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  • Sparky

    Milan is channeling fashion victims this week (with the rare exception).

    • JAMH

      True and what is a “full-on step and repeat?”

      • Gina Fuller

        the step and repeat is the background that has the brand name plastered on.

      • A step and repeat is what you see on traditional red carpets–a background with brand names and sponsors on it in front of which guests pose for a bank of photographers. Movie premieres and charity events usually have them, fashion shows usually don’t.

  • srpldr

    Giovanna Battaglia’s bag is from the summer Nancy Gonzalez collection.

  • Charlie

    Anna never disappoints me with her style

  • JJp

    Anice Alida is carrying a Marc Jacobs bag, not a PRADA bag.

  • Smithy

    I have to hand it to Anna for not doing anything surgical to her face.

    • oui

      Me too! And I’d rather spend all those nip/tuck money on bags and purses and everything nice. :)

    • Irene

      Back handed compliment. You’ve stated the obvious though, that she looks like an old lady playing dress up in a twenty something’s closet.

      • Mer

        “On the other hand, I trust you’re all familiar with Donatella.”

    • Sparkletastic

      And, why is that a good thing? This is about fashion. This isn’t the humanitarian / let’s focus on character blog. She likely colors her hair because she isn’t showing grey. And she wears fashionable clothes to enhance versus simply serviceable ones. So, no kudos for not enhancing other areas.

      She looks horrible. She could look better with more appropriate styling. I’m not accepting that just because she can wear something that she should.

  • ?? ?

    In China, the last one always means the most important one. we call it “yazhou”. And the word “yazhou” pronounces a lot like “Asian” in Chinese.?(*°?°*)?
    Anyway, thanks Amanda for placing Chinese guest Zhang Yuqi to the last one. I personally love her casual yet bold style.

    expecting more Asian stars appear in purseblog O(?_?)O~

    • We try to include as many stars from around the world as we can! Sometimes our photo service doesn’t have as many photos of them as American stars, but we do our best to find them since we have so many readers outside the US.

  • Anna Marie Galea

    Does anyone know where Donatella got her beautiful necklace/necklaces from?

  • DorianGray

    Donatella Versace is holding a Palazzo Empire Bag. It’s a very it bag here in Milano since last spring.
    I really like Gucci glitter plexi cat clutch.

  • theresa

    You don’t get Duma’s bag but you do Anna’s ridiculous Fendi Fur disaster….hmmmm

  • Pawan Kumar

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  • Natalie Luk

    Hey y’all! Love this post! However, I don’t think that’s the picture of Jane Grybennikova, I think it looks more like it’s Sanne Vloet. I recognize it because Sanne is one of my favorite VS runway models. :)