emma watson chanel bag

The young actress Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, trotted out in LA when arriving for the Harry Potter primer. The 17-year-old actress is a millionaire by her own right at a young age, yet seems to stray from that of some of her US counterparts. Emma seems to always be dressed age appropriate, as in she dresses nice but not too old and not too revealing. Her fresh face and look has developed her a fan base, who were awaiting her arrival in LA. Found on her arm is a bag by a timeless designer with a younger appeal, a funky Chanel handbag. The bag was the perfect addition to her simple outfit. Who else is super excited to see Harry Potter?

See two more images below!

emma watson chanel bag1

emma watson chanel bag2

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  • Janine

    She looks perfect. I can think of a few starlets who should take some tips.

    • Paige


  • Lisa

    i think she looks cute
    but i hate that bag :(
    buuuut i am SUPER EXCITED TO SEE HP

  • Brie

    And I always loved Emma’s style. I think she just inspired me to buy a Marc Jacobs I’ve had my eye on for a while.

  • shopdiary

    emma has been wearing lots of chanel lately. she is super cute and i love her style.

    and yes, i am excited about the movie and the book (I already preordered mine and can’t wait to read it!!!)

  • sugarywitch

    I have to agree that she always looks lovely. I’m particularly pleased about the age appropriate style, though some of the things we see on Hollywood starlets these days shouldn’t be worn by anyone at any age!

  • highmaintenance

    I second sugarywitch comments…

  • Gina

    She looks lovely — stateside starlets, take note!

  • Debbie

    I love the bag for a young girl. And I love the shoes for anyone!

  • Isabel

    I don’t really think she’s a great choice to play Hermione, but I like her as a person/celebrity and I love her style — shows those teens that you don’t have to dress trashy to be fashionable. Kudos to Watson!

  • angela

    whats the nme and style of the chanel purse.

    • brandi

      did u happen 2 figure out what the name of the bag is because id love to know if you could tell me what its called and where to get it i would be very greatful

  • suzannah

    how cute and stylish :smile:

  • Katie Hart

    agree with what Gina said…

  • Seala

    She looks awsome, i love the outfit and the Chanel handbag, where do can i get one? :smile:

  • Carissa

    She looks fantastic, and I’m absolutely lusting after that bag-
    However I can’t seem to find it anywhere, Chanel.com doesn’t even have anything on it.
    Is it even slated for release in the states?

    • Rachel

      Its from 2006.
      the cruise graffiti collection.
      check ebay or some nice thrift stores. haha.
      thats the only place i could think of.

  • Julia

    This bag and the outfit are very age appropriate. She looks like a teenager! Good for her.

  • Val

    i luv that bag its like sooo cute and i like totally want it but the problem is that i cant find it
    if any of u guys find it can u please please tell me!!!

  • anna

    Can somebody please tell me her shoe brand and the price? I love it


  • anna

    I love the shoes, what is the brand and how much?


  • jadey – myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    i like what shes wearing, but the bag is bloody horrible, is it even made by chanel? or did she make it herself with her crayons?:]

    shes abit to young for real women’s stuff to be honest.

  • John

    love her bag, love her outfit, love the movie!

  • sulee

    the bag is from the 07 cruise collection I’m guessing since it’s a graffiti one.

  • chris

    emma is the hottest girl in the world and a even beta person!! love ua emz xxx

  • natalie

    im not a big fan of her look she kinda looks like a granny but the bag is fabulous my sister has one like that but i can’t find the name of this one, i love da bag!!!!

    • anna

      Hello Natalie,

      Can you please tell me the style name and how much your sister paid for it?


      • natalie

        hi anna umm…. im not so sure what the name of the bag is or how much she paid for it but as soon as i talk to my sister i will definetly let you know !!

  • natalie

    hey anna i was looking on ebay and they have this bag in black and in white check it out!!but i still havent talked to my sister

  • car

    I think the bag is really ugly.

  • cheerleader/prep….my name is holly

    i think she is very pretty. :grin: and the bag is aight i mean i wouldn’t buy it or anything but its cute for her i guess

  • anna

    how about the shoes?
    Thanks Natalie!!


  • Amanda

    i love all the color that the bag has to it!
    and Emma looks really cute with it!!! :smile:

  • Misan

    Aaaww! Classic Chanel follower in the making. The girl is naturally elegant and therefore makes what she is wearing look a million dollars. Chanel inc., your new muse is right here! :smile:

  • Mikaa

    aawwe , where do you get that bag ? looks so young , trendy, unique & vintage all in one ! :idea:

  • Elliana

    She looks lovely. Unlike the scum hounds we see in all the magazines every week.

    She obviously has a great deal of breeding and class. Something you never see in the weekly mags.

