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  • Tian

    72 bags … a bit too many to see. I gave up at 32nd.

    • Lauren

      Haha. Me too

  • Sandra

    I would be lying if I did not confess I am a little in awe of the Hermes collection…consider the money spent on those alone.

  • Blair Sylvester

    her bags aren’t bad but her clothes and shoes and accessories are terrible. It’s like putting a great kitchen in a badly decorated home.

    • I felt sort of the same way when I got done finding these photos – Kim’s taste in bags is clearly her best aesthetic impulse.

    • sara

      I think if her clothes were not quite so low and so tight, her wardrobe wouldn’t be too bad. I actually quite like some of her outfits.

  • Kate

    Whoops! Number 46- Celine Phantom luggage tote, not Hermes!

    • Will fix! I knew at least one bag name would get shuffled to the wrong bag in the process.

      • Denise

        The Muse Two looks like an LV

      • Guest

        Number 36, I think it should be ‘Brogues’ covered!

  • eileenwestsixteen

    I love the bags but I also love the photo collage showing her boyfriend and self-tanner evolution.

    • It shows tons of evolution on so many fronts! haha

      • Chloe

        And engagement ring evolution! After a few pics, looking at her left ring finger to figure out the “era” became part of the game haha!

      • eE

        Could have just looked at her “face”…

  • Pattie Killeen Cowan

    Can one actually have too many Birkins? I believe she does. Perhaps she would consider donating one to the needy… ????. ????

    • RY

      her donating something??? hahahaha, she only knows how to take, not give…..

      • Pattie Killeen Cowan

        Worth a shot… : )

  • laura

    for some reason her collection doesn’t impress me. I like Khloe’s better.

    • We’ll be doing the rest of the Kardashians this year!

      • emo.gen

        I’ll be looking for that Amanda..

      • Saymama

        Much more interested in seeing Kourtney’s bag collection. I love her style the most of all the sisters + mother.

  • Lynne

    Also included, the many faces of Kim Kardashian

    • Lisa

      Exactly what I was thinking! Number 28 for instance is an oldie.

    • DesignerBags

      She looks quite elegant in #2 though, the dress helps a lot.


  • pe.riche.

    I think we can all agree that a girl can never have too many handbags! Lol.

    But I think the issue with Kim is that she doesn’t seem to appreciate the art of handbags. It seems as if she purchases them solely because they are expensive. Maybe I’m reaching here, but I don’t think she actually understands or appreciates the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into a beautifully crafted bag.

    • jen


    • londonhermit

      She doesn’t purchase anything she gets sent most of those bags for free.

      • tyler

        did you miss the part in the article about how hermes dont give freebies to anybody and considering the most of her bag seem to be hermes and they are the most expensive bags she owns your comments are proven false. you should what you write on the internet, this is slander and you can get sued because of it.

      • londonhermit

        Um what? Kim is a low life let me give you an example. She stole Brandi Norwood’s moms credit card number back in 2005/6 and let her sisters and other family members rack up 120,000 in debt then refused to pay for it until Brandi’s mom filed a lawsuit. To avoid criminal charges kimmode paid up. Purse forum runs a great sit and I love the many bags of but what I said about kim is true. She get clothes sent for free often. One site I read posted about the things the designers sent for that baby she had. It’s no secret celebs get sent things free. Uggs sent celebs items to wear to PSH funeral for godsake.

      • jelly

        wow i can’t believe the hatred comments here..ladies we all love
        bags and if you could afford would you resist from more Hermes bags?
        isn’t that all celebs receive free things from brands? how do you know
        that everyone else appreciates the craftsmanship except Kim? it’s just bag haters..look at other celebs bags it’s as overwhelmingly expensive as hers. nothing really special

      • TheIcePrincess

        I think you need to understand the legalese you throw around before you throw it. Slander is spoken, libel is written thus no one on earth can be sued for slander for writing a comment on a blog or anywhere for that matter. Further, I highly doubt with ALL the negative comments about the Kardashians online, in print and spoken on television and radio (especially directed at Kim) that the savvy Kardashian legal team would choose to sue over a comment made by someone who correctly stated that Kim receives freebies from designers. Londonhermit said NOTHING about Hermes sending Kim free purses so it was your own assumption that londonhermit meant that Hermes gave her free bags. You can’t sue someone for libel (see above for the difference between slander and libel) for an incorrect statement and although you may disagree with the comment, it hardly impacts Kim’s livelihood, reputation (ha!) or earning power.

        See how complicated legal issues can be? You should know that before you try to incorrect legal terms as a defense for your favorite reality show “stars”.

      • Janjan

        u, sir, are retarded.

