We absolutely love the Celine Classic Box Bag, LOVE. It is quintessentially timeless and elegant. There need not even be a long discussion on the bag, because its beauty speaks for itself. A picture of this Celine bag truly speaks a thousand words.

One of the main words that comes to mind is: NEED. I first thought it was WANT, but it is NEED. I may talk about structured bags here and there on PurseBlog, but it is not at the top of my list. In this case, I can make a major exception. Because everything about the Celine Classic Box Bag is perfection.

Even more perfection is this exact rendition of it. LEOPARD. See all of the caps lock in this post? Caps lock tend to mean one of two things: anger or excitement. This is full-on excitement here. Leopard is the animal print not only we are lusting after but also the fashion world is lusting after right now. Putting it together with black box leather is the perfect mix of subtle and vivacious. I really can’t even begin explain to you all how much I adore this bag. The only thing hindering me from buying it is the price. I talk about expensive designer handbags all day and have spent plenty on bags myself, but when we get over the mid-$2k range I always tend to spend more time considering the purchase and feel a bit of trepidation. The price of this glorious Celine bag is $4,050. But it is $4,050 of perfection. Contact Celine for more info.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • louch

    I was absolutely bowled over by this bag the first time I saw it on this site. I WANT ONE!! But don’t have that kind of cash right now! I’m in love with the plain black version – just perfection as you wrote Meg.

    • Irra

      Yeah! i second you. Love the plain black one. Its like having a Chanel Flab bag :)

  • Cynthia

    The bag is gorgeous, but it’s way too expensive…… What cause this sky high price??

  • Stylista

    It is nice, although if I could only buy a few key handbags for my wardrobe, I wouldn’t choose this one.


  • MizzJ

    Wow. I do not understand why the super high price. The only justification would be if it were b/c it featured REAL leopard and even then that would be utterly stupid since leopards are really endangered. I can see why you are obsessed though as I’m not really a fan of this type of print, but even I am drooling!


  • Jen

    Oh what I’d give for this bag… it is the perfect combination, I could carry this forever and never need another bag of it’s size. Please Celine keep this around until I can afford it!

  • edoardo

    The bag is amazing….I love the stravagant “leopard” print mixed with the classic bag; the contrst is really beautiful!!!


  • Diana

    Love it! But………so expensive……….

  • Sarah K

    This bag will give me nightmares…it’s so beautiful and I want it and will not have it :( I just made a whole outfit based on this outrageous bag on my blog. God Celine bags kill me!!


  • frenchgirl

    just became slighly obsessed with this bag …so chic and cool and classy and understated
    so I bought one …in khaki medium size,
    very perfect, a bit expensive but excellent quality and finish
    love it

  • silverlion

    anyone know where we could get this box bag?

  • Blo0omdi

    K’adore classic box bag… i want and need it badly ;D

  • Kat

    While it is a beautifully classic bag, I don’t quite understand the price. It seems like a very basic, structurally, and I find it hard to believe that it takes as many man hours to make as, say, a Bottega cabat or a Birkin.

    It also strikes me as a very “serious” type of bag.


  • Kat

    oooops. (ipad)

  • chloehandbags

    I definitely far prefer this to the plain box bag, which is just waaaaay too plain and boring for my current tastes.

    However, the leopard print is not the best, by any means and the price, oh the price! :O

    It’s a good three times what it ought to be, at least; maybe four?

  • Jelita78

    there’s nothing appealing about this bag.. it looks just like any any other flap bag, the only thing is the leopard print.. which i believe not specifically shouting celine.. (ipad)

  • Julia

    the leopard is a nice touch to such a classic bag. i just learned my mom had a celine bag years ago…and then gave it away!!! (ipad)

  • helen

    Love the shape. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Ugly!! (ipad)