Everyone is on the environmental train lately, which I am loving. Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” made its way to the masses, hybrid car sales are on the rise, organic food and clothing is catching on, and now handbags are making an environmental statement. Keira Knightly may be laying off the meat, cheese, and carbs, but is also laying off leather bags by sporting the Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” tote from the environmental line of handbags. This tote bag is merely made of cotton and merely costs a scanty £5.00, but you better believe it is on eBay going for as much as $150 USD. Tell me how that makes sense! I suppose it is the story of supply an demand, and who will argue that a bag for the environmental cause is on high demand. Keep checking Anya Hindmarch for updates on the “I’m not a plastic Bag”.

Thanks to cheapthrills for posting the thread!

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  • I think her bag is ugly and I would never pay any amount of money for that thing! It’s cheap and sloppy. :shock:

    • Jennifer

      It’s not about how crappy she looks, it’s about the fact that billions of plastic bags get used every day clogging our waters, and killing us slowly by ruining our environment.

      Who cares what she looks like if we are faced with more serious problems than makeup and how “cheap and sloppy” her bag looks.

      Buy a cuter one that looks “nice”, as long as you don’t take home plastic from the grocery store and try to recycle.

  • She looks like DEATH in that photo. :shock:

  • Yeah I agree with Alana – it’s hideous!

    Anyway, LOVE Your site! I thought you may be interested in mine as well:


    If you want to do a link exchange, just let me know!

    – Lauren

  • Julie

    Get a life you lot! Where the heck have you been lately????? This bag is THE bag of late!!! EVERYBODY wants one because they want to do their bit for the environment-tell me how this bag could ever be a bad thing? It’s pretty, it’s environmentally sound, and it’s hot hot hot. Now go back to sleep!

  • preppyrich69

    wow ur crazy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!!! this bag looks like it would be at claries on the dollar 50 rack opps did i say that out load

  • charisse

    yea, she “looks” environmentally conscious, but i bet she makes the bath water run, uses up too much electricity at her home, rarely recycles, etc…If she does practice what she preaches, kudos to her, but I HATE CELEBRITY HYPOCRITES.

  • Allow me to introduce the Anya Hindmarch £5 re-usable shopping bag – designed in collaboration with We Are What We Do. The eco shopper that lets you divert plastic from landfill while cutting a diverting dash.

    Our Action 01 is Decline Plastic Bags. Every person in this country uses, on average, 167 plastic bags a year: that’s approximately ten billion bags all told. This is unsustainable. But then so is carrying a dozen oranges without a receptacle (believe us, we’ve tried). Which was why we at We Are What We Do approached the UK’s leading accessories designer Anya Hindmarch to help us create a product that was not only beautiful and beneficial but would better help us Live Our Actions. While plastic bags will take up to 500 years to degrade your £5 all cotton and recycled plastic bag is durability itself and will withstand the wear, tear and the covetous looks of fellow consumers for years to come.

    We at We Are What We Do are not about creating more ‘stuff’ for an already over-saturated market. The reusable shopper is the incarnation of our 01 Activism and will provide the cornerstone of our campaign to rid the nation of plastic bags later this year. Our formula at We Are What We Do has always been that small actions x lots of people = BIG change. And that change needn’t be cataclysmic or grand, that it can be chic and small and perfectly formed.

    The limited edition, Anya Hindmarch bag will be launched at London Fashion Week, available in participating Sainsbury’s stores from April and online through the We Are What We Do shop as part of an exclusive pack with the original inspiration for the bag, Change the World for a Fiver. (Retail price £10.) The designer bag will cost £5 and – in now inimitable We Are What We Do fashion, why not go to our shop now and leave your email address and we will let you know as soon as they arrive – no one involved in the project will make any profit from the sale of the product.