  • w.cheng

    My favourite is the bottega venetta vendome croc

    • anouk

      Bottega Venetta is really LOVE for me! She can have all the whitenings and arse injections!

  • Jai

    What kind of mono massacre keepall is she carrying near the end? I don’t think I’ve seen one with a plate on the front.

    • peanutbutterparry

      it is the waterproof version

  • Jennifer

    My favorites are the Chanels & the Bals. Seeing the really old pap pix reminds me of how much I really did like the first season or 2 of the Kardashians. She seemed a lot more normal in those old pix.

  • Lilly

    Geezus, her collection is insane, and I love it! Out of the 72, I want all but maybe one or two. I read that she has 20 Birkin’s, and I counted. Lucky girl can afford it, good for her. I also love most of her style, most pre-Kanye.

  • JM

    Kim looks better with a more natural, less make up look. Her outfits aren’t so bad, I guess it’s just that maybe a lot of them are too tight?

    Her handbags choices are just perfect though. :)

  • Melocoton

    What an evolution of all sorts is right! I love that pink Kelly. So fresh and elegant.

  • bsprout

    This is a beautiful collection of bags- surprisingly understated. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it. Thanks for putting this

  • londonhermit

    Kims bag collection is a reflection of her life. Excessive, unearned and then tossed to the back of the closet.

    • AddisonDewitt

      ” what shall it profit a man (woman) should he gain the whole world yet lose his(her) very soul….”

      • londonhermit

        Nice scripture quote addison.

  • londonhermit

    Kims bag collection is a reflection of her life: unearned, excessive and thrown to the back of a closet.

    • CindyB

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, londonhermit. Kim is famous for being a s-l-u-t. She’s famous because she made a sex tape. She’s neither “fabulous” or “beautiful”. She’s a P-I-G, PIG.

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  • Jen

    I disagree with some of you folks! I think just as her bag collection, Kim and her wardrobe are fabulous. She is really a beautiful woman.

  • jen

    I don’t care for her, but I love her bag collection! Is it possible to add a place to pin these articles/galleries to Pinterest?

  • CarrieK

    Like most of you, I’m a bit underwhelm by her bag collections and I think the main reason is the lack of variation. She likes to buy different versions of the same bag, for instance, she has 4 black birkins. One with gold hardware, one with silver hardware, one with black hardware, and a black crocodile. She also has many balenciga city bags in different color. To me that made her collections a bit boring.

  • Ruby

    Well she certainly knows how to make expensive bags look cheap.

  • Smitha

    How many birkins does one socialite need? I also probably shouldn’t be so surprised that not a single diaper bag made this new mom’s list.

  • Olivia C. Jenkins

    Not a bad bag collection at all, but some of Kim’s outfits…. Uhh pretty terrible

  • RY

    ughhhh….. really, out of so many beautiful inside and out women, your pick was Kartrashian?

  • CindyB

    Can’t you find anyone else to write about? Kim Kardashian is a slut. She’s famous because she made a sex tape. She’s a no talent bum. If I happen to stumble across one of her shows, I can’t change the channel fast enough. She deserves NOTHING. She’s a SKANK

    • Francheska

      You are obviously the low life who is still bashing on Kim for something that happened 12 years ago. Please get over yourself. Kim has worked hard for the money she has. You probably can even afford a Longchamp.

  • Livin Out Loud

    …her mother…..her boobs….her personality….her life…bag lady

  • jenkt

    I went through and tried to tally the approximate amount she would have paid and came up with about $400,000 for the collection- the “big ticket item” (hah! just “one”) being the crocodile birkin.

    • londonhermit

      Thank the fashion gods she is sent them for free. No skin off her nose kinda.

  • Whoa, GRIZZLY Birkin?!

  • Geez..

    Two words- BRAND DILUTION

  • Dei

    Combined..the amount she spent on BAGS alone can feed hundreds of starving people in more than 50 countries!!!!*smh

  • Astounded

    I must chime in and say that one can never have too many Birkins or Kellys for that matter. As long as an individual is grounded and gives back, who cares what she/he buys. Although she did get (in)famous via the tape, I have to disagree about Kim not working for her money. Some funds come more easily for some things she does as apposed to other money.

  • AddisonDewitt

    Birkins are ugly

    • ebelinap

      you know this counts like a sin or something in this blog right? :p

  • Ellis

    Kourtney’ s style is way better. Please make a ‘the many bags’ of her and of khloe too. :)

  • Jen

    I’d love to share this on Pinterest. Can you start enabling it for Pins??

  • Rashida

    I think she is lovely and has great taste in bags!

