As we’ve discussed in these parts in the past, almost every major handbag brand showed some kind of python or snakeskin bags on its Fall 2011 runway, no matter whether exotics are a collection staple for a particular line or not. Predictably, that lead to some mixed results; while I saw some exotic bags I’d love to have for fall, I saw far more whose designers could have used a remedial course in how to work with python. Carlos Falchi should be the person teaching that course.

Snakeskin has been a staple of Falchi’s line for years, and the Carlos Falchi Single Strap Hobo Bag demonstrates exactly what I wish more designers would acknowledge: Python is a design unto itself. It doesn’t need much help to be beautiful, just stand back and let the leather shine. After all, that’s why customers are willing to pay a premium.

See, folks? Python. It doesn’t need to be colorblocked or overdyed or tricked into being beautiful and full of texture and visual interest. It just is. It’s the magic of nature and we shouldn’t fight it, because fighting it just means that nature is about to smite us. (See this post for proof if you don’t believe me.) Pale, blue-undertoned grey and a simple shape give this bag an opportunity to show off the lush texture of the skin, and if I’m going to pony up for exotics, that’s exactly what a design should do. Buy through Saks for $1750.

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  • Edoardo

    aybe it’s too classical and boring but I like this bag!!

  • Lulugurl

    I love this bag! So simple and classy, it doesn’t look like an “it” bag that will be out of style anytime soon!

  • kim

    Cute Bag!

  • 318Platinum

    I’m Game!! Looks great and as long as it is 100% Genuine Python Skin, IM SOLD!!! ;-D it’s simple, with a hint of pop with the texture! I’m all for unusual, but classic is forever and this to me is Classic!!! ;-)

  • annabelle

    what a gorgeous bag…a downer is that it has no zipper or button on top to seal the big hole…and 1 handle…eeh

  • Kat

    I like the basic premise of the bag, the simple yet classic shape and how the star of the show is the python leather. But as anabelle aboe has already pointed out, there are some executional flaws. I’m worried about how the handles are attached to bag, it doesn’t look very sturdy to me. And I would’ve loved for the strap to be thicker.

  • DJ

    I love me some hobos, but this is a crushingly boring bag. If it wasn’t made of python it would look like something from a no-name company.

    • Old Bag

      If it wasn’t made of python it wouldn’t be this bag, imbecile.
      Or did you not bother to read the article?

  • rose60610

    Beautifully made. The panels are perfect.

  • ninjaninja

    I feel like this same bag has been featured numerous times on this blog?

  • Cathy Fitz

    Really beautiful. I wonder if the straps would be uncomfortable?

  • Mousse

    Less is more. I love it.

  • lucy

    For anyone considering a python bag by Falchi, I bought one in a natural color last summer. When I took it out of the closet this spring, it had badly discolored and was more yellow than natural. I returned it to Falchi who sent it back claiming to have “repaired” it. It’s less yellow but now looks more like mud. Incredibly disappointing as I won’t use it as it is, nor can I sell it. So for anyone in that market, just an FYI that they do not stand behind their bags.