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  • Kelly’s outfit looks so comfy! Love her bag too!

  • Sara

    The MCM tote is a practical sized and shaped bag that you can use and abuse, perfect for travel etc but I really dislike the pattern. Can’t like it. Won’t like it.

    • I totally agree! That pattern looks cheap

      • kie6euth

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  • I love Bella’s 90s inspired look

  • Guest

    I feel the way the same way about the MCM as Sara! It is slightly more passable in the backpack and in pink.
    It’s not so bad that I wouldn’t carry it but I would only carry it if it was gifted to me. I could never see myself actually wanting to purchase it! I do love the Celine though, but prefer it in one solid color.

  • kindled

    (thanks for adding the ability to jump to comments! :) )

    • You’re welcome! I use it all the time too so I’m very glad it’s back.

      • Cherly

        go to iluxshop.es and you will find tons and tons of replica hand bags.
        I got mine from there, I bargained and I love it, my bag looks REAL.

    • You can jump to the top of the page and down to the comments easily now! Vlad worked on so many features, I think many are not even noticeable until you start using the site a bit more :)

  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    Who does Serena’s eyebrows…. no no no!

  • c.Miller

    What is the name of Bella’s bag?!

  • Tali Kogan

    Lucy Hale’s Celine Luggage Tote is AMAZING! Those colors work well with any outfit combination and do not clash with bold colors. In my opinion, designer bags are great when they are tasteful and subtle like the suede and leather Chanel bags at the top of the list. They stand out just by themselves and do not need to be eccentric to make a statement.

    Check out my blog for some more fashion inspiration: http://www.telavivcouture.blogspot.com/


  • Smithy

    Those high waisted jeans….I wish I could pull them off, however I always feel sorry for the overly strained cooch of the wearer.

    The classic Chanel flap bag doesn’t do much for me. It just looks way too large to be hanging from a chain.

    Kourtney Kardashian’s Givenchy bag is really cute and is a nice offset to her sourpuss face.

    • Sara

      “Sourpuss face” lol

  • Tinsley Proust

    I think the textured panel on the Celine looks very cheap. I saw one recently and it just didn’t look luxurious. I’d rather go for a bag that’s all one material.

  • Daria

    Serena Williams is hideous hehe