britney spears VMAs

Sure, I am sick of hearing about Britney Spears. Her life has really plummeted on a downward spiral before our eyes. There has been rumors of her getting back into performing, and tonight, much of the world has watched. MTV was looking for huge numbers, and booked Miss Britney Spears for the 2007 VMA’s. Britney came out looking out of it, like her mind was left elsewhere. It was beyond evident that she was lip syncing, being at least 2 seconds behind for the most part and many times not even opening her mouth when words should have been coming out. She looked as if she did not care to be there, she had no stage presence. The days of Britney with a python on her neck, kissing Madonna, and kicking ass are dated.

Did you watch Britney Spears perform tonight? How do you think she did?

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  • In one word: Yes. For two weeks I’ve been telling myself there’s no reason to watch the train wreck that is Britney… but with the release of the 4 HORRIBLE songs this past week and the gossip blogosphere on fire with her every move leading up to the VMA’s, I’m going to sell myself out and watch the performance. Thank the stars she’s opening the show so it will be over quick!

    The question is – Can Brit pull it together? :?:

  • katkooty

    i dont like the woman, never did..really sick of hearing of her but i think she might b able to pull something off… might

  • janis

    Sure. I hope she blows everybody else away! Not that I am a Britney fan, but she had had her share of mishaps lately and as a person who has also had her share of screw ups I wish her well. :wink:

  • jay

    lets hope she dosent blow it

  • purse=heaven

    i will! just to see what happens… maybe she’ll make a comeback, but maybe she won’t. :?:

  • alatrop

    I will DEFINITELY watch! I’ve been a fan of Britney for a long time.

  • Umberlee

    I think Britney’s like a car crash… I can’t help but rubberneck even though I know nothing good can come of it. :(

  • Yarrow

    I’m watching now and she isn’t even singing, lip sync’ing more approate here. And not really dancing lol just kind of moving with her cheeks hanging out lol. 2 thumbs down.

  • HORRIBLE. Not only did she lip-sync, she did not move and she was off the song the ENTIRE time. Oh wow. The internet is going to go up in flames.

    • JennMSU

      ITA w/ her being off! i missed the first few minutes of the VMAs so i looked up her performance online. i thought that the audio or video was lagging because of my online traffic so i waited until the VMAs re-aired at 11p ET. nope, brit was really off! it reminded me of a performance at a high school talent show.

      let’s just hope for her and her kids’ sakes that the $$ she made from her former career is invested well …

  • disney16

    I watched it too and she was horrible. I thought that she was going to fall in the beginning. She looked very shakey. I was expecting her to lip sync as usual but this was worse than normal.

  • Karyn

    She looked like she was performing at a kid’s birthday party – in other words she was only doing it because she was getting paid. Her timing was off with lip syncing and the dance moves. Remember how sharp and precise she used to be when performing? Her career is completely, utterly over now.

  • helen

    i feel so bad for the girl. not only was she horrible. the opening act was poking fun at her. how her kids are the cutest mistake , imitating her vagina etc. etc. just sad i really think she is going to get up like anna nicle smith.

    • Yarrow

      You know, I was thinking the same thing. I feel something tragic may happen with her. The whole thing was horrible and she knew it. She knew how much was riding on this performance.

      Have watching it a couple times, I noticed this look in her eyes, that really made me feel sad. She is so lost and does’t know how to get back. Not just back to her career, but back to a life that is bearable to live.

      I am well aware alot of her isolation and lonliness is self induced, but one day leads to the next and before you know it, everything is all messed up and one doesn’t know how they even got to that point. It really is sad for her and her kids.

      Kevin is looking really good right now, but lets not forget when they were married how he was the one out parting and spending Brits money like crazy and pretty much still is. And because of that, her parents being all up Kevins behind is no doubt playing a huge part of her feelings towards them all. I can see how she may be a bit betrayed. IMO of course.

      I think she needs prayers more than being judged.

      • Roxana

        I think you put that really well into words.. I also wonder why they booked her for this at this time of her life. I find it kinda cruel, or do they really don’t see how everybody looks at her right now. I think they do..

      • Quacks

        I’m glad to read a comment like yours, empathy or at least a little sympathy goes a long way.

  • Shannon

    She was horrible, she was really off, her dancing was awful, she was staring at the floor half the time, with this look on her face like “what’s the next step?”.