    The ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ shopper is designed to put the ‘productivity’ firmly back into the product and we hope that it will be the first of many such items enabling us to make small changes, and big differences. For more details about how to get involved with the Action 01: Decline Plastic Bags campaign email Becca Leed at Becca@wearewhatwedo.com

  • Hi Everyone

    I think the bag is a great idea but it is not alone. We are about to launch a similar concept but the bag will be FREE

    We are having sponsors on the bag and that will pay for the manufacture and distribution.

    All profits will be going to Charity and Enviromental Causes.

    Please go to http://www.millionbags4life.com and register your interest. We will keep you updated on the project and where you can get one from.


  • Kerri

    I think this back is a brilliant idea and creates a fabulous look at the same time.
    How dare anyone mock this bag, when they dont even know the cause behind it! This is not just a bag, it is someone trying to do better in this world! Go Anya Hindmarch!

  • feeeeeeee

    You lot are mentalists!
    I have been on the phone all morning to harrods and harvey nichols trying to reserve one of them bags, but to no avail!
    I want one! I have to wait till april like everyone else now.

  • G mann

    Hi Peps

    If you go to ‘we are what we do’ website you can register for a news letter, they will then let you know when other colours are out. If you happened to registered with them a few days ago you would have got a exclusive link to purchase the bag online from them direct. Woops looks like you missed out. I got one!!!! he,he,he!

  • jax

    I got a really stylish hessian bag from John Lewis recently – waterproof lined sacking basically – tall rather than wide, and long handles that can go over the shoulder, or even be tied together to make shorter handles. It is very chic and simple, great for work, only subtly embroidered with the store name in same colour. All for only £2 or so. They are available throughout their stores near most till-points, and possibly in Waitrose tho I can’t be sure. Same thing, same principle, no designer label! And available NOW

  • El

    FINALLY got on to the website to get my Anya Hindmarch environmental bag today. I think that the bag, the concept, the whole deal is FABULOUS. It’s got the enviromental message out to thousands and thousands of consumers. Not only are more people clued up, but it’s given great exposure to the ‘We Are What We Do’ campaign. Not to mention that hundreds of trendy shoppers (those who managed to get the bag before it sold out) will be carrying their bag everywhere, and not needing plastic shopping bags to carry their groceries, new clothes, etc etc. Who knew a bag could change the world? Now bag addicts can ease their guilty conscience after splurging £1000 on the latest Chloe Bay, knowing that bags are more than fashion!!

  • Chantelle

    Yay, finally got one for £5 last week during all the craziness with the WAWWD site!! So happy!! :mrgreen:

  • Chantelle

    Oooh also, what I love about this bag is that even if someone is just buying it as a fashion thing, they can’t use plastic bags whilst carrying it cause they’d look so stupid!

  • Danielle

    I received my Anya Hindmarch bag yesterday and Im so pleased with my purchase!Got mine from ‘we are what we do’ also got a fantastic book which I have to say really made me think! The website is well worth a visit!Re-useable bags are a brilliant idea and with Anya’s design you are not only helping the environment but it looks fantastic as well. I would say however that they are selling for silly money on ebay some over £70.00!
    Any re-useable shopping bag is a good idea, Anya’s design just seems to be attracting more attention than any before and this has to be a good thing if it helps people realise about the waste we produce!
    A brilliant idea – well done ‘We are what we do’ and Anya Hindmarch!

  • Lori

    I think this bag is a wonderful idea. I live in Dublin and am proud that we no longer have “free” plastic bags with every purchase. The government introduced an environmental tax on all plastic bags a few years ago, a cost which must be paid by the consumer. The result is every supermarket now provides a branded “bag for life” which costs an initial €1 (about 75p) and is then replaced for free when worn. All other stores from designer to diy provide heavy duty paper bags, safe enough to carry your purchases home undaunted by the Irish weather. The difference has been great, no more plastic bags hanging from trees and floating down the road!!!! Consumer persuasion is worth 10 times any advertising campaign so get on board to target your local shops to provide reusable shoppers, if M&S, Tesco & all the UK chain stores with an Irish presence can provide it in one market why not at home?

