It’s here, it’s here! YAAAAY! The Fendi Peekaboo Bicolor Top Handle is here!

We first saw this bag as a highlight of Fendi’s Spring 2010 runway show in Milan, and now it’s finally available for purchase. The gears of fashion grind slowly at times, but it’s always exciting to see things land at retail that you first noticed during their initial public appearance.

So does the final product lead up to the promise?

Fendi Peekaboo Bicolor Top Handle

My answer, at least, is “yes.” Sometimes bags are altered when they go from the runway to reality, but it looks like the curved wooden handle and reddish-orange leather that made this bag simply attractive back in September are still working in its favor today. I like this iteration of the Peekaboo far more than the previous season, except for the astronomical price – what do you guys think? Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $4686.

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  • susan

    Uh…Like it, don’t love it for that price.

  • anonymous

    haaaha $4686? That has to be a typo!

  • Michael St. James

    Wow…the price is ridiculous, but the bag is gorgeous!

  • maureenreads

    yikes! do you know what bag the character Jane carries in It’s Complicated? It’s fabulous!

    • I haven’t seen the movie, but I noticed Meryl Streep’s character carrying a Bottega Veneta woven knot clutch in one of the commercials. If you post a link to a pick of the bag you’re asking about, I can most likely identify it.

  • Handbag Lover

    Nice bag but $4686 for fendi…. no!

  • Beth

    Ridiculously expensive! Pretty, but that handle looks pretty slim for the size of the bag. I’d be scared that the handle isn’t strong enough to hold up the weight of the bag!

  • mochababe73

    I don’t like this bag. After having seen it in ads and in person, it’s a miss for me. The peekaboo is just not working for me.

  • Favor

    Its nice, but not $4686 nice. I’d rather invest in a Bottega woven convertible tote for that. Actually, I’d save about 1k if I did for what they’re selling for at Neiman’s.

  • Jane

    The bag is gorgeous but the price no way!

  • MAX

    I love it when people say yea I like the bag, but NO for the price! Like ok it’s cool, but i’m not going to pay that much. Some of my friends who are celebs would buy it just to show they have money. Like one of my friends, she has like 100-200 branded bags a lot of them look stupid and extremely unreasonably expensive.

  • Al

    Fendi Peek A Boo, the (proportionately) poor woman’s Kelly.

  • whatdialike

    amazing price! the bag is beautiful.
    like a kelly’s bag no?

  • weaslgrl

    My Fendi SA told me the reason why the SS/10 Peek-A-Boos are so expensive — the Selleria leather is all handworked (see the whipstitching on the sides). Still not sure that makes it worth the almost 150% markup over the FW/09 versions, but that’s the explanation I got.

    • yeh-yeh

      um, so according to your SA we’ve paid 2K, 3K for previous show bags which actually weren’t made by hand? How’s that? I think that the Peekaboos are a ‘poor man’s Birkin, and this slouchy, overpriced bag is the most pathetic approach yet at fundraising from luxury conglomerates. I’m just trying to find the value driver in this bag, and I gotta say, the handworking argument is not a very convincing one from a luxury brand like Fendi; it should be for granted that these bags (especially show bags!) ARE worked my hand.

      • David Lee

        The Birkin is sought after because of the beauty, classic design and the craftsmanship. Not to mention that only a select few own them.

        This season’s Peek-a-boo from Fendi is more of an artwork; rather then fashion accessory. The Selleria leather up close is amazing; the technique used in the color dying treatment is a Roman Heritage Secret. Almost all the colors from the Selleria Handmade Roman Leather Colllection are limited to 4-6 for the US market. (the small white is very chic)

        Fendi is always ahead of their time. This is a take on a classic design infused with a sense of modern style.

  • Sher77

    The leather does look luscious. I would like to see the bag in person. I saw the originals and they were pretty. Is Karl L. still involved with the brand? Seems so over priced.

  • Sher77

    The leather does look luscious. I would like to see the bag in person. I saw the originals and they were pretty. Is Karl L. still involved with the brand? Seems so over priced.

  • Kiki


  • Karin bag4bag

    It screams ‘Luxury’ to me. The color, the unusual style, all very individual. Unfortunately for that price it won’t be hanging off this individual’s arm…

  • Urooj

    I loooooove this bag! its so beautiful!!

  • jaclyn

    gorgeous bag, hideous price.

  • Ashley

    the bag is gorgeous but i think it’s a bit overpriced, I’d say that it should cost around $3,000-$3,600, i really want one though, I’m going to stick to saving up for a birkin though.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    sorry – don’t get it (fb)

  • nini

    a bit pricy. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    wtf? 4686?
    are u nuts?
    this is indeed hermes then!

  • Jelita78

    wtf? $4686?
    are u nuts?
    how can something be as exxy as hermes?
    this is preposterous!! (ipad)