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  • Lisa

    Curse you!!! I LOVE the red Paradis top handle bag by Moynat. Now I need to figure out how to convince my husband to travel to London or Paris so I can try and track down a bag! :)

    • T Tara Bagnista

      Just tell him that since the dollar is relatively strong at the moment, the trip (and purchase) will be a bargain. :-)

    • Liz

      Dover Street Market in New York carries Moynat too

  • Emily

    I’ve long wanted the M2Malletier Fleur du Mal in ivory and can’t ever find it. Kate Bosworth carried one a year or so ago, and it was beautiful.

    • The ivory is a particularly beautiful color in those bags–it goes really well with the gold handle and simple shapes. I hope you find one soon!

  • shueaddict

    Amanda, posts like this make me check PB daily. Thank you for digging out these lovely little nuggets.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post! We very much appreciate the return visits :)

    • Toyzi

      Agreed!! The only blog I check daily.

    • Antoinette Hunter

      Agreed, this kind of information is fabulous! I’ve coveted a Moynat for a couple of years now.

  • Mona

    Great list – I love M2Malletier. Not sure if she is considered a “cult brand” but I love Sophie Hulme. There are some amazing designers in their fashion house.

  • Aoedele

    I want all of them. Every. Single. Bag. This never happens to me! What a gorgeous collection.

  • kkonaroll

    FINALLY MOYNAT!!! They make awesome mens bags aswell,
    I have a leather imprinted Damier LV todao pm.
    And I visited one of Moynat boutiques in London, only to find that Moynat
    has done the Damier Print on one of their historic trunks,

    Which leaves the question, who was first?
    And when is man bag monday coming back?

    • Tristan

      Going through their website the earliest Damier trunk they did was in 1904 which is still many many years after Louis Vuitton did it so I think it’s safe to say LV was first

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  • KMoya

    I’ve been obsessed with Moynat recently! Their leather quality is amazing, I believe rivaling that of my Hermés Birkin and I highly recommend this brand to anyone and everyone.

    • Hana

      Are the prices similar to Hermes?

      • KMoya

        Its actually less expensive! I bought the Poursuite messenger bag for 2950 euro and Virage Organizer for 1250 euro and they are both amazing pieces. Personally I like the Virage better than the Hermes Azap but both are great options.

  • Shun

    there are 2 Moynat shops in Hong Kong already

  • baglover

    Pursblog, you guys forgot Delvaux.

    • We’ve written about Delvaux and its brand story before, so we skipped them this time! We wanted to highlight some brands whose backstories we’ve never explored.

      • Passerine

        That’s a fair point, although their look has changed quite a bit (I was in a Delvaux store two days ago). However, if I can suggest another “under the radar” bag and shoe spotlight for a future blog, how about Elie Saab? He’s famous, of course, for his drop-dead gorgeous runway and red carpet clothes, but if you look at his RTW collections of bags and shoes (under accessories on his web site), you can see how gorgeous and beautifully made they are.

      • I was actually looking for photos of the Elie Saab bags just last week, so thanks for the tip!

  • Passerine

    Thanks!! I really like the Elena Ghisellini red tote, but I wish its handles were just a little longer. I prefer bags with top handles long enough to go over my shoulder when necessary. It was great to hear about these brands…maybe next time include Delvaux (from Belgium) as well? And in the lower-cost bracket, Voi from Germany is also worth checking out. For the same price as a mass-produced, made in China bag from Michael Kors, Voi gives you well crafted bags designed and made in Europe.

    • We’ve devoted posts to Delvaux before, so we skipped them this time!

    • I feel like all the Elena Ghisellini bags actually are good about having a shoulder strap, so that’s good.

  • Wilma

    For some fantastic LEGO bags, check Agabag on Etsy.

    • Sofia

      I just checked them out. The bag are adorable! Thx for the suggestion ????

  • Elisa

    MOYNAT!!!!! = LOVE

  • Paula’s bags are so eye catching

  • mary

    Absolutely gorgeous bags to die for!!! http://www.largepurseshop.com