  • morven

    I just bought one of these bags this morning, i got up at 5.30 and jumped into my car to got to the local sainsburys. when i got there there were already poeple there and one girl had been there since 1am! at 7 am there were 29 of us in the queue and sainsburys only had 30 bags in stock! the faces on the people who were too late were a sight, disapointment at confusion that 30 peoplegot in the queue before them. well what do you expect after half seven in the morning?
    Anyway i am very happy with my new purchase and will not sell it even though a woman offered me money for the bag when i came out of sainsburys! I’ll also used it for its purpose (to replace plastic bags- unlike some people who bought the “not a plastic bag” and put it inside a plastic bag! crazyness!


    my friend was told to go to sainsbury by 8 this morning and when she got there all those that had already queued up from 6.30 this mornong had been given a ticket so although she got there befor 8 this morning she and many others had no chance of getting one i think it is unfair to only allocate a few bag to each shop when its for a charity my friend could not go before 8 because she like myself is working from 6 till 7.45 in the morning what chance have we goT ??????????????

  • Yvonne

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a bag this morning too, got to my local Sainsburys at 7.30am to a queue of over 50 people I was on my way out as and a lady told me to get a ticket – apparently not all Sainsburys nationwide were selling 30 bags per store this particular store was selling 239 and another was selling 500.

    I hope everyone enjoys their bags and maybe look forward to adding to their collection – other anya bags will be out in June from USA and Japan.

  • beth

    :evil: shut up all lot ov yaz just coz u ant got 1 dunt mean u hafto start complainin i got 1 n i luv it haaa

  • Becky

    Got to sainsburys at 6.15 at got the 17th bag YAY!!!!! It is such an awesome idea and I’m soooo glad I got one. I told the security guard the night before that he’d see me in the morning which I dnt think he believed until he walked out the doors at five to eight!

  • claudz

    Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to get “the bag”, I was disappointed, but, it is not the only bag that can make a difference.
    You can use any other cloth ones as well. I will be making my own canvas tote bag for groceries since I wasn’t one of the “lucky ones”

  • lauren

    i have got the anya bag! woo hoo! so happy! was at my sainsburys at 6am and got the 11th bag! my boyfiend queued for the 12th and his brother for the 13th! one for me, my mum and my sister in law! the queue gave me daggers tho when i walked out with 3 bags on my arm! shoulda got there earlier ppl! lol!
    im so happy with my bag every1 should want one! xxxx

  • K

    I live in Canada and I was wondering if I could pre-order the bag from the Anya site when it is released.
    Do you know where I can get a hold of this bag or anyone has 1 to sell, I am interested

    Please help


    • Yvonne

      Hi me0kat

      I seen you name on other blogger sites

      Holt Renfrew in Canada, Calagary, Edmonton will be selling the bag in store on the day (8 per customer) 20th June 2007

      Check out their website under events and scroll down.

      Good Luck :grin:

  • Rosie

    I got one yesterday from Sainsburys for a fiver.

    They are selling on Ebay for £200 atm.

  • KB

    I am in the US and would like to know how I can acquire one of these bags. I think they are very cute. If anyone can help please e-mail me.


    • Yvonne

      Hi Admin

      Check out Anya hindmarch site and it will give the list of stores who will be selling the bag in store on the day of the launch 20th June.

      Good Luck :smile:

  • ally

    funny how everyone who bought those bags ended up placing it in a plastic bag to take home lol :???:

  • annie

    fuk me she looks like death!?
    the bag would be better on her head!

  • Anna

    I think this bag is fantastic I don’t see why this bag is ugly I think its georgas i mean its just a bag get a grip people. :grin: :grin:

  • Mel

    i got to my holt renfrew store in Canada today at 9am and was the last girl to get a hold of one bag….

    other people in the line up got 10 bags!!!!

    ridiculous as we all know they will all be sold @ ebay

    the line up is not bad as i was the #23 and the stores have 100 of them

  • Mad

    I went to Holt Renfrew at 9 in the morning too. There were 800 bags available. They gave out 74 tickets, and each person could get 10 bags each! How unfair! I was like the 100th person in line and couldn’t get it! ARRRRHHHHH!! Some people were actually selling them there on the street.
    They’ll all end up on ebay anywayz….

