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  • d10230

    She craves too much attention and her taste is anything but elegant or tasteful.

    • Toy Bag

      Lady Gaga is so talented too bad she hides behind props.

    • hi

      When and where did she say she was trying to be elegant?

  • elbow

    I too was a fangirl but now, ugh, she bores me. I went to a show of hers and she was trying to go for this highbrow “artiste” performance and it missed every single mark. The concert had some convoluted storyline with elaborate props and weird background scenery that shrunk the stage significantly, so Gaga and her backing dancers looked like they had to be very wary of where they were stepping. She would sing one song and then be gone for 5-8 minutes for a costume change and they would play videos of still photographs of Gaga on the giant screens and everyone would just shrug, and sit back down. It was a rollercoaster of energy highs and lows–a total letdown and so exhausting!

    • I’ve seen her live twice, the first time being the small show I mentioned up top and the second being a big arena tour like the one you’re describing, and I agree, the arena tour was really disappointing. She started out as a really exciting, magnetic stage performer and turned into a contrived circus freak.

      • Lilay

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. The “trying too hard” vibe just radiates off her and her attempts at being edgy and nouvou are just plain desperate.

      • hi

        Gaga isn;t the basic pop star you want her to be. She actually has talent and uses it as she pleases. She can actually sing and dance unlike other female artist now a days.

  • Iva

    Insanely boring person.

  • AshleyG

    le sigh… not a fan of the GaGa…

  • Lilly

    I’m not sure about her. Not sure if she’s authentic or just real good at media/fan manipulation. That said, the only song of hers that I love and still listen to is Just Dance, the remix with Colby O’Donis(whatever happened to him, he could actually sing). Anyway, her bags are not as crazy as I would have assumed, covet #’s 4, 10, 13 and 16.

  • cdennis

    Are you guys serious? Gaga is not a bore, tho i have to admit, the Born This Way ball was a bit much. But she’s very real and very passionate about her work, and that’s one of the many reasons why I love her. You will find no celebrity that loves and cares about her fans as much as Gags does <3

    • elegant tomato

      Then again, your profile picture is Miley Cyrus… LOL…

      • lenamshields

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  • JJp

    I smell haters……

    • Lilly

      Why can’t we all have difference of opinion without stooping to being called a hater?

      • Voice of Reason

        Typical of these so called ‘monsters’ who will support her blindly, sadly some of these ppl are very insecure and ledge on to her songs as though it was life and death and Gaga is smart enough to capitalize on them. She speaks too often about her struggles which is like what struggle? She’s white, middle class American. Tell me if this is not a ‘marketing ploy’

      • hi

        excuse me? Some of these “monsters” have serious problems and find an escape through her music. Just because she went to a private school doesn’t mean she has a problem. She dealt with self confidence and was being constantly bullied through her teen years. So apparently just because someone is white it means all of their struggles are gone? Nice.

  • dnfl

    I also preferred her during the earlier stages of her career, back when she wasn’t so outlandish and crazy. However, you can’t deny that voice of hers, she can really belt and it seems to have even gotten better with time. You can tell she tries to be as involved in her artistry as possible. She is certainly one of the more interesting pop artists of our generation

  • Madison Chua

    Am a fan and have always been a fan. I see a progression in her work, her style and music.

  • JP

    I like Gaga. Even if it’s not cool these days. :-)

  • purse lover

    Can anyone identify the bags she is carrying in these pic?

    • J

      I think the bag is Spring 2013 Westwood Red Label

  • www.atelieross.com

    LOVE THIS BLOG AND THIS POST however, i think everyone would be happier if she wore Uggs and juicy couture sweat suits and lip synced in concert, that would be more relatable to the general public right? how is it manipulative if the fans chose to love her because of her story or style of artistry. would it be better if she had no story, and ultimately stood for nothing at all? she said it best herself, if you like her work you will applause. if you dont like it, dont applause LOL

    • hi

      wow couldnt have said it better myself.

  • I think Gaga is looking more and more elegant nowadays. She’s beautiful with her more curvy figure and dark hair. Even though I’m allergic to makeup and pop stars, I can’t help but be fascinated by her.

  • Delfinia Miller

    Just a quick note to Lady Gaga, I love all the different handbags you always are carrying , I could never afford one but a girl can have dreams. What do you do with all of them when your tired of them?

  • mami

    L de Lancel

  • hi

    Wait this is Lady Gaga she isn’t here to please anybody but herself. Everyone needs to take a seat if you don’t like it shut the fuck.

  • Dudette33

    I love looking at her style. It never bores me.

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