  • Eileen

    does anyone know the name of the bag? ive been looking everywhere for it and cant find it! please let me knoww!!!! :lol:

  • Katie

    i love harry potter, and all the actors and actresses in it. emma has a quality about her that she is safe and can show designer items. it made me buy that bag. :smile:

    • Helena

      where did you get it from? what is the name of the style? any info on it would be great? thanks x

  • Kelsea

    Chanel is the name

  • Elizabeth

    omg…i love her handbag its soooo cute! :smile: she always looks great in what she wheres! :grin:

  • amy

    Emma is my style icon!I just simply love her style, I am currently looking for a site to copy it :roll:
    She looks stunning here but i hate hate hate :twisted: that bag eww its trashy nd ugly.But I do love a bit of Chanel.

  • Sweetsmonster

    I think she’s pretty. I’ve seen her twice when i still live in Oxford. Once she was shopping in Primark. I was quite surprised that she’s not just splashing out in Selfridges on designer stuffs since shes young and loaded. Good girl!

  • Sweetsmonster

    I think she’s pretty. I’d seen her twice when i still lived in Oxford. Once she was shopping in Primark. I was quite surprised that she’s not just splashing out in Selfridges on designer stuffs since shes young and loaded. Good girl!

  • haoo

    roumour has it that she will is about to sign up to be in some chanel adds!
    mabe thats why shes wearing their stuff lately..
    hmmm… have to wait and see

  • VAL

    ok guys u r gonna love me for this lol
    i found the bag!!! its about $3000(but its like totally worth it lol) and they have it on ebay so just search for chanel totes and its kinda on th buttom and they have the blake one 2 but its like really ugly anyways go buy it!!!!

  • Farina

    I’ve bought the black one (very beautiful by the way) in Saks Fifth Avenue for $1230.

  • Bree

    I love Emma, she’s so damn cute!
    I really want to know from what collection this bag’s from.
    I tried looking for it on the Chanel site, but I can’t find it!
    Can anyone help me?

    Email me: lovelypoetic@yahoo.com


  • Katie Harrington

    mrgreen: hi emma Watson visit you My name is Katie Harrington and Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert i bestfriends come round Emma Watson i need home number
    01279 303786

  • Mimalka

    this fashion is so cool :) :lol:

  • Lauren

    If i remeber rightly, the jacket and the trousers are from Top-Shop, either that are RIver Island.

    I love that bag so so much, I wish I could affor something like that. I love Emma’s style, she dresses for her age and has respect for herself unlike many other celebs.

  • Kate

    Her shoes are from a UK store called TopShop

  • kimi

    the bag is gorgeous but the outfit just blows..srry emma :neutral:

  • Jann

    luv the bag. she is really pretty also.

  • irem

    emma çok güzel kız ya ne diyim sitili ayrı güzel zaten bravoo emma :grin: Im from turkey!!! :razz:

  • Miranda

    Oh my gosh Emma Watson is a teen with style. S-T-Y-L-E!!! I mean it too!!! :lol: :!: :!: :grin: She has a Chanel bag…oh yeah. Emma Watson you are like my sister. I love you

  • Chris

    Does anyone know how/where to find this? My girlfriend really wants it and its sold out of chanel boutiques in the U.S., it’s also sold out at Saks across the U.S., so I’m looking for international retailers, any suggetions?

    • Farina

      You can try to find it on Ebay

  • hermione

    :sad: :!: :?: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :mrgreen: :neutral: Emma is SO CUTE!! i don’t kno what to think about her bag but yea it’s kind of cute :) i LOVE EMMA WATSON!

  • hassoun samer

    ema watson what are you doing my name is samer and y am 15 ears old :smile:

  • Cheese

    Emma Watson KNOWS how to dress well!! I absolutely love her style!!!! Because she really does have it!!! Hard to find in young celebrities these days. That bag is absolute class! Go Emma!!

  • Koky

    I so love her bag :mrgreen:

  • Farina

    Weird… The comments aren’t visible

  • eLLa iGnacio

    :grin: oh my god i love 4ever :lol:

  • Tori

    :grin: I just found it on ebay!!! YAY i have been looking for this for ever!! Only problem is i am only on a babysitters buddget!! :cry: But i think i might be able to talk that into a 16th birthday present!! It is 2,299.99$.. wow :eek:

  • anni

    classy little girl :wink:

  • Sara

    Anyone know anything about where i can find this bag? i cant find it anywhere and i absolutley love it! i at least want to check out the price of it.

  • theres been rumors that shes going to be the face of chanel weather its going to be a fragrance or the ready-to-wear . she would make a good model for them shes way better than keria knightley . my mum own that bag .

  • emma

    Personally I love that bag! I just went to california and saw the chanel boutique and bought it, I just couldn’t let such a wonderful bag go! I like it because it’s more for young adults; its not all sophisticated like opposing chanel bags.

  • Sara

    if you prefer not to answer thats okay but how much was that bag?

  • daniel

    :smile: i was fall in love with ema bec she was very gorgeous ang clever

  • daniel

    :smile: i was fall in love with ema bec she was very gordous ang clever

  • nisreen

    i LOVE that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in Scotland and wanna know: where can i get that bag?!?!? im in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luisa

    :roll: l love that bag :razz: :lol:

  • jini

    emma watson rocks , she’s the best actress ever… she’s gorogoes and beautiful………………. luv u emmaaa.

