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  • Pixel_Queen

    Ah, Kate. For me, she can do no wrong. Great compilation of pictures, Amanda. Thanks!

  • S’pir

    Mulberry Mabel..?

    • Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

    • shari817

      The red bag is Louis Vuitton Sophia bag

  • JSV

    Could be Mulberrys Roxanne

  • anouk

    AMAZING collection! thank you, Amanda! =)

  • laura

    some of the bags are great but her collection doesn’t impress me and it seems like she doesn’t take good care of her bags

  • Theo

    This bag looks fake. The feet are rounded the handles where they attach to the bag is also rounded when birkins are more angular.

    • Theo

      The red birkin…

      • Joshua

        Yeah, I agree. I think the bag is obviously fake. Maybe it’s a Birkin-inspired bag made by some unknown brand.

  • nappy

    LOVE,love love Kate Moss!!! she’s a true style star! while most of us carry a bag and baby it, to the point of putting napkins under to prevent scuffing, she uses bags the way they are meant to be. used, sometimes a bit abused, but i think that’s where the bag’s character come from. a bit of a scuff there, from some music festival, stuff like that, which makes memories.

    • AMDG

      I think if I could get all my designer goodies for free, I wouldn’t care so much about babying them either. I love Kate too, great style. She is one of a kind!

    • I like bags with a little character. Plus if you can’t throw your bags around a bit and wear them in a bit then it prohibits you from having too much fun. Besides, a good bag can handle a bit of rough and tumble.

  • Hahah the guy in the bottom right hand corner of the red Chanel clutch photo.
    What an envy-inducing bag collection!

  • Nívia

    I may not know who made this particular bag, but I do know, it´s her visual I liked most!

  • Nívia

    what a politicallly incorrect way to be taken in a photo

  • huang hongwei

    like the red speedy bags

  • kkonaroll

    the red hermes is a complete fake.

  • callie

    That is a fake red birkin note the rounded seam on the handles

  • Alison

    Are you people blind? Fake Birkin? that bag doesn’t even resamble a birkin it’s a Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola large bag oh my god

    • bree

      refer to pic 13 dear

  • Trish


  • Chelsea

    lol Kate used counterfeit bags. The funniest thing ever I’ve heard today.

  • Ol

    I think it could be a botkier…

  • Dylan Propst

    Because Kate Moss would have to get a fake birkin….