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  • Tex

    They both bother me.

  • Fairy-bag

    I have this bag and love it. It’s expensive but so luxurious in its own particular way. I love the look and feel of this faux leather. I’m glad there is someone out there working on new animal-friendly materials. Plus leather (except for exotic) is not as costly as people think

  • Chris

    $1K+ PVC bags (designer or not) are just as overpriced as $10K, 50K, 100K exotic skin bags. Plus, I actually find Stella McCartney’s pricey PVC, faux-leather, whatever you call it, leather-like accessories hypocritical. If she is truly against skinning an animal for the sake of making/selling leather bags, then why try to work so hard to create leather-like items? Make straw bags, make paper bags, make acrylic bags, there are tons of non-leather AND unleather-like materials out there. You’re still promoting ‘leather’ when you work so hard to make something look like ‘leather’. At least we know she’s smiling all the way to the bank.

  • gpc

    Aside from the fact that I have no idea who the heck this “celebrity” even is, there are good points made here – in the write-up and comments. I don’t agree with exotic bags nor do I own any, for my own ethical reasons. But, I also wonder just how environmentally friendly PVC is??? I wish I knew more about its production, etc… And no, I wouldn’t pay this price for PVC, although I like the look of the bag…

    • We’re trying to vary it up from Birkins as much as possible, so sometimes that means choosing someone who’s not on the A-list! Jenna’s an actress and Channing Tatum’s wife.

      And the manufacture of PVC is terrible for the environment, from what I understand, and Stella has never been publicly specific about if or how her products deviate from the synthetics we all know and loathe. In my mind, it’s her burden to make the case, and I don’t think she’s done it.

      • Stina Sias

        I’m so late to this thread but I’m thinking of buying a falabella so I did a search :D There are a lot of consumers like me who are more interested in avoiding the “shady” practices of exotic animal suppliers than in the “eco friendliness” of the bag as a whole. I just saw my first falabella in Chicago and I was astounded at the quality of the material. It’s so luxurious! I used to feel that it was overpriced for a synthetic but I’m totally on board now! So for consumers like me who are more concerned with animal cruelty than biodegradability, she has more than made her case. I say this with all due respect Amanda, I admire your writing and respect your position!

  • Yeranikm

    I know someone already stated this but PVC is very bad for the environment and is NOT bio-degradable. Which baffles me because she is supposed to be such an aware and eco-friendly designer. This is not a commentary on her talent but rather what she stands for. And the durability of that bag is not worth the price tag! I owned it for about a month and the bottom sagged out so much I returned it…just saying. As for Jenna, I’ve met her and worked with her and she could not be more lovely or humble and so pretty!