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  • Sandy

    Back a few years ago when the bag became all the rage…I thought I might get one. I am still Luggage Tote-less….and I do love designer bags. I just don’t pull the trigger although I have had occasion to purchase one. Do you think it still relevant and has staying power….?? I try and only invest in bags (they just cost so much)…that have that timeless relevance that will be here for years to come…

    • The Luggage Tote is def still relevant, but the Luggage Tote tends to be a little more trendy than some other Celine designs. Have you considered the Trapeze or the Edge as Sue suggested above?

  • Mya Wilkes

    Megs, great purseonal! i am totally with you on the value. Im currently loving some of the smaller sizes of some bags out there but the prices in comparison to the regular sizes is just RIDICULOUS! What tends to happen is that i am not able to justify the price against the size, so i end up going for the regular size, sigh!

    • YES exactly! I don’t understand it and because of that I end up going a size up usually too, and if I don’t, I regret it because of the price differential.

  • Sue

    I think the Celine with the most potential staying power is the edge – still under the radar, but a force to be reckoned with – I think it will be as perfect 20 years from now as it is today…

    • The Edge is beautiful. I think the Trapeze also has more stay power because the look isn’t quite as trendy

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  • Ebru

    I don’t understand the appeal of this bag. It looks like a dead alien, with a hook coming out of the eyes. Look at it for a few seconds. You’ll see it. The Saint Laurent sac du jour is soooooo much more elegant.

    • andredre47

      I have been trying to verbalize my dislike for the Luggage tote, and you just nailed it :) I would love a studded small Sac du Jour myself!

    • A lot of people feel similarly to how you feel about the design – I do see it!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I own a mini in lipstick red and a nano in beige (not sure of the correct color). The mini is great for work but the nano is one of my favorite all around handbags. It is hands free, durable as can be and I can fit large sun glasses, mini umbrellas, etc. no problem. My only regret is that I did not buy a bright color like yellow. I love love love handbags so I switch often. This bag has had serious staying power for me.

    • Beige is great though because you can wear it year-round. I don’t carry my Nano for much of fall or winter

  • Ellie

    Pricing is not necessary based just on material & size but also on construction. It is more difficult to produce smaller items than larger ones. Stitching & sealing smaller corners needs more precision thus sometimes more time & care is needed on a smaller piece rather than a larger piece.

    • You are right, I should have pointed that out. I know that is part of the price, but it’s still seems like it should be less for less material

  • Vbogaert

    I just can’t get over the impression that I’m looking at the character from the Kool-aid commercials. Though the bag looks very functional and the color is great.

  • Jen

    I’ve been a mini purse lover for the pass 11 years ago. Starting my mini classic Chanel, back then my DH paid $1200 and it was a lot. My sister and friends made fun of me having a purse that cost so much. I’ve been wanting a Celine luggage tote for quiet a while. Yes, my lovely DH brought a lovely nano at the steep price of $2700 plus tax in NYC around the time of the price increase, but I love love it. Though I have to say the hand painted sides on the long strap is starting to come off within less than a year with very infrequent use (I have many purse, thanks to my DH). So I brought it to the Celine NYC store (DH brought it there) and showed it to them. They said that they would take it and repainted at no charge. They say some customers do get the strap repainted. Despite all of this, it still love my nano. Oh, for $2700, I’m able to buy for the past 2 month the Givenchy mini sugar Antigona in black and a Givenchy mini Pandora in fushia (on sale), thanks to my lovely DH again with $$ left over. Both of my Givenchy are made just as well as the Celine nano but at a much lower price point. So it’s up to you on how you want to splurge. Now that I have my nano, next on my list is the mini trapeze, which is much bigger in size than the nano, the strap is not long enough for crossbody even for my 4’10” petite frame. Buy a good quality purse is worth the investment in my mind. I still have my mini classic Channel which is now more than double in price. Wish I could of bought the nano back when it was still $1600 (3 years ago???) but I was busy with my newborn and being busy mommy. :)

  • I think this a new classic. The design has some new features that you do not see everywhere else.

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  • Angela

    Wang Rocco, Fendi Spy, there are many “it” bags that I did love as far as design.
    I have been trying to like the design of this bag ever since it came out. But I just don’t. That little zipper just throws it off for me. I can’t have a bag that has a face looking back at me.

  • Maya

    I’m so bored with this bag….too many of them around!

    • It’s one of the drawbacks, this bag has become quite saturated in the market

      • Maya

        Way too saturated, it has totally lost its appeal!

  • I was never a fan of the Luggage when it first came out, but when I saw it in person in Paris, I instantly and inexplicably fell in love with it. I still don’t get it until now, why my reaction when I saw it in person was so extreme. Maybe it was the color I saw it in, the leather, I don’t know. But I was hooked, and I purchased it, even if I wasn’t in the market for a new bag then. I do see the “face” on it, but I don’t really mind it. I still think it’s a great bag, it is beautifully constructed, and is definitely not boring. Anyway, I bough my mini three years ago, and like you, I can’t believe how quickly the prices for these bags have increased. If I fell in love with it now, I probably wouldn’t fork over the money for it. It’s too much.

    • I’m really happy I got the bag when it didn’t cost as much as it does now, because I’m also not sure I’d buy it at the price it is now!

    • Rebecca

      I totally agree with this! I was always interested in the Celine but never really committed to saving for the bag until I saw the nano in person and I fell in love…I have no idea what it was but I just love it! It must be the craftsmanship and leather etc..either way I am currently intending to get one within the next two months (hoping some good colours will start to appear soon)

  • Hazel

    Mini bags are my best. I recently got the luggage nano in new season blue. Such a stunning bag and beautiful colour. I am in winter season at the moment and have worn it a lot with black. Love my Celine bags.

  • louch

    Megs I am interested to know how you find the sticking up handles. I recently purchased a mini Nightingale and the thing that really irks me is the way the handles permanently stay up. i just find it detracts from the bag’s overall appeal. Do you find this a problem? I think it looks odd on both the Celine and my Nightingale.

    • I happen to like it, especially on the Nano. On the Mini my handles have lost their perfect shape a bit and it kinda bothers me to be honest!

  • I love mini bags….they’re so cute and easy to carry around when you’re on the go. They are super chic too, especially in bright, happy, eye-catching colours. I’ve always thought the Celine luggage tote to be full of personality, a little quirky but classy at the same time. It’s a great bag, and it’s oh so irresistible!


    If you have it can you do the mini givenchy antigona bag

  • Natalie K.

    Sponge Bob for $3K, anyone?

  • kate

    yeah yeah the bag is cute, but tell me about the ring you are wearing on your index and middle finger

  • Marielle

    Biggest mistake I ever made was invest in the regular sized Luggage Tote. It is sitting in my closet collecting dust. I used it when I bought it but then realized how heavy it was on my arm and how much pain it was causing me. Not worth the splurge, but I am sure the nano is more worth it because it has a strap and can be worn crossbody.

  • cool celine handbag with classical smile face, but with yellow color, looks more fashion, and you can choose many colors on diybrands dot co

  • Angie

    Bag on the Picture is a bad replica…You can get 50-70$

  • Claudielow

    What do you think about celine nano winter color compare with celine orange and red ? I’m currently in monaco and I bought the winter 2014 green color but it seem like orange color is nice too :) it’s a must to get bright color for celine nano ? I’m confuse and I can’t make up my mind.

  • Eve1

    I’m glad to finally see the nano bag on a person my height and similar statue. Helps a lot for deciding which size to go for. Thanks.