  • Chelsea

    Pathetic. Also – she needs to work out more before she wears those kinds of things again.

  • aleezalinah


    she looks overweight for tv. i mean most girls are, its not bad, but as far as a comeback you have to be conscious of that, and know that if you want to come back with a bang, you cannot be slacking in any way. i feel badly for her, i mean i understand how the entertainment industry can make you go nuts, but you have to keep it in check, play it like it plays you and you will never lose. i hope she gets better, seriously, and get a good motivation therapist and start kicking ass!!!

  • Friendly Kitty

    Wowzurz….. :shock: where do i start…I will say it again..i think that this runaway train has run too far away. I do not see a comback unless Britney gets professional help psychologically, a stylist, publicist, ditch her no good friends or at least keep them at a certain level, spend quality time with her kids, ditch the frequent club scene, wear panties and clothes that fits an acentuates her body, carry herself like a mother and a lady at all times. Trust me the paparazzis will not think that her life is scandalous enough to follow her all over the place, nothing nasty really to write about her. Brits babe if you can get at least most of these advice under you belt, you’ll be on your way to recovery…The performance tonight hurt my heart-i felt bad for her…if she doesn’t turn things around…i think it time to come she will be a nobody..good luck girl..fix this mess. :wink:

  • JennMSU

    ugh, her life has infuriated me for the last few yrs and it really, REALLY shouldn’t! she had everything that she could have wanted from her career and then she goes and makes a spectacle of herself and sabotages her career. she could have bowed out gracefully and enjoyed herself a few years ago, but instead she made a lot of bad choices and now we have her, jacked up extensions and all.

    i pulled up a few brit pics from a few years ago and she was so cute! look at her pics now. yikes.

    i read on another blog that somewhere kevin federline is having a good laugh and i don’t think that it’s unfair to assume that after tonight he really is!

  • babe

    I feel so sorry for this 25 yrs old mom… :???: I was so hoping she can hit the spotlight again…but obviously…the only thing gets my attention is her huge stomach and…sluggish moving ass…what a poor lady…

  • erm_chan

    i feel very sorry for her as well. She seems so lonely. with no real friends…dont know who to trust. If i were in her situation, i wouldnt be able to handle it either.

  • glitterglo

    I had high hopes for this performance and I do believe in Britney’s performing talent, but she really blew it! I think something is seriously wrong and I hope she gets back on track soon.

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    I cringed during the entire performance. I basically sat there, jaw dropped down to the floor, in utter amazement at the train wreck unfolding before my eyes. She look like a deer caught in the headlights. For all the flack she’s received over the years for her singing or lack thereof, you could always count on Britney for one heck of a performance and dance moves that defied comprehension. All I saw last night was a woman in DESPERATE need of help.

    BTW, as much as I like Sarah Silverman’s acerbic humor, her Britney joke was just crass and tacky. In my book, she bombed too. She’s much better when she’s self-deprecating and not making fun of kids.

  • QueenMAB

    As much as I like a good trainwreck, I was really pulling for Brit., but I think she’s TOO far gone and MTV just took advantage of this. Whoever saw her practice would’ve known it wasn’t going to go well.

    She needs help and fast.
    Can’t stand Sarah Silverman, and neither could most of the audience by the reaction she was getting.

  • purseloco

    I didn’t think that it was that bad. I think that the stage that she was working on was small and seemed a little hard to dance on. She seemed rusty in her stage presence, but I still have hope that she will make a comeback. Her body has changed, but she has had two kids, happens to all of us. I am still pulling for her. I’ve seen worse preformances.

  • She needs a stylist? That outfit has to go.


  • janis

    Oh, poor girl! Do not wear that kind of outfit in public. She looked like she was uncomfortable in those high boots and was afraid of tripping. Did they rehearse at all?
    I am so embarrassed for her! :shock:

  • Bagavon

    What a total disgrace!!!!
    Both Britney and Sarah Silverman were the wrong choices for opening this show. Arrgghh! Bothe were an embarrassment to TV and the entertainment industry… shameful. :oops:

    I really believe Britney wanted to “come back”, but honestly, she still needs help and detoxing. :???: Some on intervene before she ends up dead… puleeeze :!: :!: :!:

  • Christy

    Ok I will admit, I do love the song! But the song is very sexy and lets face it…..Britney isnt looking too sexy right now. Shes not fat, But she does not have the body she did in her I am a slave for you video. ALSO she has so much against her given we know under her bad weave shes half bald and has too kids and let herself go…. SOOOO If you wants to be sexy she needs to get a trainer!!!!!! :roll:

  • Margarita

    Ew. I didn’t watch but just from hearsay and those pics… :shock:

    That woman has no class, no elegance, no hopes for a comeback. She should just go away. :mad:

    Ugh, if she ever even wants another CHANCE to reemerge on the pop scene, then she needs to get her life back on track with some rehab/therapy and a serious trainer. Geez.

