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Rita Ora Embraces New Burberry While Out in London

A Burberry Brit...

Rita Ora can do no wrong. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: no matter what she wears, she nails it. Just like her style, her handbag collection is vast and eclectic. Last week, we spotted Rita Ora supporting fellow Brit Daniel Lee’s work at Burberry.

The style star and her husband, Taika Waititi, were seen outside the London hot spot, the 22. The pair attended BoF‘s Wimbledon dinner, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Maria Sharapova’s first Wimbledon title.

The style star opted for one of new Burberry’s classic bags, a supple saddle bag that feels functional, fashionable, and quintessentially British. Dubbed the Burberry Rocking Horse Bag, she sported a luxe olive green version of the bag, which paired perfectly with her neutral outfit.

The outfit combines a polished leather jacket from Burberry, too, that is perfectly fitted and cool cargo-esque pants featuring slit front bottoms and zipper details. The fit offers a nice touch of elevated streetwear that works very well with Rita Ora’s aesthetic.

A Burberry Brit

Rita Ora Burberry Bag 7.2024
Rita Ora New Burberry July
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Burberry rocking horse bag
Burberry Medium Rocking Horse Bag
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15 days ago

This bag reminds me so much of the Mulberry Seaton range. The lock looks very inspired by Mulberry. Nothing novel or exciting

15 days ago

Rita Ora can do no wrong has to be the funniest thing that I have read in a long time. As my son would say: Is that statement being made unironically? This Burberry bag is a total rip off of the Mulberry Amberley.

14 days ago
Reply to  J H

I knew it was a ripoff of Mulberry and couldn’t remember the exact purse. You are spot on.

2 days ago

I can see how, judging from photos above, the Burberry Rocking Horse Bag can be perceived as similar to Mulberry bags. In real life, it actually bears no resemblance at all! Totally different.

I visited the Burberry department at Selfridges yesterday and was blown away by this bag – The curved, very well structured shape of both bag and “flap”/”lid” (very different from any Mulberry bag I know). The unique, clever and oh so elegant lock (the ring is fixed to and rotates on the bag’s surface, locking the bag when placed under the bar). And the gorgeous (and so rare to come by) veined calf leather (~ Delvaux Crispy Calf)