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  • Is Taylor’s arm ok? I know I get red marks on my arm when I carry my satchels like that. I just want to hug her and tell her it’s ok to hand-hold your satchel!

    • Amazona

      Her bags seem to be almost empty since there’s no indentation on her arm when she carries them. I think her assistant must be carrying a crapload of her stuff in her bag…nobody can get along with that little stuff.

    • Smithy

      She carries her bags like she’s a mannequin. I’m not sure her point, but it is hella weird.

  • C

    That little baby with the black AmEx is the most obscene and hilarious thing I’ve seen all day. I can’t even hate on Tamara for that.

    • Millerette

      It’s amazing

  • Sparkletastic

    No hate but I still can’t fall in love with / don’t understand the crazy over the Hermes Berkin. That being said, I think Nikki’s Ostrich Kelly looks great with her outfit. I don’t usually like white bags but that one has personality!

  • Karmen Presley

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  • Paul O’neill

    I think Nicki is carrying an Ostrich Kelly, not a birkin.

  • Tileords49

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