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  • J

    least prestigious? Yes, because NYFW is mostly about contemporary copycats like Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff

    • laura


    • willoo

      I totally agree! I love LFW!

  • Jodie

    I’m surprised you’ve got people from Made In Chelsea here! :)

  • shueaddict

    so much chanel …. boooring …

  • ade

    tanya burr is not a celebrity, she is merely just a youtuber, please do your research

    • M

      False. She now has her own lipgloss and nail polish collection, so she’s a makeup designer.

      • ade

        just because one puts your name on a lipgloss, does not make you a makeup designer . just stating the facts, she not a celebrity she is a youtuber.

    • justa9url

      Why can’t YouTubers be celebrities? Celebrities are defined as famous people and Tanya Burr sure is a famous person. Plus, I’d rather have people idolize her than some of the other celebrities in the tabloids.

  • laura

    with the exception of a few, these are very safe bag options. I would expect more from people in Fashion.

  • Khaya

    That clutch that Olivia is carrying is so chic!! Love the bordeaux color!! Who designed that?

    • QuelleFromage

      I’d like to know too!

  • seres

    Love both of Kendall’s coats, especially the second one – anyone know the make?

  • emo.gen

    Leigh Lezark and Olivia Palermo are my two favourites in this post.. And OP’s beautiful Antigona got me drooling..

  • Justina

    Kelly Osbourne? Faux Birkin? I thought it looked odd and a little cheapish (I know, not a word) but fake? Why would she do that?

    • Cat

      A post on this blog, perhaps a few weeks ago, went into detail about the faux Birkin.

      • adguru

        Maybe it’s meant to be ironic. Birkins are such a celeb cliche now and show no originality just money to spend

  • willoo

    Tanya Burr’s bag is called the Burberry Petal bag that is released for spring summer 2014.

  • Guest

    Since when did Tanya Burr become a celebrity…?

  • Since when did Tanya Burr become a celebrity..?

  • Bailey

    i hate socilates. they are just rich people’s offsprings who didnt have to do much to achieve success

  • LFW >>> NYFW.

    That least prestigious line is totally ridiculous. Everyone knows the New York shows are just sportswear!

  • Suzanne

    Does anyone know the price of the chanel logo pouch bag? And what it can even hold? haha

  • just sayin’

    A faux Birkin? I thought advocating faux designer bags aka knockoffs aka replicas was prohibited but it’s fine when celebs do it I guess because ya know, they are SOOOO much better than us.

    On another note, there are so many celebs rockin replicas that I could start a blog I saw for example, a pic of supermodel Adriana Lima on the beach with he LV orange graffiti Neverfull…..that bag is a bad replica at that, the print of the graffiti i sway too small!