  • dira

    I think this bag is great way to reach out to young minds about the significant of reserving the environment.. besides, this beg is fashionistas must-have!!

  • Yvonne

    Hi Lucky Baggers

    The 10 per person option is a tad unfair. It should have been limited to 2 per person.

    Holt Renfrew is missing the point! :???:

    Thanks to We Are What We Do and Anya’s sit for the random selection. I was lucky winner. :grin:

  • yuppiegurl

    I desperately want a “I’m not a plastic bag” bag but I live in Barbados, the Caribbean. :cry: can you tell me where I can buy one from? Please let me know.


  • jade – www.myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    shes a walking corpse?

  • Ben

    I just started using reusable tote bags for my groceries and other shopping trips. You can get some great reusable bags at http://www.Rejavanate.com. Not only do they eliminate the waste caused by plastic and paper bags but they are made from recycled burlap coffee bags, keeping tons of burlap waste out of our landfills AND the manufacturing process provides employment for individuals with developmental disabilities !!!! It’s a Win, Win, Win !!!

  • brandy

    :cool: i have this limited bag wanted to sell, i have UK,US,Japan and Asian version in set i willing to selling out all do u interested. if yes pls email to me brandybest1688@yahoo.com.sg

  • Yuri


    I luv this bags, I have 2 right now: one is for my own bag collections ^^ and another I would like to sell it. Pls email me if u interested: cancam.hermes@gmail.com

  • Sunny

    i love those bags.
    ive got one myself =)

  • erin

    :shock: Fugly. Being “environmentally friendly” doesn’t make it pretty. And is it really “environmentally friendly” anyway?

    Give me a break.

    Buying an UGLY cotton bag doesn’t mean you’re saving the damn earth. I’m wearing a cotton jacket, where’s my medal?

  • Oriel

    I SOOOO LOVE “IT”!!!Everyone i scrazy about the bag of the moment!!!!!Get lost sloppy bitches!!!My socialite friend just got 10 of those environment-friendly Anya Hindmarch Bag… :shock:

  • Oriel

    I SOOOO LOVE “IT”!!!Everyone is crazy about the bag of the moment!!!!!Get lost sloppy bitches!!!My socialite friend just got 10 of those environment-friendly Anya Hindmarch Bag… :shock:

  • yuppiegurl

    Since I never got my “I’m not a plastic Bag” I now own a few of these earth day reusable grocery bags and I love them. :razz:


  • shopoholic

    I love this bag and even though it is sooo cheap, I saw in my sister’s “tween” magazine a shameless “Mudd” knockoff that looked EXACTLY the same except it said Mudd on it also I guess to avoid like copyright issues. I can’t believe these knockoff companies :mad:

  • SheFindsMichelle
  • fashion princess alana

    :evil: that looks ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo gay on her i personaly think country road tote bags are much if you think that bag looks cool you obviously dont have any taste in fashion if you do not very much bbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeee :lol: :evil: i hate people with no taste in fashion

  • Azra

    I love the idea, and I love the bag! I just got mine few days ago, and i’m planning to get more of them, in any color they come. Wonderful idea, way to go Anya!

  • Jen

    She has definitely looked better, but gotta give her props for helping the environment and using this awesome new bag. Great site, we reference it for our blog, thanks!

  • Anya1987

    I bought this bag a few days ago! I’ve been after it for ages and it took me so long to find, I had to find it in another state! (And I live in Australia, so that’s not that easy).
    This bag is amazing. It’s stylish, convenient, totally in, and helps support the environment at the same time. And I got it for a perfect $60! So no complaints here! I’m one happy customer!
    P.S. Keira looks fine. Lay off the girl, she’s shopping in the street. She shouldn’t have to do her face/hair/fashion statement thing all the time.

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