During New York Fashion Week, I found myself chatting with the designer of a burgeoning men’s accessories collection about the landscape of men’s business worldwide. He had a lot of interesting things to say, most notably that men in America prefer satchels, men in Japan prefer totes and men in Europe are somewhere in between, but that Americans are becoming slowly more open to other shapes and structures. Ever since that conversation, I’ve tried to pay closer attention to the men that I see on the street, what kinds of bags they’re carrying and how those bags relate to their overall looks in general.

What I’ve noticed in the intervening weeks is that there are a lot more men carrying bags like the Burberry Large Washed Leather Tote in New York than I had previously realized. As with the idea of man bags in general, it seems as though specific styles that were previously more closely associated with womenswear are becoming palatable to a larger male audience. The bag-carrying male population in the US seems to be cautiously expanding its purview to totes.

Now, I know what you’re going to say – I’m in a large urban area that has a reputation for being fashion-forward, at least by American standards, which is why I’m seeing more men, both gay and straight, carrying hand-held totes. That’s not the entire story, though; the general stylistic ideas that take root in New York often filter through the rest of the country afterward, so this isn’t a shift that I’d count as trivial just yet. Menswear in general is having a moment now, and the more aspirational images of attractive men carrying this kind of bag there are, the more likely the idea is to stick around.

This bag in particular is undeniably beautiful; in fact, I wish that whoever’s in charge of the Burberry men’s accessories would take over the women’s bags too, because the simple, luxurious look of the collection is something that its female counterpart is sorely missing. I could see a scruffy dude in dark jeans and a tweed-y jacket pulling off this look effortlessly, and as more men find themselves intrigued by the idea of dressing well, I bet we’ll see some minds start to change. Buy through Burberry for $2195.

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  • Fashiondoesntexist

    It’s too classic for my taste but cool, anyways!


  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Beautiful bag.  The problem is for me is that it looks too big, more like a travel bag; if it were smaller I would definitely carry it around with me! Now I too wish whoever’s in charge of Burberry men’s accessories would take over the women’s bags.  This design is simply beautiful, being able to flirt with both genders easily and especially with an odd tweak.  I can also imagine this shape being embellished just a little more for women, and viola a new classic is born!

  • suz

    Is it OK for a woman to carry this?  It’s pretty fabulous.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      Why wouldn’t it be? 

  • FashionableLena

    That bag is huge.  Too big for an everyday bag.  I’m curious to hold it to see how much it weighs.
    It’s more like a weekender.  The leather is beautiful, but I doubt that my husband would carry it daily due to its sheer size.

  • fashionjordan
  • Sil G

    i think it’s gorgeous. i’d definitely wear it, it’s the perfect size for everyday use for me

    and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a guy carrying a tote around here. i’d say half of guys wear satchels and the other half, backpacks (which i don’t like at all. i get that those are more comfortable, but you shouldn’t wear a suit with a bakpack!)