  • ginny

    :oops: i luv luv luv luv luv luv emma she is so cute.
    but sometimes she wears unfashionable clothes but she is really beautifull in this pics

  • jini

    emma watson rocks , she’s the best actress ever… she’s gorogoes and beautiful………………. luv u emmaaa.
    ksg :neutral: :cool:

  • razan

    i love emma because my friend loves her very much……………………………………………………………………………… i lof yuo ema

  • saba’

    i hate emma very much she’s the worst actress ever and i luv harry potter. i envy her for the bag
    i wanna be hermione. everyone says that she’s ugly :twisted: :evil: :mrgreen:

  • debby

    :twisted: i agree with you saba’

  • luna

    :smile: hey emma youre the best! i love you since i was akid youre cool and fabulous and i also love hannah montana/miley cyrus :razz: luv ya ksg

  • H.Bezzy

    Hey I <3 this purse! How much is it? Can u tell me where I can get one?!?Please! I love Chanels!!!!

  • laura

    I think she look verry good! :grin: and I love her bag! :cool: xx

  • Emma

    how much does it cost :?:

  • shezz

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:……………………….

  • Dima

    who know email emma? Please sent merlimon@mail.ru!

  • steven

    oie no se hablar muy bien el ingles pero te lo dire asi I love Emma Watson desde Peru Steven mi correo es ramay724@hotmail.com felicidades y welcom in peru!!!!!!!!!…

  • Emma

    how much does it cost? :?: :?: :?:

  • Kaleigh

    does anyone know what the price is or was on this bag? or know of any other pictures of it?

  • Honey

    She is looking so inosent.
    I like her very much.

  • Beba Watson

    She is beautifol!!!! :razz:

  • Paige


  • claire

    i lov emma. she’s adorable. aspecially her accent :smile:

  • Untouchable

    Emma watson, the most perfect individual to be put on screen…. im not a damn stalker so please don’t start. But what i will say is, shes perfect, from her acting to the way she actually presents herself.

    and yes the bag could have been better.

  • line sofie

    I love Emma!
    She’s a beautiful girl and I would do anything to live her life!
    And I’d love the bag she’s wearing, it’s gorgeous!
    Anyone who knows anthing about it? :roll:

  • kira potter

    I love love love just love Emma :lol: she is sooooooo cute and pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! :razz: oooooooooooooo I love her clothes!! They r awesome!!!!!!!!!! but the bag is okay!! :!: not so cool!!! Emma is the greatest acctress I have ever seen and I hope she continues acting in future………. :neutral: :mrgreen: :smile: :???: :cool: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :eek: :lol:

  • emilian

    i love emma i like harry potter where live emma watson?plz un mail with number phone and where your live HAPY NEW YAR 18

  • emilian

    who know email emma? Please sent burciu_emilian@yahoo.com plzzzzz and number of phone :grin:

  • Michael Stüdemann

    Oh Emma!
    You are so so so so sweet !!!!

  • marija podboj


  • H.Granger

    I love Harry Potter moves! :grin: I don’t know seven move… :?:
    I live in Latvia that my favorite place :!:……….. :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :shock: :mrgreen: :neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :sad: :!: :?:

  • CAN


    I’m from TURKEY. you very love.

    e mail:can_yazgan_08@hotmail.com

  • asmaa

    i loooooooooooove yooooooou emma watson i’m asmaa my msn asmaa_dan@emma.lm

  • bruno

    awee!!!!!! emma é mó linda eu adoro ela…..aki no B R A S I L =] ela é mó kerida por todos putz gosto demais dela =] é isso ai galera! paz

  • look like reese

    she is sooooo beautiful and awsome :wink:

  • rafey

    :smile: I love you Ema watson.
    i love you love you!!!

  • Supritha

    :smile: she’s cute.. the outfit fits her perfectly.. except for the other loose white shirt beneath.. its a bit odd. Bag suits wel too

  • nigga please jk

    luv da bag i have a bag like that and i have ten more i lucv my chanel bags

  • jacquezz

    Where can you buy it???????
    I can’t even find it on ebay! :cry:
    it makes me mad :evil: :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • KERY

    WOW!!…I really love emma’s style…her clothes are so beautiful, the bag is so beautiful, she is sooo beautiful!…she is the best actress ever, my favourite actress and I’m her big fan since she started her career in harry potter films…I’m a little bit jealous that Emma is so successful, pretty and educated girl but EVERYONE has to accept that she is really talented and she deserves what she has…from my point of view she has a perfect life and I will do anything to live her life xD

    btw I’m Caroline and I’m from Slovakia (Slovakia is the smallest sh*t on the map of Europe, so I don’t think you know where it is) and I hope I will be an actress once…

    Wish you well, Emma

    …yeah, I’m talking too much :oX…

  • alican

    emma ı love you :smile: my name is alican :smile: ı ‘ from turkey ı love you :!: