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  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Fun post!! But you forgot June Lockhart from Lassie!

  • c.Miller

    This is so good.

  • Guest

    Can’t believe Phylicia Rashad was not included. The ultimate TV mom.

    • I love her character and thought about including her, but with all the controversy surrounding Cosby over the past six months, I thought it would rub people the wrong way to do what could be construed as celebrating the show. It seemed best to err on the side of caution.

      • et

        But this is featuring the characters, not the actresses. Regardless of Cosby controversy, The Cosby Show (and its characters) remains a classic and well-loved one. Furthermore, Roseanne says something off color about once every six months, yet she’s still included…

      • To us, it seemed like a situation where we would bother people if we included her and bother people if we didn’t, which is unfortunate, considering how meaningful the show was to so many people. Erring on the side of caution seemed like the way to go in this particular situation because of its recency and sensitivity.

  • Katrina

    I guess the McQueen skull clutch would have been too much of a stereotype for Morticia! Can totally envision her rocking that one for an evening though….

  • fuchsiafury

    Lorelai Gilmore! Best Mom Ever. She also was a fan of the crossbody silhouette. Great post!

  • kemilia

    Great post, I love the match ups! This must have been a really fun one to do.

    • It was super fun! I could have done 15 more, probably, if not for time constraints. But–more for next year. (First up: Cookie Lyon.)

      • Sparkletastic

        Or maybe a classier mom of color. ????

  • FashionableLena

    It would have been nice to see one mother of color.

    • Sparkletastic


    • We always strive to be better than the average fashion site when it comes to representation–we know it’s a huge problem in the industry and one that we can do our part to fix. We missed out on that opportunity here and will do better. That, I can promise.

      • MsPit

        And remember, some people need to find a problem when there is none. Sad that some people need to create drama over a light, fun piece. I find that offensive. It’s clear no slight was intended.

      • FashionableLena

        I wasn’t creating drama or a problem because I still loved the article. Peg Bundy was actually my favorite. This is not going to stop me from reading this site. I made an observation and commented on it. I appreciated Amanda’s response, and I still will read her posts because she’s hella funny. It was constructive and not meant to start anything. You are reading way too much into a one sentence comment. There was absolutely, positively no malicious intent.

      • We took nothing at all malicious from it–this is a topic that I care about a lot and I’d never be offended at a reminder that it’s something to consider, especially from a commenter who has been supportive of us for a long time like you have.

      • Sparkletastic

        Making a comment is not creating drama. This is a blog. With comments. Comments were made. End of story.

  • Cara M

    I love this! You nailed it!

  • Lily

    I love the idea of Morticia Addams carrying an Alexander McQueen purse. The McQ Legend looks to have a great balance between classic and edgy. It also might be a wonderful alternative to the Givenchy Antigona, since not as many people have it.

  • Yoshi1296

    LMAO This is one of the best posts ever!! And the choices for each mom are SO accurate!

  • Sparkletastic

    What does it mean that I want the mob wife’s purse?????

    • It means you are a little more dangerous than you appear! And love a good leopard print :)

  • shopper

    WOW! You ladies are GOOD! Every combo a perfect match.

    I’m so impressed by your blog. You’re better than the top magazines.

  • et

    Not a single mom of color, but we are fortunate to have an animated TV mom. Okay.

    (Also, seems like I’m not the only one lamenting this.)

  • Elisa

    Agreed, nailed it!

  • Imgoingbroke

    Love the denim Miu Miu for Roseanne Barr. Hilarious!

  • abigail

    the lucille bluth one was so spot on!

  • Exiousle

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  • imissyoumirmo

    Great list! My favorite has to be Samantha Stephens, even though i like most of them!