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  • psny15

    i like it – its clean, simple and classic (which i expect from Celine)

    this is a style reminiscent of the old days when everyone made this type of back so its due for a comeback

  • Bubbled

    Imagine looking for your key or phone inside that enormous tote. The way the model is holding her bag in Slide 25 is ridiculous. (More on topic: I love frame bags and hope they make a comeback.)

  • lovebeigeandblack

    It’s beautiful. I gasped when I saw the frame bag in white.

    • Sara

      True. It’s probably the only white bag I would actually consider buying.

  • circafashion

    get to your local thirft store, these frame bags are always there

  • Rama

    Love the frame bags, very Celine, and yay no ears!

  • Sofia Papastamelos

    Beautiful! The giant ones are quite laughable however.

    • kemilia

      This! Especially the white one.

      • jean.wray

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  • FashionableLena

    The frame bags look like something that my grandmother carries to church.
    Who wants to carry a bag that’s large enough to put a small child in.

    • kemilia

      Seriously, my wonderful, long gone Grandma carried a bag that looked like these frames, except hers were patent leather (miss you Grandma!).

  • Ginger

    They’re reminding me of The Row’s top handle bag…
    That extreme tote (11 and 16) with the gold detailing is amazing though! I’m anxious to see that in person…
    Burgundy or Grey? Hmmmmm…

  • Sandy

    Hmm, the smaller version is ok, the larger version could double as a sleeping bag.

  • Lisa

    What’s up with those giant laundry bags?! I laughed out loud at the white one in #25 — good thing it was empty because that poor model would have spilled everything on the runway. The normal-size frame bags are lovely, albeit looking like something your grandma might have carried back in the day.

  • mary

    one might need a ladder to get things in and out of the bags

  • Lori

    I love Celine so much, but not this particular group of bags.

  • Yoshi1296

    The frame bags are stunning! Especially the croc ones!

  • Susan

    I have many vintage bags made exactly like this; it’s such a classic.
    The red and white models are STUNNING.
    And the indigo croc is to die for.


  • tess

    The huge ones are both ridiculous and hideous…..please

  • Maya

    Looooooooooove the giant totes!!! Céline, thanks for not making my eyes bleed with another batch of Luggage Tote bags!!

  • Grace

    Yes!!!! Loooooove this frame bag! Stunning in red, and the dark brown croc one is TDF. Fabulous!

  • Allie G

    The giant totes would be handy for carrying a dead body.

  • Betty

    I find there are many cheap Celine handbags


  • Stephanie Durham

    when would we start seeing some of these available?