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  • kevinkim

    Pretty sure the prada is real, from their little punk-rock/skull-bone days, Christina just makes it look fake, lol

    • If that bag is real, I need to reconsider my obsession with Prada. I mean, man…that is one cheap-looking bag.

      • billionaire

        Cristina net worth is over 100 million dollars, I am pretty sure she can by a birkin bag in every color. Have a seat. You are supposed to be a positive purse blogger.

      • dremms

        I agree!This is an authentic Prada bag.Mayb from one of der seasonal collection.Its not even expensive,so not worth buying a fake version of this..especially coming from a Hollywood Star.
        My husband has this tote with some initials on it.
        N yes..Iv never seen u write in this negative tone before.:0

      • QuelleFromage

        I disagree – personally am tired of seeing LOTS of celebs with fake bags and think it should be noted. doesn’t have to be nasty – just noted. Amanda and team owe it to the audience to be clear if a bag looks possibly fake.

      • Guest

        Amanda didn’t say anything about Christina, she was talking about the bag (which is what you do on a purse blog/forum). Make sure you understand what is written before you attack a person.

      • billionaire

        Please have a seat and keep it moving.

      • Guest

        Please leave the played out jargon in 2010 and have a great day.

      • QuelleFromage

        1) She has had a bad career crash 2) She’s a fashion trainwreck 3) Plenty of wealthy people buy fakes.

  • AshleyG

    Really enjoyed this collection. And that Coach legacy duffle is really starting to get under my skin- as in I really need to get it…

  • Sandra

    Do some of these people (celebrities I guess)….go to this pumpkin patch over and over for the publicity? If so….that is kind of sad, right?

    • Oh, totally. Mr. Bones is so notorious for photographers that you should see the people I DIDN’T include in this post because they’re not actually famous.

  • Yerani_KM

    Do they serve cocktails at this place? Because the ONLY reason the likes of Joanna Krupa (barf) and Paris Hilton are there is to be photographed. These people are so shallow! Maybe next time a close up of the bags with just a slice of their arm in the pics. And I concur with Kevinkim, the Prada X-Tina is carrying is real, I know two people who also own it (even more barf).

  • viennaprinzessin

    Wow, so many trips to a pumpkin patch. As the mom of 4 boys, I never went to a pumpkin patch more than once a season. Some of these women are there a lot. They better have a biergarten with it.

  • ottercat

    Fame whores in the pumpkin patch. Scary!!!!

  • Mya

    Amanda, you really need to chill on your attack on Christina Aguilera. Personally I don’t think her Prada is fake, she certainly can afford real bags, why would she wanna carry a fake? Because the style is a bit peculiar does not automatically make it fake. I also don’t agree that she is a “has been”, she will forever remain one of the female artists with the best voices in the industry and a bit of a “dull spell” doesn’t immediately constitute a has been.

    Just chill a bit.

    • Hadrien

      I think it’s a great bag, your tastes are on the old side.

  • Jane

    I am surprised of the negative tone as well. Honestly I just want to see less celebrities and more critiques on bags like you used to do back in the day. I miss it so much!!! I miss the varying price as well from the two different bag pages. Don’t get me wrong I like to look at the celeb purses just not all the time.

  • might be my fave from the “many bags of” series! lol

  • Kathy Dowdle

    Being a collector of vintage Coach, of course I love the Legacy Duffle. It will always be a classic. This bag will look just as good 20 years from now!