Now that Paris Fashion Week is over (sigh), we can turn our attention to another hotly anticipated Parisian fashion event – season two of Emily in Paris. News of the Netflix Parisian fantasy’s latest installment broke a while back. But with a release date now known and a teaser trailer out, we can finally let ourselves get excited for the return of protagonist Emily Cooper as she frolics about the French capital. Fashion was a big part of the show’s first season and this emphasis on lust-worthy apparel and accessories will continue for season two. So whether you’re a fan of the show’s salacious soap opera style drama or not, if you’re a fashion fanatic, it will likely be watch-worthy.

For those who need a refresher, Emily in Paris follows Chicago native Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, as she moves to the City of Lights to work in marketing. The series is the brainchild of Sex and the City creator Darren Star. Saison Deux will premiere on Netflix on December 22.

From the brief teaser trailer and newly released preview photos, we can see that Emily and the rest of the gang will be clad in some seriously stylish ensembles. The outfit choices look a little bolder this time around – we spy some adventurous prints and retro inspired looks. There aren’t too many bags on display just yet (that yellow Prada Cleo – we see you) but if the first season is anything to go by, a myriad of cult favorite designer bags are in store.

Here, we look at a selection of Emily and her compadres’ saucy looks for the new season and imagine what bags we would like to see them paired with come December 22.

Fendi Vertigo Baguette & Jacquemus Le Chiquito Montagne Moyen

In a scene reportedly depicting Emily and pals Mindy and Camille vacationing along the French Riviera, Emily wears a flamboyant frilled lilac dress. She appears to be wearing a colourful beach tote over her shoulder. Perhaps in the next scene, Emily could carry an equally vibrant bag. May we suggest the Fendi Vertigo Baguette from Fendi’s capsule collection released last summer. The swirling FF Vertigo print in either bright blue or yellow would suit this summer look perfectly. And who doesn’t love a care-free shoulder bag to carry the essentials while on vacation?

It looks like Camille’s oversized white blazer is paired with a wicker basket bag. But once the trio have finished their picnic, perhaps the French blonde will opt to carry the Jacquemus Le Chiquito Montagne Moyen. This new take on Jacquemus’ famous Le Chiquito design for Fall/Winter 2021 features metal clip detailing and is no less covetable than the original.

Fendi Vertigo Baguette

Louis Vuitton Pochette Coussin

No Parisian fashionista missed the release of Louis Vuitton’s Coussin Bag. So it makes sense that Netflix’s most stylish Paris expat wouldn’t pass up a chance to carry the style’s pochette variation. New for Pre-Fall 2021, the Pochette Coussin is a smaller, flap bag version of its popular big sister. A sleek black version would pair perfectly with this backless fuchsia gown. This new pochette is fast becoming a staple on the streets of Paris, much like Emily herself.

Hermès Mini Kelly

While Hermès may not be within this newbie shows’ budget, the house’s Mini Kelly would look like a dream paired with Emily’s ‘60s inspired look. With a backdrop of the glistening Eiffel Tower and a new handsome love interest in the frame, add the Hermès Mini Kelly into the mix, and you’ve got a picture perfect Paris postcard.

Hermes Mini Kelly

Balenciaga Le Cagole Shoulder Bag

When you are Emily and you are in Paris, there’s no such thing as a dress down day. Even a mundane trip to the office requires an enticing handbag. We think Emily should finish off her green tweed blazer work outfit with Balenciaga’s Le Cagole Shoulder Bag. The style is another new release for Fall/Winter 2021 and its studs are as prominent as the character’s inability to speak French.

Micro Lady Dior

Pretty Parisian please can season two of Emily in Paris include a micro bag. We nominate the atomic version of the sophisticated Lady Dior design. Emily’s striking blue and red trench coat (to the left of the dreamy eyed Gabriel cooking) looks in need of this microscopic accessory to complete the look.

Chanel Velvet Mini Flap Bag

In the same way that croissants and monochromatic stripes are archetypal French emblems, a Chanel bag is an archetypal Emily in Paris accessory. The house’s new hexagonal velvet mini flap design for fall would perfectly complete this black and white look.

All photos via @lilyjcollins

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3 months ago

I tried watching this show. It’s awful. Won’t be tuning in again.

3 months ago
Reply to  Londoncalling

I had it on my list to watch but didn’t get around to it – but many people LOVED the first season!

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