In the realm of our Bag Battles, I feel like this one might the easiest for many to decide which bag comes out on top. In the past couple years Celine has reinvented themselves with a grand entrance into the bag world. The bags are hard to track down and people are clamoring for them worldwide. One of their highly sought after bags is their Luggage Shopper, which is my personal favorite. In fact, I believe the Celine Luggage Shopper brought back a cool tote into the handbag world.

DSQUARED2 has a funky fresh look that has the likes of Madonna wearing it. With an introduction into women’s wear only eight years ago, the label is young but that does not stop it from being vibrant and sexy (just ask Christina Aguilera and Rihanna). Their similar looking bag is the Quebec Bag which has a close design to the Celine Luggage Shopper. Instead of a zip front pocket, there are two front patch pockets. Buy via ShopBop for $1,000.

For me, choosing a winner in this bag battle is easy…. Celine. Here is a larger image of the Luggage Canvas Mini Shopper in Poppy for a Friday treat. Price is around $1900. Check out Barneys for Celine bags.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Kat

    Celine, for me, too. It’s more interesting, the DSQUARED2 one looks a little plain to me. I barely notice the two front pockets.

  • Opeth10

    I think you picked the wrong Celine for the battle – it should be Cabas (for example gusset Cabas to compensate for the front pockets of the D2 bag) otherwise its a one-sided win…

  • Marianna

    The Celine has style and “architectural interest” while the DSQUARED2 looks well done but rather basic. To my mind, the Celine is the clear winner here!

  • tadpolenyc

    this is a terribly unfair bag battle. does the dsquared one really stand a chance against the staggering awesomeness of the luggage? no.

  • AshleyG

    Celine- duh!

  • Lulugurl

    I like the Celine better, but am not a huge fan of the colour…

  • Britty

    The DSQUARED2 bag is certainly cute, but it can’t compete with Celine. Celine bags are just beyond gorgeous as well as unique looking. The DSQUARED2 bag doesn’t look very special in comparison.

  • nappy

    if you are a person with fairly simple needs and would love a pop of color in a bag, the Dsquared will win..(and i do enjoy looking at the sumptous buttery soft looking leather)
    But if you are a true Bag-aholic, and is aware of every trend in te bag world, hands down, the Celine will win.
    Personally, both are winners. coz i will use them both but in different situations.. the Dsquared for everyday, school, running errands thing while the Celine for more dressy ocasions. coz let’s face it, very few bagaholics will use the Celine for everyday roughing it kinda days

  • Marion

    I like the DSQUARED2 better actually. I think the Celine bag is just too structured and formal for me. I like the versatility that the DSQUARED2 has to offer. It just feels like it could go from the beach to the market to class without blinking!

  • Musette

    I think the Celine color blocking is gorgeous but I simply cannot get over the ‘face’ aspect of the handle tabs and zipper placement.


  • Cucko_Boo

    there is no question about it….Celine by a mile…

  • Cathy Fitz

    The Celine really has lovely detail lacking in the dsquared2.

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t care how cheesy or eighties it is, I love the colorblock versions of the Celine bag. The DSquared is nice, but it looks like the “for less” option. It’s not bad by any means, but it can’t measure up to the Celine.

  • The Little Dust Princess

    I like the Celine one!

  • tex

    I have to say that Celine is UGLY!

  • Demi

    The Celine one is gorgeous! Though I love Dsquared, I think their bag is kinda plain… I’d never pay that much for such a simple bag.

  • edoardo

    I think that the answer is obvious…Cèline is the winner!! i lvoe hte color matching, the shape…everything. Dsquared is less beautiful, looks cheap and not glamorous at all!!!! I think that Dean and Dan are better for making clothes not accessory ;D

  • Martha

    I do not like either bag, but the Celine has a real drawback in that it looks like a face with a little tongue hanging out the right side of the mouth. This is totally distracting to me.

  • Lynda

    The Celine Luggage Shopper is the winner for me because of the creativeness. DSQUARED2 is also fabulous, but a bit too simple. Overall, both are simply chic, Celine just has more attitude.

  • designershoe

    Have to love the Celine!!

  • Christine

    i Love the celine mini shopper!

  • kimmiepooh

    I like the Celine bag because it’s on trend for the season (everyone is crazy for color blocking) but DSQUARED2 is the winner for me. I feel like it would be easier to incorporate into your wardrobe and could possible be an everyday bag for the spring and summer.

  • jaclyn

    definitely the celine. i have it in another tri-colour combo.

  • nielnielniel

    even Celine cabas will win hands down…the design, aesthetic, how the logo is being placed, gold stamped, the dual materials, the proportion…I can go on and on

  • Roya

    the Celine is absolutely stunning, it’s a clear winner for me.

  • Stephanie

    I don’t LOVE either, but I’d definitely go for the Celine. I surprisingly like the orange and blue together.

  • Maggie

    I like the color of the Dsquared2 one!

  • Rina Red

    I wouldn’t pay that much for a tote that looks as simple as DSQUARED2 here…but I do love the fresh vibrant color.. As for the Celine bag, I don’t really like how the bag seems to stare right back at’s kinda creepy LOL But I do love the color blocking. I not a big fan of both bag but I have to say…Celine wins.

  • Emily

    I don’t care for either one…obviously the Celine has more design aesthetics but I don’t support anything associated with LVMH. However the DSQUARED2 is very boring and bland. This bag battle is a lose-lose in my mind!