Lindsay Lohan Before After

I know we have an unhealthy obsession with Lindsay Lohan and her recent press coverage she’s been getting. I just can’t help myself but laugh at her claims of being in perfect health and a normal eater. I would like for you to click on the image above and tell me if you’d support her claim. Keep in mind that the before images picture her before the start of shooting her new Herbie movie, while the latter are from last week’s Mr & Mrs Smith premiere.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • She truly looks frail and unhealthy. She is more attractive in the before photos. Hopefully she will notice her appearance and make the necessary changes to improve her health and appearance

  • lori a

    yes, she looks sickly. but the real questions is why do we care? what makes her news worthy? she doesn’t have a couture look (like nicole kidman), or a cute look (like kate hudson). nothing makes her stand out in a crowd. what’s the appeal?

  • Theo The Greek

    cause see has nice t**s

  • Theo- thanks for your wise words of advice. Much appreciated and insightful from a male mind ;-)

    I really think women underestimate the power of these disorders and what it does to their body through both short and long term consequences. Anyhow it has been proven that men would chose a woman who has more curves as his partner ( yes, one with nice t**s- like you said Theo)

  • Caroline

    Lindsay looks much better as a red head and at the size before.
    Her current size is too thin and it doesn’t flatter her face at all.
    She definitely lost a lot or some of her looks from the before pictures.

  • elli

    she looks soooo much better before…damn she was she just looks sick…listen up girl..everyone thinks u should get yourself a sandwich!

  • lina

    she looks awful ,she used to look better,and the way she claims that her weight is normal is just weird…….and so on

  • i think she looks better as a blonde but really unhealthy at the same time and yes i agree w/ elli. GET YOURSELF A SANDWICH!

  • and theo, youre one nasty kid

  • Nee

    She was actually pretty when she was a red head & had more weight on her. At least she didn’t look sick.

  • Melinda

    She looked better before Heck she might even look good with blonde hair if she was at a healthy weight! Now she looks disgusting!!!!!!

  • Nexia

    She’s look beautifull now
    she have a good shape now
    nice girl…

  • liv

    i think she looks great as a blonde so much better then that horrible red… but i think that she does need to put on some weight…. however i wouldnt say to the weight she was before… may a bit less… but no way less then she is now… :). and i must say this… she shouldnt put on the fake tan, when she does she looks red/orange like her hair before she lost all the weight!

  • chiari

    she got an infection in her right breast implant and went to thre hospital to get them removed and used an eating disorder as anexcuse to cover up hjer breast lost. but now she has them back and looks great and fake again. she also got a nose job and the first pic of her is from the age of 17 when she had just gotten the breast implants.

  • Naggy

    If she had much more muscle tone, her body now would be nice-ish. (ipad)

  • KY

    She looks better before.. (ipad)