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  • sassydoll

    Her bag collection is as blah as her personality!!

  • Lilly

    I’ll never understand her appeal, nor why she’s on Project Runway, imho she has no style. The only bag I liked was the green Givenchy.

  • laura

    How can a person with such a poor taste be a judge in show about fashion? I’ve never understood that. That’s why I’ve never liked Heidi, I think she’s so full of sh.. I don’t like any of these bags. I wouldn’t take any even if I could have it for free.

  • Lilay

    I know this is slightly off topic but what is the difference between Michael Michael Kors and Michael Kors? As far as I know, one of them is more expensive and considered the “main line” whilst another is more affordable but they seem to be quite similar in terms of quality, both made in china and all. can anyone explain?

  • Genuine Person

    She is an abomination. The only style she has in “no style” proof that it takes a village for her to look good at all. Matter of fact…she made that Birkin look cheap…and that’s a feat greater than parting the Red Sea.

    • laura

      I thought the same thing, how can a Birkin look cheap? Even the Chanel looks horrible, and I never thought I would say such thing. There’s obviously something wrong with her style when she manages to make Chanel and Hermes look bad

    • Binta Sylla

      I don’t know. I came to this for inspiration. I guess since I’m not a purse worshipper, I won’t understand, but maybe it’s because these pics are ALL of her being caught off guard, obviously running her kids somewhere or the other, quite literally. If I could afford all these bags AND use them to simply run errands in my pajamas and lounge wear, I’d likely look like that too! Go Heidi!

  • eli

    Honestly if I look like her, I wouldn’t care about my bags at all :)

    • I have this pet theory that some women who have been totally gorgeous their entire lives never develop sharp personal style because they don’t have to, and maybe they don’t even realize that they don’t already have it. I had a friend like that in college – she was distractingly beautiful, but mistook people’s compliments as an indication that she was a great dresser. She…was not. I think Halle Berry also has a bit of this, even though she’s sensible enough to employ a good stylist for red carpet situations.

      • shueaddict

        that is a very interesting point … about the truly beautiful people … I also thought Halle Berry can look so much better sometimes …

      • Chris

        Interesting theory. Also, lets not forget that Heidi became famous for wearing as little as possible = Victoria’s Secret. Her body is amazing, not necessarily her fashion sense.

      • neptis

        i honestly think it has nothing to do with how we look. you either have it or develop it at some point or not. Heidi has just a poor taste in fashion. i can easily name beautiful girls with amazing sense of style (olivia palermo)
        but i see where you are coming from though
        more often than not it’s not about how we look but wether we take pride in our looks or how we think we look that matters

  • cbl

    Very strange indeed. At least there’s one celeb whose bag collection I don’t envy. Yay me.

  • AMDG

    Usually I love the eye candy of you ‘the many bags of..’. Heidi is beautiful but money really can’t buy taste. Even her tattoo is awful! I can’t imagine the orders I would be putting in with chanel etc if I was that rich and famous!

  • Chris

    Heidi’s Style is okay, not great, but not totally terrible. She can look absolute amazing. However, it looks to me she does not give a damn about handbags. Obviously, she is not the best person to feature on purseblog. At least, she is not carrying a Birkin to the Gym, like other celebrities (really, that is so tacky).

    • Binta Sylla

      why is it tacky? it’s really just a bag. really. it won’t save anyone’s life. really.

    • neptis

      maybe its tacky to own one in the first place. its so crazy to splach so much on a bag no matter how super rich you are

  • shueaddict

    Oh dear, that Jimmy Choo red Rosabel bag just hurt my eyes … I just love their shoes, and even some of the evening bags but for regular day bags they have really nothing noteworthy.
    Heidi’s bag collection is really just like her – sometimes gorgeous, most times just simply annoying

  • brandy

    Love her as a model her bags not so much???

  • Sofia

    The navy and red bag number two might be Tommy Hilfiger.

  • Vic

    The first bag seems to resemble a birkin, slightly. Though I’d hope Hermes would never produce something so ghastly!