Check Out Which Designer Bags Celebs Carried to Coachella 2016’s First Weekend

If you use any social media or were otherwise connected to the Internet in even a tenuous way this weekend, then you already know that the annual celebrity weenie roast that is Coachella took place this weekend. Therein, all of the prettiest starlets from Kendall Jenner to Bella Thorne put on outfits simultaneously flowing and skimpy to…well, honestly, I don’t know what they do at Coachella.

The event contained its fair share of paparazzi, though, which means we were able to spot some choice bag selections hanging from their bare shoulders. Check out the best of the best below.

Alessandra Ambrosio
Chloé Drew Bag
$1,950 via mytheresa.com

It used to be that Vanessa Hudgens was the patron saint of celebrities at Coachella, but now it’s starting to seem like Alessandra has usurped her.


Alessandra Ambrosio
Chloé Hudson Bag
$2,090 via Net-a-Porter

An arsenal of Chloé bags has been instrumental in her ascent.


Bella Thorne
Vans Lindon Fanny Pack
$25 via Zumiez

Bella Thorne, in spite of her usual addiction to Chanel, has made the most practical Coachella bag choice of all our celebs: an inexpensive, hands-free belt bag.


Jamie Chung
Chloé Hudson Bag
$2,350 via Saks

Chloé is an obvious choice for a wealthy, beautiful Coachella attendee: the brand makes the industry’s quintessential rich hippie clothes.


Jamie Chung
Tamara Mellon Elixir Grommet Bucket Bag
Shop Tamara Mellon via Net-a-Porter

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Alessandra and Jamie’s picks, though, is that multiple handbag options for a three-day outdoor music festival are important when you’re famous.


Kendall Jenner
Saint Laurent Anita Toy Fringe Bag
$550 via Saks

I’m pretty sure the choice of this bag was completely ornamental, because I don’t think it’s big enough to hold even a phone.


Sofia Richie
Anya Hindmarch Eyes Backpack
$1,060 via farfetch.com

Credit where credit is due: a little backpack is a pretty good festival pick. Why is it the youngsters who are most practical?


Janell Shirtcliff
Saint Laurent Studded Monogramme Bag
$1,890 via mytheresa.com

Janell attracted the attention of paparazzi because she’s dating Zach Braff, but she’s an accomplished fashion photographer in her own right.


Zoë Kravitz
Alexander Wang Mini Rogue Bag
$975 via Net-a-Porter

Of all the celebs we spotted, Zoë appeared to be the one trying to have the most low-key Coachella experience.



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