Ashlee Simpson wearing Devi Kroell

All the young celebs are growing up and growing stylish. I wish I was a celeb so this could happen to me too. Let’s blame my struggle on lack of money, which probably is the biggest reason I don’t look put together like all of Hollywood when I wake up. I must say, Ashlee has come a long way. I never could feel bad for her though when she sang about “living in the shadow of someone else’s dream” because I don’t feel bad for a girl who has her own show on MTV. Nope, not at all. I must say her grunge stage of life seems to be dissipating. Lately she has been spotted carrying this Devi Kroell Large Classic Python Leather Shoulder Bag. I love it. She even looks more than decently trendy carrying around the exotic bag. Either Devi Kroell gave her the bag for free or she shelled out a serious $2690 for that beauty. Either way I’m really proud of the angry teen growing up to look like a lady! (I dig the return to blond too)

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  • chemlex

    I do not like that bag at all, it’s too dark for summer, but at least it’s a step up from the soccer mom denim vest and the skirt she got from Old Navy two years ago.

    I think she would be better off spending her money on a nosejob. It’s not like she has to worry about her singing voice.

  • excessoreyes

    It looks like an elephant scrotum. I don’t like it either. I’m just jealous because her “success” is so clearly because of being in that shadow. Alas, if I had her income I would opt for one of the numerous gorgeous bags available and not this shapeless overpriced shlepping bag…especialy that little miro print number! delicious!

    • chloe

      You are hillarious, what miro bag are you talking about? who sells it?

  • ginny

    First of all, THOSE SUNGLASSES ARE AWFUL!!!! I dont care if hollywood says they are cute…..THEY ARE U-G-L-Y!!!!

    and the skirt, has GOT to go!!!!!

  • Tuesday

    Wow, that bag is so big, she could crawl up and take a nap in it.
    I’m going to have to agree with the other commenters, she looks dumpy in this outfit.

  • Bag Diva

    Maybe it’s my age talking, but her outfit looks pretty tacky to me. No different than what you’d see kids wearing at the mall.

  • Jean

    She is such a has-been……… i dont know why they still talk bout her. she totally messed up when she lip sync ….. they caught her in the act……. which was totally so embarrassing…….lol…….. i feel kinda sorry for her because i always thought that she was a good singer before than …….comin to my senses now ….. she is a has been now…. for me anyways ……….. shes fake….. and cant take it back ……………

  • Anna

    I dont know why everyone is ragging on ashley. Leave her alone so she messed up like little ms.chemlex hasnt i agree with what yall are saying about the bag but not the person. and yall are just mad because you cant afford half the crap shes wearing whether it is tacky or not. now i need to go but dont rag on her anymore she really is a cool chick.

  • rubberduck

    it’s called freedom of speech, let these people talk freely about wat they want. face it, anna, not everybody loves ashley simpson like you do. i personaly dislike the brat very much, got a problem with that? just because everybody hates her, it doesn’t mean they are jealouse of her money that she doesn’t diserve. there are plenty of stars out there that atcually have a tallent, sure, they mess up every once and a while, but lip singing is not just a silly mistake, i’m sure she let a lot of people down by that. i’m suprised ANYBODY appriciates her

  • rubberduck

    peace out

  • billyjoe

    personally, i really dont care about ashlee simpson. she lip syncs, wears tacky skirts, buys ugly purses, and to me she’s a big fake. but Anna can think wat she wants to think and so can chemlex, even though chemlex can be an idiot…sometimes….but i’m not saying that you can’t think wat you want to think. this is a comment board and you’re supposed to say wat you think. :D

  • billyjoe

    beverly hills….thats where i wanna be! living in beverly hills….

  • lori d

    WHO CARES about these people? what do they do that is of any consequence to the world – except for sing badly, act, and shop? Fine, let them do what they will but there is no reason to find them fascinating! CELEBS ARE BO-O-O-O-RING!

  • rosegirl

    these are the most horrible comments I have ver heard! Do any of the people that posted a comment know ashlee personally? If not, then on what grounds do you stand to be able to talk smack? I don’t know her, but I have seen the bag she is carrying on her sister, Jessica, in gold, and it looks much better…in gold that is.

  • Pia Magalona

    Uh… Aren’t the comments supposed to be about the bag? This is after all, isn’t it? Or did I happen to wander off into some Hollywood Teen mag site! ABOUT THE BAG: It may look OK (too pricey though!) but certainly not for this season. It’s in bad taste to be lugging it around in this heat (the PYTHON might just wake up!), which brings me back to maybe the person wants to show off the pricey bag! So, it’s back to dissing Ashlee hahaha…

  • Latino

    Parecia bonita antes pero ahora es una m13rd@

  • deltagirl

    I think the bags are FABU (fabulous). Not for summer though. Very rock chick …Luv Em

  • ashanti

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  • pipokaloka

    bah… :roll:

  • Tor

    I think the bag is cute. and i personally love ashlee simpson. you shouldnt talk bad about her because you probably don’t really know her. you all that are hating on ehr should try and get up in front of a thousand people and sing. she has guts and she tries. and shes awesome…

  • jean

    i love the skirt and adore the sunglasses.shes just rocking that kinda style. :mrgreen: the vest is actually pretty sweet. :eek: :wink: :razz: deuces :cool: :shock:

  • kim

    I love the shirt but your purse is not very hot ook…. so do you understand if i say that. and did you no that you have a preddy body but i think your boyfriend is very nice and so so a hotty……!!!!! am a fan!!!

    love kim

  • dina

    i love you ashlee you are the best in the world :wink: :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :grin: :grin:

  • katherine

    ola te kiero decir k t ves linda en la pic iia cau xau :razz:

  • Hi this is pete wentz, i just wanted to say that Ashlee is the best! Obveously we r going out so nobody ha any right 2 say anthing about us. Peaceout :!: :mad:

  • Sarah

    Why are you all so fashionably challenged?
    I do agree her outfit is just awfull but that should have no reflection on the bag.
    Devi Kroell in an amazing bag and shoe designer who’s accesories are cherished by most stylists.
    You should all do some reasearch before stating such stupid assumptions.
    Maybe pick up a Vogue or two?

  • Chloe

    My friend has this bag and its absolutely fantastic. The python leather is of excellent quality and looks beautiful. Thank you Devi for the snake-skin trend!
    Devi Kroell shoes and accessories are also gorgeous. I just bought a pair of anaconda leather sandals that people keep complimenting. Can’t wait to see her fall/winter 2009 collection!

  • Naggy

    It doesn’t stand out; it’s like a black hole. (ipad)

  • KY

    I like the bag! (ipad)