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  • Jacquie S

    Does anyone know the size of her black one? 25 or 30?

    • T.

      Yes, I’d like to know this too!

  • Birkins don’t really go well with the floaty, girly dresses that she is wearing in pics 3, 4 and 14

    • Sara

      Agreed. The white one maybe but the black really doesn’t go.

    • Mei

      I think pic 4 the birkin looks out of place, but i think the ostrich one pairs nicely with the boho looks.

  • Spectoworld

    This a very nice collection of outfits the designs are also very beautiful. After reading this article I am very eager to buy a buy long kurtis online india for my indian styles. Thanks for posting this article.

  • Sparky

    At this point I can’t afford a Birkin but I love the lines and practicality of the design. I know a lot of PBer’s say its over exposed, too Kardashian, etc, but I really like them. Tote styles work really well for my lifestyle. I prefer the Birkin to the St Laurent SDJ.

  • Smithy

    I see three bags total right? Ostrich, black and white. They are all lovely. I’ll take all of them. Thank you.

  • Holly Stanton

    Lazy/show offy. Wearing Birkins all the time suggests no imagination. It’s like a fashion uniform. There are other bags that would better suit some of those dresses

  • Puja Wahi

    I love the Ostrich one and she is gorgeous. Is there a “The Many Bags of Padma Laxmi?” I’m very curious to see what else she carries.

  • Pamela

    I love Padma and birkins but it does make me LOL because she only has a certain demographic of men (old, super rich and white) and I am sure those make these bags even more accessible :)

    • SPA

      She was married to Salman Rushdie, who is Asian like her . She is probably rich enough on her own steam to afford these bags.

  • Rashida

    She has nice taste

  • Lilo

    I wouldn’t say she is imposingly beautiful.

  • Enfantterrible

    She has the worst taste. She is beautiful, but manages to make clothes look cheap. And she isn’t very nice either. Birkins don’t make you a decent person.

  • Bag hoarder

    Is Padma’s black birkin a JPG birkin?

  • Bag hoarder

    too bad the bags are heavy and TOO EXPENSIVE!

  • Roberta Peres

    She’s probably not a bag person. She likes what she has and stick to it. They are basic bags and go mostly with everything.