victoria beckham handbag style1

Posh and her hunky hubby were snapped in London’s Heathrow Airport on their way to Singapore for vacation. The typically camera friendly but not as much smile friendly Victoria Beckham has hiding under her hat and let David lead the way. Victoria may frighten some people, but the skinny jean does her skinny body well. Always toting a gorgeous piece of arm candy, Posh was seen with a new handbag that will win over many with its practical shape and funky design. It’s Friday, so let’s play one more game of Name that Bag!

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  • Superqueen

    This is a Burberry Prorsum ‘Beaton’ bag :)

    • mounia

      yes, abslutly :smile: :smile:

  • suzannah

    Like the beaton,it’a fresh

  • Olga

    I’ve only seen it in tan check, where can it be bought in silver metallic?

  • J

    burberry love it

  • pseub

    I’m sorry but Posh looks like a plastic mannequin in that pic.

    • bagwatcher

      Ha! Couldn’t agree with you more!!!! Aside from her fabulous bag collection and her hubby, I still can’t get all the attention she gets. :mrgreen:

  • Bec

    Burberry Beaton bag on Posh. This bag comes in patent leather and a “sliced check” with metallic trim also. Fabulous bag. Saw these at Nordstrom in Kansas City. My sales gal there, Pat, said these can be ordered in other colors! Love it!

  • BuryTheSound

    Victoria is fierce and you all know it.

  • Brigitte

    She is a seriously unattractive woman. I don’t really get her appeal.

    • Elverta Whitaker

      We watch her because people take pictures of her. And we all wish we were her. Even if she is not all that attractive and too skinny. :twisted:

  • Lily


    She is the single most fabulous famous woman EVER!!!!No one esle comes close to Victoria!I dont care what haters say(and they love to hate on her :roll: )Victoria Beckham is the most stylish,fabulous and fearless woman in the world!

    Its always,and i mean always a pleasure to see what she is wearing,her bag collection is out of this world.Who else has this many bags?Amazing bags?!

    She is always coiffed and put together,and just dosent give a shit what the haters have to say!
    She just does her thing and does it well.I applued that.Thanks a lot for this post,love seeing her bags on this site and i adore what she has on,specially the hat!

    I cant wait until she moves to US,i am going to follow her every move,she will show Paris,Nicole,Lindsay and other starlets a thing or two.And besides she gets the joke,no matter what people say.Unlike them!

    That bag is so hot,and epseically in silver……HOT!!!!!!

  • GuZ

    I agree with Lily, victoria is the most faboulous woman ever!! and I love her bag too!!!

  • baglover

    There are only 3 best things of Victoria : her hunky hubby ( :cool: ), her 3 handsome kidz ( :grin: ) and her bag collection : fabulous and classy ….. ( envy)

  • Kikou

    Could someone help me with David’s bag please?

  • Otter

    The bag on David’s arm is Vicki. Come on now!

  • jade –

    is that a towel on davids head?

  • Augusta

    she hardly smiles, she looks mean, wonder why David found her attractive in the first place

  • toni

    ive got that handbags :mrgreen:

  • Daphne in ATL

    what’s up with that nun’s wimple on D’s head?

  • петя

    this bag is Gucci,i mean Victoria’s bag.

  • rach

    victoria is fab and so are her many bags. can i just ask you haters why do u even bother to look on pages with her on and b***h its clearly jealousy!!!!!!!!!

  • hanna

    i are just wenderful women bcause you are cryz like lady gaga