008

    perfect bags!!!the chanel reissue is amazing!!!

  • Confusedgirl

    I just bought the classic chanel flap bag caviar at $5,600 CAD.  I was kind of hesitant if this is original, although i bought it directly at Chanel Boutique on Bloor St. West Toronto. One of the bag’s stamp is kind of engrave while the rest is just a flat stamp!. I hope it is because I have the authenticity card that goes with it & have it registered on my name!

  • Mjshiokado

    i’m looking for a jumbo classic flap bag in blue, like the one you published. Please advise where I could get a genuine used bag, which website is reliable to buy chanel bags.

  • Dsgfsdgds


  • Ofcl01 http://www.makeupcheapmac.com

  • sarvi

    hi, i am looking for a jumbo classic flap bag in caviar,beige,navy-blue or black,does anyone have it for sale

    • iLOVEchanel

      i have the bag you are looking for in black lambskin and caviar. comes in a full package; warranty, dust bag and manual. i bought them last year when i was away on my honeymoon in paris. price is negotiable. this is a sample of the 2.55 classic. sorry if pic is not that clear. taken using my hp.

  • PixieTenenbaum


    I have an amazing pink caviar leather classic 2.55 which I’m selling, it’s a 2006 and was a limited edition so there aren’t many of them around. I bought it from Chanel, Sloane St in London and paid £1895 for it.

    I’ve used it once and so it’s in excellent condition in its original dust bag, tissue and box.

    I’m looking for £1500 for the bag, if you’re interested, please email me at, I can send through any pictures and can absolutely 100% guarantee authenticity, happy or the bag to be verified at any Chanel store or concession.

    I’m based in Newcastle, UK.



  • May Yeow

    Hi, i am from Singapore. I just bought a Black medium 226 Reissue with gold hardware on 24 Oct 2012. It comes with original packaging (receipt, authentication card,box, dust bag, paper bag)  Will be willing to sell at a discounted price than current retail price S$7250.  Pictures are available. You may text me at my mobile +65 9675 6449 if you are interested. 

  • poppy

    Hi all, I’m from singapore and have a jumbo classic flap bag in black, gold chain, lambskin for sale. Just bought it few days ago, brand new with everything, box, cert.intact. Interested parties please reply. Thanks.

    • How much you want to sale???

      • poppy

        Hi, retail ard 8.9k.. Selling it at 7.5k sgd.

  • amandine

    anyone has a small caviar reissue or classic for sale? please email me at

  • LinaMa

    I have a 2.55 in black fabril and silver chain that I can`t find online. Is there a way to know on which year it was made?!? I`m attaching a picture. Thanks!! Lin

  • Chaneladdiction

    Please email me I am interested in the small caviar bag. Thank you sooo much.

  • Cheryl Chan


    I have a BNIB Chanel Medium Lamskin Flap in Black for sale. Interested party, pls email me at


  • kellemuse

    do all the black quilted Chanel 2.55 lambskin reissue’s have the red/brown interior. I’m thinking of a private party purchase and the inside is black. Is this a knockoff?

  • ChanelMania

    Hello ladies…

    i have the following BRAND NEW Chanel Bags with warranty, still stored safe in a dustbag. i am a flight stewardess with a full service airline. We have layovers at Paris and that’s where most of my chanel collection comes from! :) i want to sell off my collection as i am now making space for PRADA!

    1)classic black caviar double flap 2.55
    -1 small selling at AU$2000
    -1 medium selling at AU$2800

    2)black medium caviar GrandShoppingTote selling at AU$3800
    3)navy blue small caviar GrandShoppingTote selling at AU$3200

  • Annie Wong


    I have a vintage Chanel 2.55 rare burgundy jumbo classic flap bag around 1996-1997. The lamb skin leather is in lovely condition and for its age is ‘scratch and mark’ free. There are faint ‘dents’ at the top left hand front flap due to the storing of the bag (the chain strap left a small impression) but overall this is not noticeable. The gold chain and turnstile lock are in excellent condition. Only physical viewing of the bag at my residence in Singapore.

    Width: 30 cm, Height: 22 cm, Depth: 8 cm, Chain strap: Total chain strap 138 cm. Off shoulder 40 cm, chain doubled up and worn off shoulder 69cm

    The bag comes with original serial sticker intact, Chanel dust bag, Chanel care booklet, Chanel authenticity card and Chanel box.

    Letting go to vintage lovers at Singapore Dollars 7,900.


  • Jennifer

    I am Jennifer
    I am looking to buy a chanel bag in medium size.
    If anyone have it, please reply the message

  • irene

    I have a claasic jumbo black lambskin with gold hardware for sale. Comes with original box and authentication card and paper bag. It is brand new. Do email me at if you are interested. I am located in singapore.

  • Is this authentic?

  • heli

    how much is a chanel maxi/jumbo caviar silver hardwear does anyone know? x

    • Mary

      Hello I have a 2014 Chanel Classic Double Flap Jumbo Bag Caviar, Brand new.

      Price on Chanel website 3950 euro, I sell it for 3200 euro. Let me know
      if you are interested, thanks. Here is my email:

  • dixie

    Hello ladies, Im selling my medium classic chanel caviar, double flap, in good condition, used for about 3 yrs…anyone interested?

  • Rhita

    Hi, I am selling my chanel reissue navy lambskin silver chain medium size. I used it for 6 months. US$2500. Anyone interested?

  • Once worn never forgotten

    We have a beautiful Chanel Reissue bag in black available on our website but if you want further details then please e-mail

  • Lili Wen

    michael kors outlet online sale,