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  • dp purse fan

    She has an amazing collection of bags. Thanks for the update on her collection.

  • Wow. The most of her collection consists of bags well above the 2K price range, and only in this post there are 50 bags! Jessica hunn, will you introduce me to your friends in high places pretty please?

  • Connie

    Meanwhile in Africa kids starve to death…. I love to admire and to have a beautiful bag or two, but 50 new bags in 17 months!!! It’s way too much. There should be limits, ladies

    • Casey

      Shame on Jessica Alba for making those poor children starve :(

      • Connie

        She’s not making them starve…. but is not helping either… and this kind of shallow display seems not so classy to me… and regarding your comment let me tell you I heard once that irony is the lowest expression of intelligence

      • Casey

        Well, I mean, she is an ambassador for 1 Goal (amongst other organizations), a charity that provides education for children in Africa, I think she’s allowed to have nice bags.

  • krisanti

    She got them for free + she got paid to carry them just like SJP. Celebs don’t pay their bag, they got paid for their bag.

  • Sandra

    Well, who would turn down being paid to carry around some pretty great handbags?? Sounds like the best job in the world to me! LOL!

  • Guest

    Wow, she really has no personal taste whatsoever and just keeps on carrying whatever she gets for free…… I hardly ever saw a collection more non-descriptive, anything-goes, than this…..

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      I know, right?! I mean she doesn’t even know how to dress well without a stylist!

  • Nerdster

    Where does she keep all of them?! I only see a few in here that I would actually buy.

  • Lilly

    What a great gig carrying free designer bags. I really love #’s 5 and 8. I also like the Simone Camille bags, they are overpriced but fun, i don’t see why all bags have to be “sophisticated.”

  • Guest

    I don’t like celebrities who just carry “free bags” from designers. It shows there is nothing personal in her wardrobe and makes the bags look even cheaper that designers just hand them out to her. This many is just ridiculous.

  • Christina

    The black/ivory bag is the ‘le jour’ bag of Lanvin,not DVF (photo 9)

  • K

    Honestly? I didn’t like a single bag from these photos. I definitely do not have 50 handbags, let alone 50 handbags within 1 year, but I very much prefer buying and carrying what I like versus carrying these free bags that are “meh”…

  • anouk

    The only nice purse in this loot is the Bulgari Serpenti.

  • Johna

    Jessica Alba sucks she has the style of a moron and looks ridic dressing the way she does at 33? Some of her looks are so sloppy they look to young….that being said she’s a beautiful girl.

  • AMDG

    Has she ever been seen carrying the same bag twice? Maybe she just gives them back at the end of the day. Who has storage room for that many bags?

  • Halim

    I just hope that the bags gratis does not mean I have to pay a hefty price for my Chanel or Givenchy. Greedy Asian tourists have already push up the prices of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. How on earth is a girl starting out in her career going to ever afford one. My first purchase was A Moschino and I remembered it gave me the excitement and palpitations of a shopper’s high. Discovering recently the price of an over escalated Valentino rockstud I was aghast. So PR girls take note. Free bags never gave one style anyways.

    • Lin Yu

      Hey Hamlin, watch out your words! If you do not have enough money as Asians do just shut your mouth up and carry plastic bags, okay!?

  • Marine family

    No. 9 might be Gerard Darel. I’ve seen an all black version described as his.

  • Jerri R

    1. Great article very well organized and interesting, not to mention entertaining!
    2. It looks like a full time job moving your stuff from one bag to another every time you switch purses, and that often!
    3. She looks the most attractive with bohemian youthful styles.
    4. Whether she got the bags for free or not, I like how she mixes super expensive bags with the more plebian ones.
    5. I miss seeing her wearing flats. She used to rock em. She is more into heels recently.