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  • TexasST

    I think my wallet is safe for this season! The bag in slide 13 is cute and the robot minaudiere is adorable but not worth the close to $10K price tag it will mostly likely have. I like the concept though, I am surprised Karl is still able to come up with new themes each collection. I REALLY like what he is doing with Fendi right now!!

  • Emma

    You should guess the price of each one ;)

  • Sandy

    Love Chanel and the only Chanel bag that I love but have yet to add to my collection is the Boy. The perforated Boy above is of interest!

  • Sandy

    I just noticed the colored chain on the tweed Boy, love!

  • psny15

    very fun collection, more editorial than functional!

  • Miranda

    The boy bag in slide 10 shows how low quality Chanel has gotten. Look at the wrinkling on that side part of the bag :/

    • hikarupanda

      It amazes me how ppl still buy these bags despite the low quality and hefty price tag (and I tell you I used to be a huge Chanel fans…). These days I only stick with shoes, watches and fine jewelry when it comes to Chanel…

    • This is a runway bag. They still have time to polish final production variant.

  • Dominic Leto

    Number 16 has to be seen in motion. The clutch has LED lights that change, as demonstrated below:


    • TexasST

      That is so cool, thank you for sharing!

    • Oksana Ribakova

      Wow! This is really something!

  • Kerry

    Is it me or are Boy bags getting boring?

    • Sara

      It’s not you. They are excruciatingly boring.

    • TxnGal

      Ahhhh, there are those of us that still swoon :) It’s one thing to see a picture, and quite another feeling when wearing one. Still has the pixie dust for me, and the incredible range of options each season keeps me coming back!

    • MissDemeanor

      I’ve never liked them.

  • Jim

    Omg….. So boring and looks so cheap. But no matter what it is people would spend stupid $$$ for those crap stuff just for getting attention. Terrible collection indeed.

    • Oksana Ribakova

      I agree that the most of the bags dont look special. If there is no Chanel brand on it nobody will be interested:) Sorry for my English:) I am Russian:)

  • shopper

    fabulous – except for the dorky robot.