Keira Knightley is face of the scent Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. The Chanel Coco Mademoisella commercial features the stunning Keira Knightley paired with the heavenly sound of Joss Stone singing ‘Nat King Cole’ L-O-V-E. And earlier for the fall Ad, Keira stripped down for Chanel and for a reported $1 million dollar contract to be the face of the new scent. The young actress is not known for her curves, but she still has a body that entices the masses. Keira knows her strengths and says, “I have certain tools. One of them is my body.”

keira knightley chanel ad

Via Daily Mail

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  • She is stunning, especially in this ad. But her body’s a bit too waif-like.

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  • she needs work on her very very protruding witch-like chin.

  • I love the ad, but the music is a bit cliche…

  • Jahpson

    I love the music! thank you purse blog. I have been wondering who was singing, the voice sounded so familiar but I couldn’t remember.

    the video is alright, but I like Keira. she is a great actress

    • Elizabeth

      The singer is Joss Stone. I have her c.d. but that’s my favorite song.

  • Diamond

    She has no curves.


    she needs to learn the meaning on the word ‘eating’.

  • ms. diamond

    does she eat!?

  • kate Bailey

    ooooooo she is showing a bit toooo much :) hehe

  • shezz…

    As Queen Amidala’s aide in Star Wars.


  • elizabeth Rutland

    keira is beautiful who’s the hot guy??? He should make more commercials!!!!!

  • kiss

    i love this girl

    • bekii duffield

      same here

  • Libby

    I too came here looking to see who sang in the ad-was thinking Alicia Keys-completely forgetting about Joss’s great pipes. I love her voice!
    Yeah, Keira ‘looks’ skinny, but I’d say she comes by it naturally. At least she has real thighs, not sticks for legs. If you look at her joints, you don’t see the knobbly bones poking through the skin like say, Paris Hilton or worse yet, Angelina Jolie-whom I love as a person and actress, but admittedly looks like she needs a few cheeseburgers and some bone-and-muscle building exercises!

  • Honey

    I totally love this ad and the song is just superbly outstanding… anyone know how to get it for download? :) ;)

    • bekii duffield

      i already have


    this girl is perfect in every way,ive been keeping up with her films for the last 5 years,and she has always been this size,some people just get upset that she eats good and dosent get fat,these jealous ladies need the help of a good diet and leave this beauty alone,DONT GET YOUR PANTIES TWISTED THAT GOD GAVE HER A BODY THAT YOU WANT

  • Laurita

    My blog about Katie Holmes!
    Keira is very nice!!!

  • bekii duffield

    it’s great i’m getting some more 4 chrimbo

  • Abdul lohar

    God almighty she is a beautiful naked woman I like the her chanel video clip she shows herself with a white mens shirt only 1 button of that shirt is fastened her sensitive skin is liquorish or oily.