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  • abigail

    i have the money to buy a birkin but am way too scared to go to a hermès store and purchase one! i have no clue how to go about getting one!

    • Sandy

      You can proceed a couple different ways… Go into the store and try on shoes, carry around scarves, make them think you are already making a big purchase and then ask about the Birkin. The other way that I have heard people get around the stupidity that is trying to buy a Birkin, go back to the store repeatedly….until some SA caves and lets you have one! You can always get one on Ebay!

    • Sofia

      Or you can buy one on yoogi’s closet. They 100% guarantee that their bags are real.

      • kemilia

        Ann’s Fabulous Finds seem to have a different one available every day, and their items are authentic too. But those Hermes items get sold really fast, which makes sense after reading about what Hermes makes their customers go through!

    • Frozenluxury

      It’s gotten so crazy with what you “have” to do in store in order to get one, sites like yoogis are the way to go, they only sell 100% authentic and if you look at the eBay power sellers that only deal with Hermes, it would just be crazy now a days to go through all that at an hermes store, people say the birkin is impractical and what not, we all know why we want one and we all know why people have them!

  • Sandy

    The bag belongs to her so she can do whatever she wants with it but it still makes me cringe to see a Birkin with writing/graffiti all over it!

  • kindled

    I actually think a birkin with just paint drips could be really beautiful.

  • CarrieK1217

    the only guarantee way to get a birkin these days is to build a relationship with one sale associate at one hermes store. After spending at least $5000 to $7000 buying products from different category(can’t be all leather goods), your sale will offer you a birkin or a kelly. that’s how I got my kelly

    • Stina Sias

      Are you kidding why??? I thought that they were trying to make them more accessible?

      • Jennifer

        Believe it or not this is actually more accessible than being put on multiple wait lists that could take up to 4 years as was the practice in the past.

  • Taki

    Wow I didn’t realize how hard it is to buy a Birkin if your not a celebrity even though you have money to buy it… I enjoy reading the comments below on what customers do just to buy or even just to see a Birkin. I actually want to read more experience like that. :)

  • Sultan187

    Love that she’s dressed like a Christmas tree but it says on her bag ‘WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?’ We’ll not you love no matter how hard you stamp your feet.

  • Marnie

    I actually like the graffiti on her bag rather than an actual Birkin, which imho is one of the most overrated bags in the world–though I love the Kelly. Btw, what does Rita Ora sing? I can’t recall hearing anything of hers, though I don’t listen to top 40 radio.

  • Sara

    The horror

  • Rashida

    It is beautiful what she has done to the bag… very beautiful.

  • Liza

    My very down to earth SA from my local Hermes boutique very frankly admitted to me that it makes him cringe that most people think that they have to do a song ang dance in order to have the “privilege” of buying a Birkin. He also very candidly told me that when they receive Birkins, the SAs all get together and in order or seniority they get “first dibs” on offering it to one of their clients. He further told me that it all depends on the good relationships they build with the clients (not always about how much you’ve purchased from them, but let’s get real though, I’m sure spending money helps build “a good relationship” with your SA). There is no waitlist according to him and that is how they proceed for the Birkin.

  • Opinionated2

    If I have to jump through hoops for someone to take my money then it is not worth it. To grovel for the ” privilege” of paying top dollar for something is beyond ridiculous.