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  • Ashleyg

    Love Vanessa (and Jenna) and Khloe’s bag the most. Really love that giant hardware!

  • twirler

    the first picture sure looks like Katherine Heigl, not Kate Moss

    • Had me fooled, but it’s Kate indeed!

      • twirler

        it is! her tattoo finally gave it away

  • Rashmi

    Amanda, you missed the Emerald Green giant day bag of Katie Holmes. I am still
    hunting for that bag in THAT color!! I love your violet one too. Alas, the company does not have those colors :-(

  • Sam L

    I love Nicole Richie’s Damask Stripe City the best!

  • Ingrid

    vanessa hudgens’ bag is the part-time, and jenna jameson’s is a work is it not?

  • dnfl

    wonder how the house is going to be like without nicolas

  • Izumi

    Famke Janssen’s bag is a Men’s Day. They still make a bag called the Men’s Day, but it hardly looks like this one. The strap is shorter and not adjustable, the tassels are just a couple inches long, and the two studs below the zipper are the only hardware. I guess it looks a little more manly? I have the old one in five colors and people always laugh when I tell them it’s actually a men’s bag.

  • John

    Claudia is holding a patchwork Sunday tote :)

  • thewatcher

    I wish Famke’s twiggy was included in this.

  • Passerine

    I would like some of Balenciaga’s bags a lot more if they got rid of those daft catfish whiskers. They cheapen the look.

    • binky

      They’re easy to remove but helps identify them from the copies they could never use leather that expensive with that much swishing.