Considering Celine’s track record of re-imagining classic handbag shapes over the past few seasons, it was only a matter of time before Phoebe Philo’s accessories crew made its way to the doctor bag. Having made fashion hits out of a leather box bag on a long strap an ornately trimmed shopping tote (not to mention launching a thousand copycats at nearly every price point), Celine Fall 2011 turned its sites on two traditional accessory staples: the frame satchel and the flat clutch.

Celine’s handbag aesthetic works so well because the brand is careful to pick shapes and ideas that lend themselves to Philo’s particular brand of disciplined traditionalism. And of course, these bags carry on the brand’s New Minimalist ethos quite well, stripping both shapes down to their most basic components and then realizing them in the most pristine and exacting way possible. It’s a method that has proved incredibly successful in the past, and these bags will no doubt continue that streak.

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  • Lucinda

    Beautiful, stylish, classic bags, number 6 is a must for me.

    • Amy


  • mm

    I love the designs. They all feel so corporate. You mean business carrying Celine.

  • adrienne z

    they look like old typewriter cases. remember those?

  • Mochababe73

    I like the bags, but just like the Victoria Beckham bags, they are just impractical.
    The handles are so short that you can’t put them in the crook of your arm. Who shops like that?
    The black and white bag in the second picture, but the contents on the inside have to be perfectly balanced. If not, the bag would tilt to either the front or the back.

    • MizzJ

      Totally valid points! I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out! I love the color combos and the pared down aesthetic, but I probably wouldn’t actually wear any of these b/c of that, or the flat clutches which look really hard to hold. The doctor bag though is a shape I’ve always loved.

  • KaylaNiche

    I LOVE #6!!! These are old school, sophisticated. Instantly adds polish to any ensemble

  • Lulugurl

    I love these bags. So clean and sophisticated, the only thing I would have liked to see was slightly bigger handles on the DR bag so you could loop it over your arm is you wanted..

  • chloehandbags

    Not ringing my bells, sorry….

  • ninjaninja

    Oh my gosh, I love all of it!

  • Demi

    I don’t like them… They look very boxy…

  • Bir

    I love the doctor bag style so very simple with understated elegance.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Don’t like them, and so impractical!

  • Krista

    I am not loving this masculine tend.

    • Lori

      Well said! I could not agree more.

  • belgianyen

    i’m digging 6 and 7. understated elegance, indeed! =]

  • 19yearslater

    Bland colors and classic shapes: there’s not enough going on here! I need it to be mixed up one way or the other.

  • delaney

    love these! love the structured, and especially love the color on the deep brown frame bag.

  • ninjaninja

    Still drooling over all these bags…just wish I could afford one!

  • Dana

    i love this masculine trend! and the doctor bag is def big enough to hold all my stuff. now i just have to figure out how to afford that bag lol!

  • Liis

    Love the Doctor bag! It opens wide and provides plenty of room for stuff. I wonder, what would it look like had it also a long handle, to strap it across the body. Sometimes I feel there’s not enough hands for the handbag ;)

  • qq

    Still drooling over all these bags…just wish I could afford one!

  • Azmixed24

    i got one of those doctor bag … exactly color of #6 and i first a little reluctant to carry it out … now i am loving so roomy and structural …