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  • Jiab

    And not a single LV! Is this telling me something?

    • Vlad found several LVs on show attendees in yesterday’s street style post, so while I think it’s interesting that the brand is totally missing here, it might be due in small part to the fact that a decent percentage of celebrity attendees are provided with bags to carry by the brands who’ve hired them to show up. If everyone here were carrying bags from their personal collections, you might be more likely to see LV.

      • Jiab

        Ah ha! Thank you for your reply, Amanda!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Quite frankly there was an underrepresentation of LV during NYFW. I saw only very few of their bags carried, mainly Celine, Saint Laurent and Givenchy were seen.

  • londonhermit

    Why did you stack the the Mary J and Harvey pictures?

    • HTML typo in the code that makes the post split into pages! It’s been fixed.

  • Nancy

    WHAT is that bag that Louise Roe is carrying in the photo above? I am obsessed with it! She’s been photographed several times carrying it, but I’ve seen no identification so far. Thanks!

    • Miriam

      Looks like Brahmin to me but not 100% sure

  • Justina

    Solange’s bag is Kate Spade.

  • Ingrid Kim

    LOL June Ambrose looks like she brought the hair salon with her..

  • I want to be Carolina Herrera when I grow old! So chic!

  • Gaudygirl

    Padma needs to get a stylist ASAP!

    • shueaddict

      yep … she looks like she shortened this dress (after getting grilled by fahion police)

      • chris

        Padma looks like a real person…. not some stuck-up fake. Good for her if she recycled her gown into a dress!!

  • bubbled

    What bag is Carolina Herrera carrying?

    • shueaddict

      it might be one of her very own for this very occasion ( handles look familiar – but I have never seen the mink version in her shops)

    • shueaddict

      I suspect it might be her very own, probably made for the occasion ( I have not seen mink bags in her shops)

  • lbelsimp

    wow, those bags must be worth a fortune. what do they do with them after they no longer want them ? I suggest they sell for children’s charities.

  • Petra Felton

    Now that’s a fringe bag i wouldn’t mind investing in. It’s more believable or should I say realistic.

  • Petra Felton

    I only LOVE Petra, great names think & style alike. Her swag is to die for. Btw Nice bag!

  • Brows

    I hate what beyonce and solange both do or; don’t do to their brows! Geesh tame those brows!

  • J Lennon

    Anyone know the info on Paris Hilton’s sunnies? Can’t tell. ?Dior

  • chris

    RE: Anna Dello Russo
    OMG! WHAT is s/he/it? Proves $$$ can’t buy taste. YUK!

  • chris

    Olivia Palermo…. Uhhmmmm… THIS is a girl who needs some style… hideous outfit! If SHE has a stylist, FIRE her now!

  • chris

    M. Harvey must fancy herself as some sort of royalty…. NOT! Tacky ostentation!

  • chris

    Love the clutch; ditch that outfit!

  • chris

    June Ambrose: WTH are you wearing on your head?

  • chris

    Zosia Mamet: Is that a diaper you’re wearing? Sad…

  • Grecian Queen

    Still saving to get the Marjorie Harvey
    Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin with Diamonds !

  • sophia f.

    There’s just nothing like a Chanel Classic Flap; beautiful, iconic, timeless!!

  • Helgaguillen Ramos

    Breaks my heart, millions of dogs, cats and other beautiful animals are skinned alive in Fur farms in china, they endure a horrible, painful, terrified, slow death, The suffering of this terrified animals is beyond words, Very sad.

  • Citizenlen

    The only woman of substance and elegance is Carolina Herrera. The rest are trying too hard that it’s pitiful.