Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork

Carlos Falchi has been a long time favorite of mine, as his exotic handbags have caught my eye and always seem to end up in the more reasonable price range (as far as exotics go). Carlos Falchi is not the new kid on the block, in fact he has spent three decades forging his way into the fashion world. He prides his designs in the meticulous details and craftsmanship, along with exotic skins and an impeccable eye for a handbag that stands out. If you rely on your accessories to make your outfit, Carlos Falchi handbags are perfect for you. I have never been much of the flamboyant dresser, in fact, if you ever find me out and about there is a 95% chance that I am in jeans of some sort and a tee shirt. My handbags truly accentuate what I wear. The bold colors, skins, and designs make me and my outfit stand out, and not get lost in the crowd.

After getting close and personal with the Carlos Falchi Multi Patchwork Tote, I have a new love and obsession. This is the handbag that will allow me to always stand out, to always get that second glance, and all I need to wear are my comfy jeans and plain white tee. Funky and modern this handbag will have stay-power in anyone’s mind that sees it. But I do not think for one minute that all of you will love this bag, it is far too bold and colorful to meet everyone’s fancy. But there will be the group of you, who like me, is head over heels for this bag.

Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490

The colorful python blocks are offset with black chunky stitching. Colors including yellow, orange, red, green, blue, turquoise, purple, and pink grab your attention on this tote. The python skin is soft and not as flaky as others, with some blocks having larger scales than others. The double top handles are made with black python and they easily slide over your shoulder, or there is an optional orange leather shoulder strap. What I found the most functional is the inside of each Carlos Falchi bag, which contains a middle compartment separator, zip pocket, two pouch pockets, two pencil holders, and a key holder.

Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490 Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork in Multi Bright - $3,490

So now we must discuss any downfalls of the bag. I am not a huge fan of python handles on my handbags. The wear that your handles gets shows much quicker with python, and many times the skin begins to flake off, which doesn’t seem right when you are paying more for the skin. But I understand why designers keep the skin throughout and I do appreciate that these handles are black python, which will not show the wear as much as other colors. The shape is great for most, so no criticism there. The only other thing that will stand in the way for many is how entirely bold the bag appears. It does not just appear that way, it is this bold in person too. But I crave this, I yearn for this. I personally need the handbags that stand out and grab attention. My love of accessories came because I needed to accessorize. So for me, this was the first bag out of the lot that I was drawn to and the one that I will continue to want. The bag will cost $4,650 and will be found at Neiman Marcus around October of 2008.

Saks and Zappos also carry a wide array of Carlos Falchi Bags.

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  • Ceci

    What a stunning piece! I love all the bright colors & the best part it comes with the optional orange leather shoulder strap! Grab this, Megs! :mrgreen:

  • I see an older person carrying this bag. Not my cup of tea…

  • wgs

    ugh… looks like a clown bag

    • J

      gosh, it’s sooo terrible in sooo many levels!

  • Oh darlyn!!

    Well… i like the patchwork and the color combination is a piece that is sure to make everyone look at it but it would of been better if it was in a different shape becuas it actually looks cheap like that nothing special about it.

  • valentina

    I find this bag to be fun, funky and glamorous! It is refreshing when we often desire and obsess over the same kind of bags we already have in our closets. I agree with Megs, it will give a simple ensemble of clothes that special touch, the little black dress will be artsy and show people our individuality and our own and personal taste!

  • william

    This is guaranteed to clash with absolutely anything you wear. I’m in awe of how ugly this is.

    • Jeans and a black tee… it works!

      • william


      • Shopgirl

        Wow, you might want to rethink the “look” as demonstrated on last two pics above. This bag just hurts my eyes…

      • I totally see what you both are saying. I knew this bag would be VERY hated or loved. I tend to love it, something really lures me in.

  • Wendy

    Hmmm…Definitely NOT for me. The exotic part of this bag gets lost in the patchwork “design”(and I use that term loosely…).

  • dps


  • Graciella

    Horrible :neutral: and the design looks somewhat like BV’s Campana

  • JamieH

    The individual skins that make up the bag look divine, but the bag itself. . .WHY a patchwork, Megs?

    • I don’t know… something about it lures me in. It probably is because I am in South Florida too. This would not be a good bag for say, Ohio, where we lived before.

  • Such a cool blog. I am new here, but will show this to my purse crazy daughter. I have a food blog, and just by coincidence, posted a story about purses this week.

  • Miamiguy

    It looks like a collaboration between Romero Britto and Carlos Falchi. The range of colors is exactly all the colors RB uses for hs work.

  • dela

    I kind of get where they were going with it, but I hate the shape and size of the bag. A less bulky and streamlined shape would have been better. I think Dolce and Gabbana’s multi snakeskin bag is a better example of this concept.

    • patois

      I think the Dolce & Gabbana bag was better executed, however this bag is real python while the D & G was embossed snakeskin.


    I love the design but don’t like the bold patchwork colors.

  • Tommmygirl

    :?: :?: What was the inspiration behind this bag? It’s so old fashioned looking reminds me of a throwback to the 70’s that didn’t make it. Also has a bit of a leatherworking class look to it and so I would have to admit that the most I would pay for it would be……50Cents, and no that’s not the rapper I am talking about, it’s half a dollar.

  • I think this bag is heinous! Seriously, it looks like a Rubik’s Cube that threw up on itself. It might be moderately acceptable if it weren’t so big, at least then you wouldn’t be wasting as much perfectly acceptable python.

  • curseda

    Sorry Meg. This bag looks scary to me. It reminds me of the $44,000 Vuitton pathwork bag. That Vuitton made me realise that my love for bags is not a blinded one.

    Maybe this bag looks better in person but not for me.

  • exotikittenx

    I just love it! I love gorgoeus bright colors, it’s really stunning. You can wear it with a simple outfit, it looks great with the outfit in the pic!

  • sharon

    Not crazy about it at all.

  • girly_bits


  • Meghna

    wow.. i love it.. it will work perfect with the LBD. Wish I could afford it though :(

  • Sher

    I think Carlos is a lovely person who makes lovely bags, but this is one ugly bag!!

  • Candace

    Well for all of you who do and don’t like this bag, but LOVE Carlos Falchi himself, you should for sure check out the Carlos Falchi trunk show @ Owl’s Lab in NY located on 20 East 12th St between 5th Avenue and University. The show is from 12-5 p.m. A representative from Carlos Falchi will be on hand as well as the new bags for Spring 2009! Appetizers will be provided! Hope to see you there!