  • Carol

    Quite tragic to be washed up so young. Agree- she needs a stylist to tell her what not to wear. A little pouchy in the middle, should cover that up, especially since TV adds 10 lbs. And a lot zaftig on top, reminded me of my mom in 1975 in a swimsuit at the pool when she was 40. She would have been smart to cancel if the rehearsals were going as poorly as the final product.

  • anni

    i watched VMA last night….

  • kim

    I love Britney and her new song rocks!

  • hmmm..britney should be off stage

  • Friendly Kitty

    On her weight, she is not flabby at all. I say embrace what you have and work it. The outfit was just wrong for the performance. I believe that she should have chosen something more flattering for her body. I know of a lot of full figured girls who rocks their performance..Mary J not all skin and bones, beyonce fluctuates some times. So i really don’t care about her being a bit fuller our body changes over time, if she wants to go the extra mile to be a bit leaner that is fine with me too. But there is no rule as to how bony or chunky one needs to be. I say as long as you are healthy and comfortable with what you have. My problem is she tries to wear all the wrong clothes all the time now.

  • mave

    I think she just wants to show the world she has her knickers on this time

  • Milly Anderson

    i didn’t think her performance was that bad. people are just rude!

  • Britney Spears is nothing but a big fat 0. Let me give you my personal insight here. Britney can’t sing to save her life. When she opens her mouth, she sounds like shes gasping for air, and it still apalls me to this day how people can actually call her talented. She’s not even sexy. I’ll give her this much, she’s cute, but that’s all she ever was. Now, she is just repulsive. Back then, she tried way too hard to be sexy, which puts other performers like Xtina, and Jessica to shame, because they actually have innate sex appeal. Britney had to get ratty hair extentions, wear tons of makeup, and not to mention, had to go on a gas that gave her that ripped body she once had. I mean, have you ever seen somebody go through great lengths just to LOOK sexy??? It’s pathetic and not convincing enough to me. Not for nothing, she did look good with the body she once had, and that was the highlight of her career, so something worked. But now, what is she? She’s bald and fat, and she’s a horrible mother. What is left of her now? She only became famous for her falsified sexiness, and take that away from her, she’s got nothing. Can she make a comeback? Hey anything is possible, but what does she have to bring to the table now? She can’t sing so she lip syncs at every performance and sucks at that too. Not that she was ever noticed for her voice, more like her looks that music producers felt they could market. But she doesn’t even have that anymore. The whole world knows she’s fat and bald. I mean she looks repulsive now, and is a repulsive poor role model for her two boys. She is nothing but Lousianna white trash now.

  • And one more word to the wise Brit..don’t share your snatch with the whole world, because you have your sister, who at one point worshipped you, and 2 adorable baby boys, who will grow up and get teased by their peers for having a skank for a mom. I could care less about you becuase you are nothing but white trash to me, but the others I mentioned here are innocent and I hope and pray that they turn out to be as normal as possible. Advice to Jamie-Lynn Spears: You seem like you’re a smart girl with a good head on your shoulders; don’t follow in big sister’s footsteps. Don’t become a singer unless you can REALLY sing, don’t marry a man who has more to provide from his sperm bank than a financial bank, and don’t have 2 kids if you plan on shaving your head, having a straw for a nose, and sharing your cootchie with the world. Please, grow up as normal as possible..

  • luz

    you know what,why britney act so badly?because she has a big problem and she think that no one can make her to forget it,is to do bad don’t get it .i will ask you guys .what if you have a big problem like you lose the person that you love so much.what are you going to do?ha?that justin hate him he was just playing britney.he convince britney to love him and then leave her.justin is son of a bitch!

  • gardun1


    i fack britney you new im from in kurdistan iraq

  • brittany

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    • brittany

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