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  • Charlie

    Not sure about the belt bag but I do think the CHANEL backpack is going to be big, it’s like the trend of those micro bags that you can’t stop

  • Gpc

    I think the Diorever could make this list as well…

  • Pete

    That Coach is giving me peekaboo vibes

    • Amanda

      I am not sure I see that- though they are both square styles…but there are a ton of current and past bags on the market that are also this shape. I don’t particularly love the emerald green colour- or the pic of the bag that’s in the article, but I have been checking out the Coach Rogue since they tossed out a preview, and I do love it. I think the Peekaboo, in some senses, looks a little cleaner and in general is marketed to a woman who has a more uptown feminine style. The textures, and details on the Rogue speak to a woman who is a little more downtown urban edge to her style…but again, that’s just my opinion. I also feel like Coach has done some styles that were far more similar to the Peekaboo in the past, like the Gramercy Satchel, which may be why I don’t quite see Peekaboo when I explore the Rogue.

    • cat

      its much much closer to the Diorissimo

      • Pete

        You’re right. I can also spot a little Sac De Jour in there. The interior and the draped handles remind me of the peekaboo effect

      • Giri Chowdary

        yap its much like Diorissimo or lady Dior bag.

  • Gigi

    Can I have a small loan of $4 grand so I can get my little paws on a Chanel backpack?

  • Dell Q

    I have LOVED the Celiné belt bag for some time, now. It’s understated minimalism, w/ extended tassels, makes my heart jump.

    • Chelsea Girl

      Me too! Phew glad I’m not the only one after reading people’s complaints about getting into the bag. The belt is so beautiful that I don’t mind the stress attached to opening it

      • Beulah8569

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  • EliCaroline

    I love them all.

  • Carrie K

    The price for a Birkin 25cm is really high in the resell market simply because they’re very hard to come by. Hermes just doesn’t make very many of them. I’ve been a “loyal” Hermes customer for a few years now and I’m still waiting for them to offer me one. finger cross

    • Pamela


  • FashionableLena

    That Chanel backpack is even more amazing in person. I love the look of the Belt Bag, but I didn’t like the closure.

  • Sara

    The Gucci is adorable

  • Ashley Q

    I love the look of my Celine belt bag, but as others have said it’s a huge PITA to get in and out of, especially the small since there is no shoulder strap to allow for use of both hands.

  • Ruby

    I think backpack styles are in for a resurgence?

  • Pamela

    It would be cute if my by the way bag has a big summer! I love that most people have never seen/dont have the bag. It is nice to have something everyone doesn’t have!

  • Shelly

    Has anyone noticed that the Coach Rogue looks just like the Roots Grace bag? Plus the Grace is MUCH cheaper and made in Canada. and the Grace can be worn crossbody. I’m wondering if all the Coach bags are still made in China. Some are well over $1000. I’m not paying that for a made in China bag. EVER.

    • Tinsley Proust

      It actually reminds me of a Diorissimo. I looked up the Grace bag and the shape is kind of similar, however, the handles on the Rogue give it a different look.

    • LC

      gah. made in China bags…

  • Tinsley Proust

    Absolutely love the Belt bag. The closure is weird at first, but once you get used to it, it’s no big deal.

  • Corey

    I love and use my Fendi mini By the Way bag daily. It’s a fantastic, lightweight convertible cross body that fits the essentials I need while trying to stay stylish chasing my toddler at the park. Loved it since its March purchase. My first mini bag and 5th Fendi.

  • Corey


  • ?? ?

    I’M 100% with you on FENDI BY THE WAY Amanda!!!
    My observation told me that FENDI BTW bag is one real hit in ASIA, especially in South Korea
    ONLY last year and the year before last year, I spotted bunches of Korean stars carried this FENDI BTW such as model Soo Joo Park, Sandara Park(2NE1), Hwang Mi-young and Kim Taeyeon(this two all belong to the famous South Korean girl group—girl’s generation )

    more than that, recent years, Korean TV serials had an enormous influence in Asia, most of all, in my country CHINA.
    my favorite part is their latest accessories and clothes in thoes well produced TV plays and the FENDI BTW have had appeared on the arm of the leading ladies in several shows!!!

    I think that’s enough evidence to show how “not underrated” the bag were in here Asia…^_^

  • Sparkletastic

    I so love the Celine belt bag. But after buying a Celine bag and experiencing plummeting resale, I’m very hesitant to ever buy the brand again.

    And I’m not usually a huge Fendi fan but that By the Way bag is simply beautiful. And as your post pointed out, it’s so functional and roomy. I’m hate the ones embellished with that icky tail but otherwise I love these bags.

    Oh, and you nailed it on Gucci. They can do no wrong in the handbag front as of late. Not so sure about the bumble bee bag but they still have a ton of winners.

  • Jax

    Strangely… I don’t like any of those…

  • Jess

    Love the Celine Belt bag and that Fendi. Don’t normally go for those types of pastel colours, but that is just gorgeous.