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  • There’s nothing special here. I believe that even the staff of PurseBlog has more exciting bag collection than a TV mogul like her.

    • AshleyG

      I think that’s actually the reason I like her collection so much. The bags ARE special in that they are all pretty expensive for someone who actually has to pay for them. There’s something just refreshingly honest and real about it… For the most part, her collection reflects my current collection with the addition of some major pieces that I’d love to own someday.

  • I love her classy collection.

  • Amanda

    Aww her and her husband are so cute together!

  • Hermeslover

    I have the same birkins & LV. I remember meeting her & her husband years ago. They were really sweet.

    • twoturntables

      I love hearing that famous people are actually nice in person. It makes me like them more :).

  • Guest

    Was it Elizabeth Taylor who so famously said that after 40 a woman has to choose between her face and her a**? When the leather on your bags looks better than the skin on your face, you might need to rethink your choices.

    • twoturntables

      I know! How dare a woman have the nerve to age! I can’t believe she leaves the house.

      That was sarcasm for the record.

    • sue

      wow, guest – on Wednesdays we wear pink.
      Love Kelly, her bag choices, her prioritization on family – all good!

      • Abbi

        HA! This made my day!

        Is butter a carb?

  • Leslie

    I have to think if I had the money (which I don’t), this collection of bags is very similar to what I would really carry. And to Amanda’s point, makes me like Kelly more. What else makes me like her more…is that is some of these pics, she obviously is not made up to the nines. While it’s nice to see all the ridic collections of Lisa Vanderpump, the Karadashians, etc…it’s refreshing to see someone who likes nice things, potentially pays for it themself, and is not following the trends just to be followed by the press.

  • laura

    I like her collection, she owns bags that a non-celebrity person with good taste would choose -all neutral, all classic -I love it.

  • Kate

    I think it’s funny that some actresses/singers (and kardashians, yuck) are given free bags while Kelly Ripa isn’t-I’d be much more likely to buy something after seeing pictures of her with it than after seeing a reality tv star with the same bag. I don’t think her skin looks that bad by the way-she’s 43 and from what I gather she has a pretty brutal schedule (I know at one time she was working on three separate shows). She’s not going to look like a pampered 25 year old.

    • Lilly

      Lol, I was waiting for the requisite Kardashian hater/snark. Did not disappoint.

  • Cari

    You know what I love (aside from her bags) is the fact that in most pictures she is with her husband or her kids…nice to see a celeb who obviously cares out her family A LOT.

  • I personally think she looks awesome for being 43 and I love her bags!

  • Lilly

    Her husband gets hotter and hotter, I swear. Anyway, I like Kelly, but her style, including the bags is safe mini-van majority fluff that is her demographic. Expensive, but not too out there to upset the moms who watches her sensibilities. In other words, boring.