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  • AshleyG

    WOW…um, wow… for some reason, this collection on anyone else would seem a bit contrived but this entire post is just so Bethany and I love it. She seems to have the best of the BEST! Love the speedy, the Hermes clutch, and the chocolate Birkin!

  • ingrid

    She’s brave not only for wearing a white Birkin, but for wearing it with JEANS :O must be nice having all that moolah.

  • mercaddict

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually think her bag collection is great. But I think she often looks kind of cheap… especially her tops and jeans. They never look that premium. I recall she already said she can’t buy clothes full price… well, it actually shows a bit. I know some people that buy phenomenal quality or at least, great looking textiles at a cheap price. She sure doesn’t know how to pull that off.

  • Traclyn

    Does anyone know what size Bethanny’s birkins are?

  • Bethany said on Watch What Happens Live she never pays retail. I’m curious as to how she’s avoiding retail prices especially for the Birkins.

    • I’m willing to bet that her Hermes bags are an exception to the rule.

  • Amanda

    Can I have her wardrobe as well?

  • Steph

    Her bag collection is unreal

  • Pixel_Queen

    What a gorgeous collection of bags! You can never go wrong with the classics.

    I’m not a big Bethenny fan but I do have to admire what she has accomplished via hard work, a loud mouth, and a couple of well-to-do boyfriends. We should all be so lucky.

  • Sandra

    I struggle with brands like Hermes…brands that I know are only purchased for the status symbol. There are so many other luxury brands that offer quality perfectly made bags for more reasonable money. With that said, I have often thought of spending my entire years bag budget and getting a Birkin…..my question would be why do you need every color in the rainbow unless you have something you are trying to prove?

  • lulu

    The Birkin as Uniform is overkill as product placement!

  • lulu

    The Birkin as uniform is overkill in product placement.

  • Pretty Pink

    I read somewhere (Radaronline) I think, that her Hermes bags are fake. Apparently she has a woman come over from Asia and she pays around $750 for each. She was apparently being outed by a former assistant. Dunno hw true that allegation was, but I read it online like last year.

    • liv4fashionblog

      i heard that too… but i’m not sure if it’s true, either.

  • Silversun

    I loved looking at the bags, but today it was the slice of pizza that really grabbed my attention and got me drooling! :D

  • Yeranikm

    I’ve always liked, but recently she’s been kind of, I don’t know aggravating with the whole divorce and “I wanted a fairytale” b.s….marriage is work lady! Sorry for the rant! Anyway I think her whole stickh (sp?) is to be accessible, so she may be carrying a bag that’s worth 10Gs but her jeans are from Express kind of thing. And she buys a lot off of Ebay which is I guess how she avoids paying retail.


    she does have a beautiful and colorful collection! love her taste in color!!! <3

  • Olivia Jenkins

    I’ve never seen the chocolate birkin and what a treat indeed! Love the tan a taupe ones as well!

  • Lancers

    I read some place that her bags are REALLY good copys

  • Rose Dalia

    I don’t know if I love her because I have only ever seen the adverst for her show but I love her green hermes birkin. It’s quite stunning in that colour.

  • chiquita

    wow so lucky

  • Makeup

    Shes great. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • RJ Judy

    I am a big fan of Bethenny I never miss her show on Bravo TV. Not only her bag collection was great also her clothes matched perfectly with her personality. Glamorous

  • Bjorn

    She is not funny. Bethenny is the epitome of passive aggressive and I am glad her show is cancelled!

    Now her style: her bags are probably knock offs, she has no problem breaking the law what-so-ever in this respect when it comes to counterfeit labels.

    Which follows with her personality because she is a complete phoney! What would be interesting, if someone were to fraudulently use the Skinnygirl line, she no doubt would be screaming foul.

    Thus, I have no desire to follow her at all.

  • Betty Jean Boyd-Barrolle

    Love Betheeny….Love her style and she treats her loyal employees well,,is gracious,tells it like it ,hard worker .Her bags are lovely also!..does she still have her Jet…I bet!

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  • So… I see that there is a debate regarding the authenticity of her bags? I don’t know about these claims, but I do know that I do love Hermes and Chanel :) Yes they are status symbols, but those bags have extraordinary workmanship. A Classic Chanel 2.55 is going to last longer and have excellent workmanship (details, details, details) than most of these newer designer bags. Well made/designed bags are pieces of art and if someone has the money and wants one…. I say go for it! You can buy your Picasso and I will buy my Birkin.

  • seltzerseltzer

    Two corrections… one is that the first bag pictured at the top is NOT Gucci. It is Cape Cod Leather, and even though that pic was taken about 6 years ago shortly after Bryn was born, CCL still sells this bag on their site, capecodleather.com. It’s one of the more affordable bags at under $200. Second, although Bethenny has said she dated rich guys in the past who helped pay her rent and/or bought her bags or expensive watches (I think the Cartier Ballon Bleu she still wears was a gift), there’s NO WAY all those Birkin-style bags are real. Especially since she had several colors when she was new on RHONYC and still had her Bethenny Bakes business. Many of the bags predated the start of Skinnygirl being manufactured. It’s not hard to find leather copies of the Birkin bag from China for $200 or less, which still adds up if you have as many colors as she does. It’s possible that one or two of hers are real, and the rest are all knockoffs.