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  • missarewa

    I love everything!!! But I have to say I’d never enjoy a collection this big, I need to enjoy everything I have, the excess would really bother me

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      Same here. I stopped flipping through the gallery after about 20 bags. Looks like she does try to carry them all though, which means she probably switches bags about every day! Must give her props for that but … wow.

  • I love Khloe’s style. She’s a tall girl and embraces that. Wishing her the best, her and Kourt are the only Kardashians who seem real.

  • Fashdash

    I like her collection, with the exception of the shearling LV dog bag :)

  • ferrylights

    So much Chanel! A really lovely collection.

  • Amanda

    Great collection. I love how she styles her bags!

  • Brittany

    Her collection is more basic than I thought it’d be, but not in a boring way. She looks good these days too, and good for her after what that husband of hers put her through.

    • Abbi

      She seemed to genuinely try and fight for her marriage as well as opposed to a certain sibling she has…

  • yianna

    So here is my question …are they really all owned by her, or are lent to her? Does her stylist procure them for her?

    • Jennifer

      Hermes absolutely does not lend bags. No exceptions. As for the others, celebs tend to buy or be given bags from the labels. They are not typically lent or loaned bags.

      • Dylan

        They lend them to movies, sweetheart. Blue Jasmie had a Birkin throughout the entire movie, and it was loaned by Hermès.

      • Nicole

        Hermes never loans bags.It was most likely procured for that movie.

  • AshleyG

    Love Khloe- wish I could take a spin in her closet!

  • Rosa Lily

    Nothing really sensational about her basic handbag collection. Basically the same handbags spotted on the majority of celebrities. It’s impressive how nowadays celebrities have acquired the Hermes Birkin in every color. It seems to me that that Hermes “waiting list” is just a legend.

    • B

      I have heard that the Kardashians buy some directly through Hermes but some through resellers as well. That’s how they get so many every year.

      I like her collection for the post part. The birkins are a obvious like. I like her Celine’s pretty much. Her chanel chain around is tdf!

  • Konjo

    I really like her collection!

  • Rashida

    I think she is beautiful, her collection is beautiful!

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  • Not only do they have great bags but the’re also beautiful. Is life unfair or what?!
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  • Ttt Ttt

    would love to get my hands on the red Chanel chain all round bag. WOWZER

  • Hannah

    that bleu electrique birkin is boss

  • christina

    Does anyone know what this bag is?

  • JeffreyHNelson

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