  • Ashley

    Wow, she is crazy to have a lot of Hermes bags, which are super expensive!!! But she is nice

  • iReezy

    Well, if nothing else, I’ve learned that she’s a fan of the Birkin…

  • Nicole Calhoun

    Kim is not very smart. She is not a Trump, a Hilton, or a Buffett. IF (and that’s HUGE if) she paid for all the Birkin’s alone, we are talking at least a half million spent on….purses. I guess she thinks her money will last forever like those professional athletes that go broke. I wouldn’t doubt it if each one of those bags came from men she has s*r*wed; either in the light of day or on the DL.

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  • vee

    i like her bags and the evolution of her surgery face :)

  • Gia

    All that money and Her style sucks

  • lancelbbsac

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  • PJGambler

    I would say she has very good taste-was kind of surprised! I think a Louis Vuitton Monogram looks best when one is wearing jeans-a Chanel flap doesn’t work as well. Chanel looks best with dresses.

  • TheLacePrincess

    I love hand bags and pocketbooks. I have too many myself. I even started making Beautiful Handmade Purses for myself and friends.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Over exposed family, over exposed bags. Some are beautiful but there is nothing visually unique to see here. I love to see bags that I’ve not seen at the neighborhood Neimans, Barney’s, Saks, etc. You know, the ones snatched up preorder and never make the shelves. This gallery made me break my no Kardashian rule for nothing.

  • Kat

    Ugh so many Kardashian haters… Her bag collection is really nice and her style has gotten a lot better since Kanye came into the picture. People still won’t get over that sex tape and hey she is super smart. Sex sells! No wonder she has so many birkins and bals etc. At the end of the day it is just sex. It doesn’t make her a “skank” or a “slut”. If she was then she would not be on magazine covers and front row at Valentino and Givenchy shows.

    • pamela519

      Kat – just curious. Would you let someone pee on you while they were taping it? Not trying to be cruel, but you seem to think it is no big deal

      • Kat

        You’re right. I don’t think it is a big deal. At the end of the day its just sex whether its public or not. And a lot of couples change it up to make their intimate moments exciting. In this case it was urolagnia for Kim and Ray-J. I do not know the reason behind the video, whether it was just for them ( a lot of couples do make videos for themselves) or for public but at the end of the day its something one can ignore if he/she does not like it.

      • Kat

        Oh and anyways didn’t Ray-J release the sex tape without Kim knowing?

      • pamela519

        It’s one thing yo make a tape of yourself having sex with your boyfriend. I am fairly adventurous, but maybe it’s my age. I would find it degrading if someone tried to pee on me, let alone have it get out there to the public for the world to see. Let me put it to you this way. If it was your daughter, how would you feel then? It would kill me if any one of my daughters had to go through something like that. It would also make me very sad, to think one of my daughters thinks so little of herself that she would not only let her “boyfriend” pee on her, but than tape it and leak it to the public as well. Wasn’t the boy that peed on her the son of the lady she stole the credit card from? Where she not only spent thousands, but let her family as well? Yes, this is certainly a woman we should look up to. Her morals are set so high (NOT). It seems to be the Kardashians laughed their way to the bank, but for me, that is a very heavy price to pay. She can certainly ignore it, but it won’t go away and it is one of the first things people think of when they hear Kim’s name.

    • Astounded

      You are right about one thing. Sex does sell, but are the bags really worth you putting your business out for everyone to see? Having a sex take between you and your significant other isn’t the issue here. It’s the fact that Kim doesn’t have any morals. IDK about you, but I do think of Heaven and Hell. I would rather have a great afterlife instead of eternally burning in Hell. I also would like to be able to see my family without feeling ashamed for my actions. Its nice to have money, but Money isn’t everything. That’s the problem with our society nowadays. People will do anything for money.

  • Marni

    I love her ! Her style has become way better, because of Kanye xD

  • Nice bags Kim!

  • Deborah

    She used to look so different! Seriously unrecognizable. I have huge bag-envy here.

  • iHateClones

    What does it matter how she got the bags or her fame… NEWSFLASH her family wasn’t living in compton before the sex tape that she made with her boyfriend of 2 years… she took a messed up situation and capitalized off of it like many people (i.e. mistresses that sue their former lovers or women that get pregnant by celebs on purpose for child support or whatever). Just enjoy looking at the bags you may never own and keep it moving. Posting negative comments on blogs isn’t gonna make her any less famous or have any less bags.

  • Jacqueline Yee

    I really like the green Hermes bag the color is fabulous. Some of the other bags aren’t bad either. I personally thought Kim looked her best when she was in casual jeans and tops. She is very lucky to get some of these bags for free. The press she gets really promotes these designers so its well worth it to send her free bags she knows how to get attention that is for sure good or bad. Still very nice collection an there are a couple there that would look great in my closet lol.